About The Value Of The Currency

The value of the currency has increased significantly in a financial hub. However, I am confused about whether the value has decreased or increased. I don’t get surprised why this world has become so materialistic. The value of twenty rupees has become an ancient story. It also reminds me, “I am not a little princess anymore. I have become a queen”. However, I am not ready to grow up, so I am still a little princess who often becomes a princess Warrior. Let’s talk about money and its value. I have heard it many times, “Money talks and bullshit walks.” My mother often told us, “Nowadays, people salute money and name.” I had found 100% truth in my mother’s statement when I went to hell recently”. I will refuse to use the power of money until my last breath. Does money have an influence? Yes, it does. Do you need money to survive? Yes, you do. Our ancestors had survived without money, but they survived because of trading goods.

We need to have money in our wallets in the modern era, either in plastic or paper form. You won’t get food without money for a long time, so a salute is different. I am talking about the Indian currency here as I spent my wonderful childhood there. My chachu had given me Rs 100 per week, which is hardly $ 1.25 per week. I used to be so happy and excited, having Rs 100 every week. He often rewarded me for the excellent grade or best performance in the sports. On the top, I didn’t have to spend my weekly allowances on anything. I am talking about 25 years ago. Try giving $1.25 or Rs 100 to your child now. Believe me, your excitement will go away in a few seconds. Instead, they would feel offended and upset. Your children could think, “what is wrong with our parents.” It is not your children’s fault nor yours. I blame the new innovation in the science and gaming center. You will know the price of a video game if you have a teenage son at home. Does anybody recall the price of gas and milk 25 years ago?

Indians won’t change certain traditions and cultures, and their tradition is to give shaguns (gifts). They will live on the moon, but they will not forget to celebrate a kid’s birthday or graduation. Shagun(gift) used to be $20, but now the rate has increased to $100 for young children. The child may not know the value of the money; of course, their parents know well, so you don’t want to offend them.
One of my chachu’s friends had visited from New Delhi, and he had given me a shagun of Rs 20, which I still did not know why he had given me. So I handed Rs 20 bill to my uncle so he could keep it safe in his wallet. I did not know how many times my chachu had given me a Rs 20, but I am still not satisfied. Believe me, and I won’t hesitate to ask him again if I get the chance to meet him in heaven. My cousin still makes fun of me, “Can you leave chachu and Rs 20 alone now? He left you an inheritance, and you still worry about your twenty rupees”. I found more money under his mattress than in his bank after he died, but he still owes me a twenty rupees bill. Because that twenty rupees had a lot of value 25 years ago.

My parents had paid for all my expenses while I was in school. Can we pay for our children? The demand for money has increased significantly. The children need money for tuition, food, medical, gas, etc. Will they get the job to support themselves? They may get the job, but can they survive on a minimum wage? We can expect grown-up children living with their parents in the USA soon. Are we losing our grip on money? Or money makes us forget the grip on it. The basic formula of demand and supply had been used to change the money’s value.

People are not satisfied with the necessary things or the essential supply in the modern era. Therefore, the demand and supply kinds of things don’t have value. Do we need to restart this modern era to bring balance? Do we need to go back to a stone age again? I am not an economist. I know how to restart the heart and bring it to be normal when it accelerates or decelerates? Everything has gotten so expensive because I just bought three necessary household things online and have paid $100
The inflation of money and household things needs to be stopped somewhere. Otherwise, we would be handing $5000 to our grandchildren, and they would look at us, “seriously, only $5000 for my birthday”. We won’t get a lovely hug from them.

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