I Swear of Almighty

The sky doesn’t look blue because it is covered with dark clouds. The sun is also hidden somewhere behind the clouds. The weather has lost its boundaries. Spring feels like winter. It was snowing last night. What will happen today? She stands next to the window and looks beyond the train track. First, she sees a sharp and quick lightening in the sky, and then she hears a loud thunder after that rain has started to pour. The storm is so massive that the sky has opened its wings wide to get rid of the water.

Another rain pours directly into her soul. Sometimes, the rain of her eyes becomes so intense that it starts pouring out of her eyes, kisses her cheeks, and finally falls on her shirt. Now, she doesn’t allow anybody to see her tears anymore. Sometimes, it seems complicated to say whether the rain falling in her eyes is heavy or whether the rain falling from the sky is more torrential.

The woman looks around and thinks, “What do people think about the almighty? So sometimes people use the name “Almighty” to convince somebody.”

She thinks about him, “He often said swear to God or kids’ heads.” She always asked him, “would you leave me if someone forced you?” He often said, ‘No, I wouldn’t leave you. Don’t you believe in me? I swear to the head of the kids. I swear of Almighty that I will never leave you alone”. The woman has a deep faith in the almighty, so she wonders why she starts to believe what he has told her. She has blindly trusted him how a person could swear to the almighty if they are not honest. He always reassured her. Now she thinks about why people use the mighty to convince somebody.

Often, she feels weak, but she feels supported by the almighty. She smiles, “This is why my Allah and Babaji hold me strongly, so I won’t fall.” Yes, she had fallen badly, but there were no helping hands who could help her get up. The injuries were so devastating. Doctors could not determine whether her physical or emotional injuries were dangerous. Slowly, the physical damage is being repaired. What about her psychological injuries? She has found a way to treat her emotional wounds. She starts to pray right away as he comes into her mind.

The girl wonders what God will say about his beloved man’s lies and swearing. The woman laughs and says, “I had fallen down badly, but my Allah and Babaji saved me.” The injuries are so deep that neither Babaji nor Allah can handle her alone. Thus, both came together to rescue her.

She often stood in the same window alone. The rain could not compete with her tears. The blue sky could hear her loud screaming, so the sky tried to thunder more loudly because her screaming was very painful. She felt like ripping her heart out of the chest. She was wailing in pain like a dying fish without water.

She looked at the same window and asked almighty, “who is mine out of this your eight billion population? Who would hold my finger now? How would I stay alive? Of course, humans had become deaf, mute, and blind, but the almighty did not. The woman had knocked on many doors, but none had opened for her. She did not curse anybody. She did not hate anybody. But her tears have reached the door of the almighty. Since then, she has stood by the window with the help of the almighty and her two little angels. she often asks herself, “What else do I need now?”

What else would she need now? She often told him, “Bubby, can you put on my shoes and walk a few miles? Then we will talk about the pain.” He was once in the Middle East alone. He did not have bodyguards or 200 people waiting for him to meet. He was telling her, “Munna, why did you not help me to make a decision.”

He had asked her if he should go to the Middle East or not. Can you please advise? The man always took her advice, but she could not recommend this time if he should go or not.

She did not want to advise him on this topic. There was a reason she knew that he wouldn’t be able to live alone. She was right. She often laughed at him, “Can you try to live alone like me? No, you can’t. Living alone is not easy, or it is not for everybody. Only a few people could live. Loneliness is not his cup of tea.

Wonder why he decided to leave her? Was it a matter of dumping, or was it a matter of weakness?

She often asks him, “walk in my shoes, live alone like me, show your guts like me.” It is not called stupidity. It is called bravery, which the almighty won’t give to everybody. A friend said, “Her beautiful valley has become restless since her broken soul has left the valley crying. The woman who loves her valley, nature, and the animal was left to die alone. She was left to die alone by her beloved man. She suffered and continues to suffer, but she still says, “God is testing my love.” The friend says, “You allow the almighty to stretch you more than your capacity.” The woman says, “Almighty always comes to rescue me, so he will come again, let him stretch me as much as he wants.”

Not everybody is the same. Nobody is perfect. Not everybody is wrong. She thinks about all this and tries to step out of her cave of isolation. She goes inside right away after taking one step out. Often, she feels, “I may be unfit for this society. Society is unsuitable for me. The world is not safe out there. I need to stay inside. Almighty has better things to do instead of saving me. I will just look at the world through my window. Both panels of the window are heavily guarded by almighty, so this is my safe house.”

She thinks, “I have always protected my loved one. I was too busy protecting the selfish people who were busy making their next move on how to hurt me more. I did not know how much I continued to do. I only came to know when the non-irreversible damage had already been done. It happened because of my blind faith and love for the man of God. The man has forgotten his responsibility. The man has forgotten how many times he has sworn to God. The man has forgotten his promises. The man has forgotten that he told somebody to wait, and I am still waiting for him.”

She remembers the last face-to-face meeting with him. He said, “I will come back soon.” She is waiting for him because of her faith and love. Almighty will give her strength. She believes in the almighty that she will be laughing and smiling again. Then her brain says, “stop dreaming, Munna. Don’t be stupid. Keep walking alone. You are strong enough to do it alone. Almighty is with you. He will support you. He will protect you. The mighty will take you in the right direction.  She smiles, “I am not alone, bubby. I have my angel boys and two Almighty with me. But I miss you every moment”.

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