The Blogger Recognition Award


Hello Everybody,

Wish you a Coronavirus Free Environment. Also, don’t forget to wish me back.

Anushka has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I am heartily thankful to her. I have some pending rewards, so I will try to give a response to all of them today. I hope all of you enjoy the sunlight today while social distancing. I am trying to do my laundry and take a shower today after a week. Don’t worry; all my co-workers have double masks, and we cannot smell each other.

Please visit Anushka’s blog at She has written some imaging articles. In addition, she has written an excellent article, “each teardrop falls a memory, free-flowing river of love.”

Rules of the award:

1 Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provided a link to their blog.

  1. Then, write a post to show your award.
    3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
    4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
    5. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give this award to.
    6. Comment (or pingback) on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them and provide a link to the post you’ve created.

How Did I Start Blogging?

As Anushka said, “sometimes, we need a substitute to survive the reality of life.” This life has not left many options or choices for me, so I have made a blog my best friend. I speak to my best friend through my writing on the blog. I express my feelings and emotions through words. I don’t like to keep anything hidden in my heart anymore. I speak loudly through my words, so I can hear it too.  The blog is my substitute for surviving the rest of my life.

Advice to New Bloggers:

Write with your heart but choose the word wisely. Listen to each other. Respect your fellow bloggers’ writing. You don’t have to agree with their point of view, but you also don’t have the right to offend them. Okay, to criticize while maintaining your self-respect and dignity. How can we respect others if we don’t respect ourselves? So be kind.

My Nomination for this Award is:

  • Vijay, HEM News Agency
  • Bloody ivy
  • Kritika
  • Jacob @Books and Pixels
  • Kyllan and Chebbet

“God bless everyone. Please stay safe and healthy. Keep your environment clean and green”.

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