The dream without legs and arms

dream text on green leaves
Photo by Karyme Franu00e7a on

She lies on the cot under the sky in the middle of nowhere. This place is surrounded by old houses. Many familiar faces have slept on different cots. She is the only one awake. She gets up to look around the beds and keeps smiling as she looks at them. Everybody is sleeping comfortably, and she looks up at the sky. Suddenly, she saw that the snow had started to fall. She screams, “Wake up, sleepyheads, snow is falling. We must go inside”.
Everybody starts bringing their cots inside the big room. Then, she told Binu,” Can you save this mattress for me? It is comfy and cozy. Don’t let anybody sleep on this. I’ll be right back.”

She goes outside again. She grabs two photo albums from the rusty bench and says, “I can’t believe it. How can someone leave such precious memories outside in the snow.”
She sees her childhood friend wandering in the snow. She yells at him,” Can you be inside?” Don’t you see the snowstorm”? The friend turns toward her. She thinks, “isn’t he dying while we were in high school? People could not figure out whether the police or terrorist had killed him. Anyway, I will ask him about his death after this snowstorm”. She asks the boy, “Can you be kind enough to keep these albums on the shelf in a safe place?” I will investigate it later. I am stuck here”. The boy has taken the albums from her without saying a single word.

Instead of going inside the big room, she starts walking outside. The dead boy is still wandering on the street alone. She asks him, “Didn’t I tell you to go inside?” What are you doing outside? go inside.”
The dead boy tells her, “He is here.” She looks at the place where the dead boy has pointed at her. She sees her bubby walking alone on the road. She tells the boy again, “Don’t worry. You are leaving now. He can take care of himself”.
She walks toward her bubby and teases him, “so, are you finally free from the prison.” She laughs until she starts to cry. She continues walking without waiting for his response. He starts to follow her. She suddenly starts running because she wants to escape from him, “No, you can’t change my direction. I will not allow you to change my paths anymore”.

She starts walking up the mountain. While walking on the trail, she prayed, “Help me, help me, Almighty. Help me, help me, Munna needs your helping hands”.
She looks down as she reaches the middle of the mountain. She sees a massive crowd with familiar faces, but none of them pay any attention to her. They were busy talking to each other, which she could not understand. However, he still looks at her. She is familiar with his eyes very well. She could recognize those eyes in the crowds.
She sits at the top of the mountain. She looks down. The tears welled into her eyes, but she teased him, “You can’t reach me now.” She recites,” Help me, help me, Almighty, help me.
She wakes up screaming from her sleep, “Help me, almighty. Help me, almighty.”

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