The Hunting

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The woman asked her superior, “why I can’t go hunting anymore? My demons are telling me to hunt down the wrong people. He kept my demons under control, but now the demons are poking my head every day”.
Her superior said, “I won’t allow you to do hunting again. It should have ended a long time ago”.
The woman almost yelled at her superior,” why won’t you allow me? Don’t you trust me? Are you like others? Yes, I am insane, but it does not mean I can’t hunt anymore.”
Her superior lost his patience, “you are not physically fit for hunting. You have become very emotional. Your childish behavior was acceptable, but your physical impairment is not unacceptable. You have become very sensitive and emotional, which is not safe for you. I can’t afford to lose you. Pay attention to what you are doing now”.

The woman’s eyes welled with the tears and said, “he also stole my hunting life away. How I would survive now. Why he has taken everything away from me. I don’t like it all. I need to go back to the hunting job”. The woman left her superior’s office with tears. She thoughts, “I can’t improve more than this. I won’t be the same person again. My recovery has a limitation, and I think that I am already reached that point. However, I am a good hunter”.

How had she become a hunter? She smiled because an old memory came into her mind. Why she become a hunter? Does everyone is right that she picked up the things which Abu had left?

She has sat in a quiet place to think about the past. The story of the past begins with;

Abu asked the little girl and Binu, “can you take me somewhere tomorrow morning? It is a Sunday, and you will be home free”.
Binu said, “okay, that is fine.”
But the girl had a curiosity and asked Abu, “no, first you need to tell me where we are going and why we are going. Otherwise, I will not go”.
Abu told the girl and boy that we are going to hunt. He pointed toward the area which comes after crossing their farmhouse. The girl said, “no, you cannot go there. That is my jumping play place. You are already taken my play place. My swing should be over there now, but you could not find any other place to camp except my play place.”
Abu promised to the girl, “no, I will not take any of your play places.”

Next afternoon, in the summer of July, the temperature was above 100 degrees. They walked toward the place where Abu wanted to see. The girl was going through the crops and making way for Binu and Abu. She was leading the way to the hunting place. The girl turned toward Abu and said,” you are not allowed to hunt any of my animals and birds. Is this clear to you? Can you do a pinky swear with me? Also, swear on my head that you won’t hurt them”. Abu had to make a promise with the girl that he won’t hurt her animal and bird family. Abu was stunned and quiet as they reached the place.

They had stood on the irrigation canal. On another side of the canal, there was a road that was not on the map. The local villagers have made this trail for making a trip to the city. This road was a back door for many other activities. Binu and the girl often came to this place to practice jump cross the canal. However, outsiders were not aware of the back door.

Abu keenly looked around and surveyed the road and tried to connect some dots while the girl and Binu were busy jumpings cross the irrigation canal. The girl was always wanted to know why, where, or what. It was hard for Abu to hide the things from the girl. She asked, “no, you did not come for hunting. Where is your stuff to hunt? What are you hunting if not hunting the animals and birds? I need to know. Can you tell me?”

The little girl was very talkative. She had a small brain that worked very slow, though. She knew well that Abu did not go hunting or had gone to enjoy the walk with Binu and the girl. Abu looked at the girl. He knew she would keep asking until he responded to her,” I came to see how the evil people manage to avoid us.”

The girl started to laugh at Abu,” no, you don’t need to hunt the wrong people here. There is one live in front of my house. Can you be kind enough to arrest her?” Abu asked the girl, “what makes you think that she is a bad person.” The girl told him, “she is not very nice to my friends and me. She spies on us. She always tells my mommy everything. Isn’t she a bad person? You should arrest her”.

Abu laughed at the girl and said, “kid, your mother can do something about her. That is not my specialty”.

The girl got so angry at Abu and told him, “Don’t call me a kid. I am grown up now. I am taller than Binu”.

Abu teased the girl, “The grown-ups don’t cry and talk at the same time.”

Yes, Abu was a real hunter. He was a brave man. He did not wait inside of the tent camp for someone to challenge him. He always went outside to hunt the enemies of society.
Often people think that the young girl has picked up hunting skills from Abu. But her style of hunting is different than him. She has tried to complete it, which Abu had left behind. However, the woman thinks now, “My love has ruined the legacy of my Abu. I must prepare to hunt again. I will keep his legacy. ¬†Nothing is impossible, I must continue with the legacy of Abu”.

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