What the heck has happened to this planet?

Are we near the end? Will this world would end soon? The deadly virus has already attacked humankind. People are not taking seriously. What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with the thoughts of people? Who is responsible for the situation?
The emergency room is overcrowded. Lately, the workload has increased, but sources and workforce are the same.
The demand has significantly increased, but the supply is less. However, staff members work so hard to compete with demand.
Far away in my native county, poor people have started walking to their homes from the city to the villages. Their stories are heartbreaking. For us, it is the stories, but for them, it is a hell. Transportation has been shut down due to Coronavirus. Before declaring the complete shutdown, nobody has thought about those poor people who live on daily wages. How it would feel to us if one of them were our brother, cousin, son, father, or mother or sister. I do not know about others, but my heart comes out when I remember it. I can feel sorry, but I feel helpless to help them. This is the first large foot migration after the partition in 1947.
On the other side, a particular Islamic class is spitting on healthcare workers. I will call them “idiots.” They don’t have any religion. They have the right to protest for their demands, but can you be civilized. You can find those idiots in any denomination, or tribe or religion. The entire tribe or religion gets the label of being a terrorist for their idiotic actions.
The brutality of humanity is everywhere nowadays. Who is safe here? The hungry wolf lives everywhere. Recently, I had gotten active on Twitter to divert my attention. I also wanted to know what is happening in the world. I often heard from the people after my personal problem that how the world has changed. I was surprised at how one person could do with others while knowing everything. Everyone told me, “the world already start going toward hell. Your mind is still set on the same point when you had left the country”.

No, I was not ready to accept it. I thought my bubby is the only one who has changed. But no, I was wrong. The world is not safe out there. My cave life was not bad at all. I came to know this after making a trip to Twitter. Damn, what is wrong with the young generation? I got ten marriage proposals in a couple of weeks even I have told everyone that I love someone. It doesn’t matter if he is not in my life, but he lives in my soul. But no, it is damn rocket science for the people to understand it. Yes, I have said goodbye to my Twitter friends. I want to get more knowledge about Islam, but I think I will continue searching on this internet. I will try my best to stay away from fast media. There is a lot of rumors and hate going around the world. People are fighting for nothing. Why they don’t waste their energy on something which is good for this planet?
What is wrong with the people and this place? Nine people are lying on the beds in the hallways of the emergency room. Some of them are knocked out while others are acting so weird. Should I feel mercy on them? They are intoxicated and overdosed on heroin. The local police officer shows his teeth, “Possibly due to bad batch of street drugs.” What a wasting of healthcare sources? A man with acute appendicitis has to sit on the chair, and she has to drain the abscess from someone’s axilla on the chair so those drunk and druggy idiots could have beds. The man with appendicitis works hard and pays high deductible medical insurance, but he doesn’t deserve a bed in the emergency room when he needs it. What is a justice system? Those people who are drunk and druggy receive free medical care and financial assistance, and I doubt if they even work.
The registration clerk looked at me and said, “I am sorry to look at this. These people belong to my community. I don’t hesitate to say that govt must stop their free services.”
Three medical providers, nine registered nurses, two emergency room technicians, and two housekeepers are already busy with the regular flow of the ED. They are also working hard to compensate for the extra workload of writing prescriptions and the rush of coronavirus patients. Medical offices are closed, so everyone comes to the ED for a prescription refill. Everyone is busy helping each other. Both of my colleagues and I have helped the housekeeper cleaning the bed while he cleans the floor and disinfects everything else. The nurses are cleaning the floors with brooms so we could bring more patients.
Suddenly, two patients come into the department with gunshot wounds. Have they listened to the governor or Mayer, “Don’t shoot each other until Coronavirus is here? We need beds for those sick patients”. The gang unit and local police officers enter the ED like someone shooting inside. The charge nurse doesn’t hesitate to yell at them, “put your damn PPE or wait in the lobby.”
After a couple of hrs, the ambulance bay door opens widely and someone is screaming on the stretcher. The patient is screaming, so she is alive. The sad story, this drunk woman has delivered the baby at home without medical help. The second stretcher rolls into the ED with the newborn. My partner put his gloves on again as he sees the newborn and tells us, “You are your own.”  I am like this, “Go, and I don’t want to know about it”.

There is two tent camp outside of the ED for the patient for ambulatory patients who come to the ED for possible symptoms of this deadly virus. There is another tent inside the ambulance garage for the patients who come to via ambulance. for the prevention of spreading the virus, Only hypoxic patients are allowed inside the emergency room. Most of the rooms inside the ED show signs of “droplet and airborne precaution.” Three of us take our turns going to see those patients in the tents.
We often huddle to brainstorm for handling the situation. The outcome has come in our favor until the end of my shift. I start to endorse my patients to both of my colleagues, and all nursing staff also come around to hear. I appreciate my team, “Good work, everyone. Thanks for the support. The battle is not over yet, but I will lock the emergency room from outside. God Bless America and the entire planet”. My sense of humor has made the nurses laugh, which is very important. The charge nurse laughs, ” Damn law and regulations. We will sit in the middle of the emergency room and will get drunk. We will vomit everywhere when we would win this deadly virus. Until then go back to work, please”. A little sense of humor has again freshened up everybody.
I come out of the emergency room and start driving to my home, but my mind gets so heavy. “where this world is going. It is damn chaos. Why people have started losing humanity? Why people don’t respect themselves. Many wars are going on the humankind at the same time. But who has created those wars.”
Next thing, my car has stopped at the mosque instead of my driveway.


8 thoughts on “What the heck has happened to this planet?

      1. You’re welcome! It was a “hard pill to swallow” kind of read, but the one I can relate to. I hope this is not the end. It’s the end of a way of life, for sure, though.

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  1. As a church lady, I believe this present crisis is only part of an acceleration of troubles. But, we are still living in the day of amazing grace. That means we can still plead for God’s mercy. As a world, we deserve pretty much whatever we get. But, God is known for giving so much better than what we deserve. That’s the whole point of Jesus. Blessings, Warrior Princess! We pray daily for your safety and strength on the front lines of this battle.

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