The act of threat, fear, humanitarian or what?

Mr. President is well known to threaten other countries when he doesn’t get what he wants. Does it make sense to get things done by threatening someone? Is it right to give someone what they want due to fear? Did Trump use his old cards to get the anti-malaria drug from India? Was India feared by Mr. President? Or did India show an act of humanitarianism by exporting anti-malaria drugs to the USA? Has Mr. Prime Minister’s close relationship with Mr. President made him do this drug deal? How many people are scratching their heads, “why are both ruling their countries.” Well, I will take their act positively, “sometimes two insane could get the things done, which some genius can’t do.”

Why doesn’t the USA follow a strict quarantine process like India? What could be Trump’s act of retaliation if India had refused to supply the drug? Do you think the USA could do the same thing to get the supply of anti-malaria drugs as getting oil from another country?

I don’t know what other people think, but India has supplied antimalaria medicine for humanitarian purposes, not for fear of retaliation. It could or would be Trump’s last mistake if he had tried to retaliate against India for not exporting the anti-malaria drug. It could be the biggest problem for me. Today, it was a hot topic at my workplace. Whose side would you take if both countries were on the path of retaliation? My answer was, “I would stand in the middle.” I also joked, “I would suggest them for wrestling rather than the weaponry fight.” Yes, close your eyes and think both leaders are wrestling on wet soil. Who would win the wrestling? Of course, Mr. Modi will win the wrestling. He is not lazy and does yoga every day.

Similar to wrestling, India can win over the USA easily. So the President should have thought trillion times before he talks about retaliation with India. The USA is a very powerful military country and has tremendous sources. But India has one power that the USA doesn’t have. India’s current population is 1.33 billion. Except for a few radicalized people, each Indian would love to martyr themselves for the country. They love fighting with each other based on religion or caste system. That is their internal issue; however, it will take them a few seconds to unite with each other to fight against the external forces.

The Indian army doesn’t fight for the money or pay when it comes to an outsider. If the army gave up, the general public who were not trained would come forward to protect the country, taking their swords out. The country is full of warriors. There is a strong public army behind the trained army, which the USA doesn’t have. I will give this credit to Indian mothers because they start singing to their children about patriotism immediately after giving birth. Indian mothers don’t sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ to their children. I had the same conversation with my coworkers, who told me, “you have shown patriotism for your native country.” I am not sure if I have shown some patriotism, but I am talking realistically, which is often hard to digest.

India won’t attack another country. It is a peaceful country, but India is also well known for fighting back.

Is it ethically right to threaten another country? How strong does it look for the president when he changes the statement from retaliation to friendship or humanitarian work? Lol, changing the statement is the quality of Indian politicians. It seems pretty odd when the president of the United States changes his statement. Where were his advisors? Could any other president have done the same as our current president did?

Does India depend on the USA’s financial grant? No, India doesn’t take the USA’s financial aid or military power as other countries do. So how would Mr. President retaliate if India did not agree to export anti-malaria drugs?

Would this deadly virus create wars between the countries? Does this virus open the gateway to the 3rd world war? Has china really used this virus as a biological weapon against other countries? Time will answer those questions. However, we need to fight this battle for at least 5-6 years. We also need to fight against our demons, so we don’t blame others or create a war.

Well, someone has spoken some truth,” this Coronavirus is the punishment for humanity, leaving some lessons to humans. This virus attacks people equally. It harms each religion, caste, country, and gender. Have we learned the lesson of humanity, love, or unity yet?”

“God Bless America and Jai Hind”

8 thoughts on “The act of threat, fear, humanitarian or what?

      1. You are also filled with hatred against them simply because they don’t confirm to Your views But they are heroes for there own people. That’s what is called post modern leftist era in Which being Anti is Cool. Being Anti to everything. The pursuit of excellence is changed to the pursuit of diversity. The truth became relative. You know what? Humanity is going to die. The Values, Cultures, religions, societies & nation we created In the course of million years of civilization are destroyed by the victimization of the sinners & hatred Against Real heroes.😂😂😂😂 Congratulations You have already killed humanity in your mind.

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      2. Hmmm. Very interesting. Recently, one of my coworkers told me not to die because they won’t find any humanity anymore. Now I am thinking who is right: you or them. I hate only demons who are killing the humanity. Of course, the humanity still alive inside of me. It will die only with my last breath. Unfortunately, it is not your cup of tea to understand it. So, have wonderful day and enjoy the quarantine time.

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      3. Sorry But I Wasn’t Talking about you personally But The philosophical Aspects of modern day word. It’s Not about or Modi or Trump but all I am trying to say that we should protect are Religious Values & Cultural Heritage Rather Than caring for diversity & Truth Of Everyone. I know you are a Good Person & Humanity Is Deeply Rooted In Your Thought Process But I am Talking about the Philosophy You’re Following Which Is In The Long Run Isn’t Good. Your friend is right Humanity is not anywhere so We have to protect it . We have to protect morality first to protect humanity. And I Don’t about CNN or Fox Propoganda There In The US But Niether Modi Nor Trump are Human Killing Demons. They’re Just Tough.


  1. I suppose this is the duty of every leader to think good of his people and continuously strive to achieve that. I don’t know about Trump but I am sure Modi has no personal interest and no personal gains from all the deals he makes for India. His immediate family lives a very ordinary life, but if one looks around, there is hardly any leader who doesn’t have his/her family enjoying taxpayers’ money. He must be having his flaws, but then who is a better leader in India to replace him.

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