Please help us so we can help you

The pandemic of Coronavius has wakened up the sleeping healthcare industry in the USA. Everyone already heard Dr. Desai’s view on Fox News. He has spoken the truth and didn’t hesitate to use the freedom of speech. No doubt, the policymakers are failed to control the pandemic, and still not taking it seriously. America should have a complete shutdown at least four weeks without any curfew break.

The economy is already going downhill. Can it be at least safe for the health of Americans? The complete shutdown seems scary, but it would be scarier when we will see our loved one dying, and we will be standing looking at them helplessly. It won’t be like a war on our freedom. Sometimes, we need to make choices. Now, this crucial time demands us to chose one out of three options; Freedom, Money, and Health, what the heck freedom will do if we don’t have good health, what we would do with the money or strong economy if nobody left to use it. Thus without health, freedom, and money doesn’t have any value.

Americans love their freedom, and this freedom will kill them, and already have started to kill us. Look at New York, and the pandemic already has claimed many lives. We don’t feel other’s pain but at least can show some empathy and respect to our fellow Americans. Or we already have lost the humanity or have become selfish to feel others’ pain. What example we are creating to the rest of the world when you see people hurling on the stores or throwing the parties. Are we showing our intelligent behavior to others?
Controlling the pandemic is not only the responsibility of healthcare professionals. It is the joint action of every single American, which starts from our living room to the entire community, then to the rest of the country. As we already know, healthcare professionals, especially doctors, are using the degrees more than ever they have used in their entire life. The urologist currently works in the emergency room. The orthopedist controls intensive care. Many veterans docs have returned to their command to fight with this deadly virus. It is not easy to work in another department without experience. They may have worked a few months in the ER or ICU during their residency program. Healthcare technology or pharmaceutical innovations frequently change, so it is hard to keep track of all the fields of healthcare care. Of course, the nursing staff coaches those physicians how to run the department. Yes, the title of MD, DO, and DNP has overused recently.

Every State struggles to keep balance the demand and supply. Some private Practices have shut down for a couple of weeks. Internal meds and general surgeons are helping acute care hospitals. Nobody has abandoned their patients, though. My regular working schedule is 10 or 12 hrs, and I have to work 120 to 160 hrs in a month. The demand has changed everything. We work 16 hrs shift now. Most of us schedule to work 210 hrs to 260 hrs in one month. No overtime. No sick time. We have given up our employer’s match retirement plans and bonuses. All I see the spirt on everyone’s face. They continue to work hard. We continue to support each other. The local business also helps to appreciate us because they keep refueling us every other hrs. It is not a matter of food or coffee. It shows us love, caring, and support from our community.

We need help from the public now, which means convincing the policymakers for the complete shutdown. We need to take this deadly virus seriously; otherwise, every State could turn like New York how we will help the New Yorkers when we cannot help ourselves.

Our luxury life has gone too. We use the mask very carefully. I remember those days when we used one mask for one minute, then thrown to the garbage. Now the story has changed. I use one or two masks a day now. N95 has become like a wedding diamond ring, which you have to keep it until our marriage survives. Nothing will be waste or expired in this crisis time.

The funniest thing is when we don’t know the work of general practice. We look at each other such as certain medications. People come to us to fill the prescription, which can be a little challenging sometimes. We are experts in resuscitation drugs. Some bring their prescription bottles with them. But still, need to study little to see if any blood work required. My boss’s father is also a doctor. The older man doesn’t mind sitting in the corner, writing the prescription, or conducting some research for us.
I have worked in many hospitals where my medical group has a contract to run the emergency room. I have never seen any hospitals’ buildings from inside until now. We never respond to critical codes in the hospital. Our post is the emergency room only. I know the Caffe, doctor lounge, or the emergency room, which are next to each other. Hospitalists and intensivists run the hospital, but now we start to share the critical codes. Our ICU and hospital are full of respiratory patients now. So one of us goes to help them. I make sure to take the security guard with me, so I won’t be lost and reach the patient on time.

Hospital policy won’t allow having medical students or trainee until everything calm down. One of our hospitals was shut down due to financial loss last year. However, the army has taken control over and plan to open it if the condition gets worse. The place is available, but the availability of the health care providers and medical supply will come to handle this new facility.
Neem Hakim Khtra Jaan: it means that result can be crucial if a novice person tries to do the job of a specialist. Today, A patient presents to the ED development of a severe rash with itching. Three could not make the diagnosis. Well, we are not the dermatologist. We know how to treat allergic reactions or anaphylactic shock, but we are not trained to do a skin biopsy. Unfortunately, we could not find any dermatologist who could help us. All we can stop his itching. Finally, we made some trade with another physician to connect us with the dermatologist, who eventually helped us on the phone video to diagnosis the patient.
Thus please help us so we help you.


13 thoughts on “Please help us so we can help you

  1. From an outsider’s perspective, we all keep saying America should shut down to save itself. But we’re not Americans, don’t have the freedom mentality imprinted so heavily – although we’re free people, too. Your economy is a strong one, but nothing should be more important than lives, families, community. If there’s no people, there’s no economy. I just wish the policy wasn’t “how many victims can we be okay with?”.

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  2. While what you say is true, there are a lot of us who are trying to do our part. Staying home, social distancing and wearing masks outside the house. It’s interesting to read it from a medical person’s viewpoint because average people like me don’t really see what you all go through every day, let alone during something like this.

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    1. Thanks Herb, Not all the people are compliance with quarantine. Increasing numbers are the prove of it. Not to mention, how many patients we discharge directly from emergency room. We don’t test them. We make the diagnosis on the base of their symptoms. The CDC doesn’t follow up with the hospitals about those discharged patients. The CDC tracks only the confirmed or tested or admitted patients. We need God’s blessings. Many healthcare providers will loose their jobs soon which is not counted as essential. Yes, we really need God’s blessings. Thank you. Take care. Continue with social distancing.

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