Is she still one of 2%?

The woman read about the attacks on Islamic people in the Capital. She looked at the suffering of innocent people while the law enforcers had not done anything to protect them. The govt had become blind again. Her memories went into her childhood. In 1984, there was also an attack on Sikhs. “Ballu Naach Reha Ha,” she recalled some statements. Some idiots were shouting at the man after they spilled some petrol on and ignited the fire. She was a child, but she still remembers a burning tire with fire around the necks of Sikhs. History has repeated, but this time they were not Sikhs. Her memories always start from those new incidents, but those memories always end with looking at Abu’s dead body.

However, Sikhs were involved in this riot but some other way. They reached out to help the victims with food and medical services while govt was looking for innocent people to die.

The tears welled into her eyes, but those were the tears of happiness and pride. The blood started to rush into her veins. First, she thought about the mystery.  Why does the blood start rushing into my veins when she hears people suffering? Then, she smiled proudly and looked at Babaji’s picture, “I am so proud to see how my brothers are helping innocent people.”

She could not see what was happening again. Her hand reached for the phone many times, but she did not dare to ask for help because “I have left my people to be with him, and he left me. What is a sense of sadness? What type of sin is this?”. Finally, however, her real blood had spoken once again. Suddenly came into her brain, “No, what will Babaji think that you are a selfish kuri, why don’t you help people?” She grabbed the phone and started to write, “People need help. My people need help if please could you guys help in this certain area”.  The response came: “Don’t worry, we are already at ground zero.” The person did not ask who called for help or her religion.

She stood close to her Babaji pic, “I know that pride is not good because it could make our soul blind. Can I become a little bit proud of my roots today? I promise that I won’t do proud of it again. Please, Babaji, please”.

Yes, she had felt some pride in her roots that day. She had become a little emotional that day. In her mind, she said to her bubby and so-called sis,” I am not greedy for anybody’s money. I am not selfish. I have just love and passion for my loving man. I belong to the warriors. Can you believe now that Munna can do anything to save her love?  No, I don’t have to give anybody proof. Can you see that we are taught to save others? We are not prepared to snatch or steal or play games. We don’t shun people out of the community if they are not part of us”.

Everybody was looking at the sad and funniest video clips of the Indian forces on how they controlled the quarantine issue.  Here we go again. Suddenly, she clapped loudly, and her face got flushed when she saw the video clips and the pictures, “yes, we are the 2% in the world”. She called Todarmal, who always called her a “terrorist.” He is crazy and an idiot, so nobody takes whatever comes out of his mouth seriously. She also called him funny names, “Hey Nazi, come over here. Do you want to see where I come from?”

She proudly showed pictures of ‘Khalsa Aid’ to her co-workers, “My roots start from here.” Everybody looked at her and said, “Now, we know where your courage and power came from.”

Who are the Khalsa aid workers? I want to share with my bloggers today. It is okay to share valuable knowledge of your culture with others. Don’t forget to share it with your new generation. I do share with my children, but I have never forced them. I will allow them to make their own options and decisions.

According to Khalsa, “Khalsa Aid International is a UK-based humanitarian relief charity (Registered Charity Number: 1163294) providing support worldwide to victims of natural and human-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famine, and war.

Khalsa Aid was founded by Sardar Ravinder Singh (Ravi Singh) in 1999. This year was also specially marked in Sikh history because 300 years ago, the development of Khalsa by 10th Babaji (Guru Gobind Singh) had come into existence. Khalsa is pure from their sins, and they fight like warriors. This organization has been created based on principles of the Sikh religion, but they are not limited to the Sikh community. They go to serve the people where nobody else goes. They are fearless people.  They serve everybody. Their doors are open at any time to anybody. They are the most respectful people. They are the real warriors. Neither a deadly virus nor the bullets could stop those warriors from helping the innocent and hungry people. They are reaching from door to door and from hospital to hospital at the international level.

They are only 0.39% of the world’s population and 2% of the Indian people. However, their humanitarian work crossed the path of any percentage.

The woman had gone away from her roots a long time ago. However, fate has changed her life.

She looked at Todarmal and told him sadly, “See how they are helping everybody. I only watch them and do not do anything”.

Can anybody shut up, Todarmal? He always finds his way to win, “Hey, 2%, do not worry. You are also serving in a different war zone with your different services. By the way, why do you always cry like a little kid? You need to grow up. You don’t need anybody’s protection. Damn, you belong to the warriors. I will not call you a terrorist anymore. Tiger won’t become a goat after wearing her clothes”.

One of the nurses slapped his head on the back and told him, “can you learn first how to say it properly? It goes another way”. So he is like, “save me, save me, 2%”.

So, she has gotten her new name today, “2%”. However, the woman feels so proud of it. Her eyes fill with tears again, “Continue with your best work. You are lucky to be attached to your roots. I have gone too far from my root, but my principles of humanity and bravery are still alive deep inside me”.

Has she gone away from her roots? Or has she taken everything to her cave? Why is Babaji’s picture still on the wall next to her bed? Why does she talk to both Allah and Babaji? Why does she bring the holy book of Sikhs for prayer every year at her home, and she calls everybody at her home, which includes people of all religions? She looks at Babaji’s picture and talks to him while squeezing her eyes and nose, “you know well, Babaji answers all those questions, so I don’t have to tell anybody. My bubby knows well too. He never told me to covert because he is also a kind-hearted person, just like your Munna. He is my bubby, Babaji”.

She looks around,” I am safe here. I don’t need anybody to love me or protect me. I don’t care who is strong or not. I do have both my Babaji and Allah with me. I do have my own prayers. I don’t need to learn anything more. Do I?  I am not alone because I have all my almighty life with me. Do I ever feel alone? Yes, I do feel alone only when I miss my hubby bubby.

Who gets more time to spend talking to the almighty? I do talk with the almighty all the time. I can also fight with almighty anytime”.

She goes to sleep smiling. Sometimes, she does not know if she cries or laughs or is happy or sad. However, she knows only one thing, “I am nothing. I don’t come either in 2% or 14.2% of the Indian population. She is not part of 0.39% or 24.1% of the world population.

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