The AfterLife

Has anybody seen the afterlife? Is there any afterlife? She doesn’t care, but she does have her way of entering the afterlife. The scientific method, “A person dies when the heart stops pumping.” Many religions believe in an afterlife. For a while, she ignored the scientific way or evidence-based practice.
She has her unique way entered into the afterlife. After death, her soul flies toward the sky. She looks back to see whether her last wish has been completed or not. She reaches into the big room, which has four different doors. Each door has a specific meaning. One entry is open toward the earth (door number 1), while the 2nd door opens into a mysterious place. The second door is restricted for others to use. This door is reserved for the Almighty.
So her soul enters the big room via door number one. The big room has very dim lights. On one side of the room, the jury of 10 people has been sitting quietly. There is one big chair on the left side of the door, which looks like a chair of kings. That is Almighty’s chair. There are two other doors. Door number three is located very close to the jury, where two angels in white clothes with wings are standing peacefully. Both angels have beautiful smiles on their faces. She smiles to see those angels. This is the door that goes to heaven.
More to the right side of the room, there is the 4th door. This door is very close to the first door. She sees a huge 10 feet tall person, and she is sure that this is a 600 Ibs devil in red color who has stood alone in front of the door. The fire comes out from his eyes and mouth, and he has many thorns on his head. His belly is 2 feet out of the body. He looks terrifying. Of course, this is the door to hell. Why the door of hell is so close to door 1? Maybe the Devil just wants to grab the people’s souls as they enter the judgment room/ or God’s court.
She has been sitting in the room for a couple of hrs. The jury was quiet. The angels smile while The Devil grins at her. Everyone is waiting for the almighty because he is late. The almighty is never run late. Why is he late today? She smiles with secret thoughts. She doesn’t like the Devil, who is trying to scare her. She tries to get up from the chair, but one of the jurors says,” oh no, you cannot move until Almighty comes.”
Again, she is a little brat kid, “no, I cannot sit in one place while someone continues to grind his teeth at me.” She gets out of the chair and she goes toward the Devil. She stands in front of him, “Devil, Devil, are you trying to scare me? Seriously, I have seen worse devils on the earth than you. So nice try”.

She is bored. Why is Almighty not here yet? Suddenly, Almighty’s door opens. Everyone, including her, stands up to honor the Almighty. A man in white clothes with a beautiful smile enters the room. She yells loudly, “This is cheating. You can’t be Almighty”. The man laughs, “Yes, you are right. I am not Almighty. I am his messenger”.
He gives a letter to the jury. Before he goes back, the man in white clothes asks how do you know if I am not him.  The girl laughs, “I have spent my entire life fighting and loving the almighty.”
One of the jurors reads Almighty’s letter loudly, “I will let this girl explore first where she wants to go.”
The man in white clothes is ready to go inside. She tells him, “Can you tell Almighty? It is not fair. I don’t like him anymore?”
She starts to walk toward the Devil. Everyone looks at her with surprise. She sees Ina and Banny standing right behind them when she passes by the angels. They are jumping in to see if she is ready to come with them. The girl sees eagerness on their faces. Then, they get disappointed as she has passed the door of heaven. Devil is also surprised. She also becomes a mean little child now. She pushes the Devil back into hell, “you go to hell. I need to find my family first”.
Then, she turns toward heaven. She sees both Ina and Banny start jumping high in the air. Both angels told her, “Oh, your boys are waiting for you to show you the path.”
She hugs both boys, “Oh, I am so happy to meet you guys. Have you guys missed me?”
She gives them peanut butter cookies and ice cream, which she has brought from the earth.

Now, she starts walking through the forest and mountains. Ina says, “Mommy, hurry up. It is a long way to go.” Her soul tells Ina, “I am a little girl again. Don’t call me mommy. We are the best buddies now”. Both of them do the pinky swear to remain best friends forever. Suddenly Ina says, “Look at the weirdo.” She sees that Banny barks at the small birds.
The three continue to walk a long way to meet her family. On the way, she often asks the boys, “do you really know where my family lives.”
Banny shows his attitude, barking and telling her, “hooman soul, do I look stupid to you. We often visit here to convey your message to them”.
Walking on the trail, she sees many beautiful birds and animals, including the deer she had killed. All animals and birds can talk to each other here.
Suddenly, Ina stops and points her toward the big and heavy tree. She runs toward the tree, surrounded by flat and big stones. She finds her father sitting on those stones. She starts yelling loudly, “My daddy, I am here too.” He picks her up and lets her sit next to him. He points her to the right side. She sees Abu in a soldier uniform. He is in the middle of offering his namaz, and his gun is on the floor just to the right side. He looks peaceful. There are no blood or bullet injuries on his body anymore. She sits next to him as she used to do when she was a child. Abu still looks very young, and of course, she seems a little girl again. She is waiting for Abu. He opens his eyes slowly, and he looks at her. She asks him, “Do you still remember me? I am Munna”. He smiles, “Yes, how can I forget you? You are my little angel”. She asks Abu again, “okay, it’s been 15 years now. Can we marry now?. I still look pretty,”. Abu replies, “Yes, I will marry you when you are the same age as me.” She hits him with her hands, ” you are not good anymore. I don’t like you anymore. This is not fair”.
She looks to the left side of her father. Her chachu is working in the farmhouse as usual. She runs toward him, “chachu, chachu, see who is here.” Chachu gets so happy. She sees him smiling again. He picks her up on his shoulders like old times, “Let me show you our farmhouse. Will you help me? Are you still with me, Tumba? I miss you every day”.
Chachu shows her everything. On her way, she met Baru baba. He still walks with his cane. He is still blind and has worn black glasses on. She asks him, “Baru Baba, Baru Baba “do you know who I am,” he smiles, “yes, I know. Is this my tiger girl”. She hugs Baru baba, “thank you for remembering me.”
While passing by the big tree,  she sees everyone sleeping on the stones or the grass. There is no roof and no fence. The big tree covers them from the snow, wind, or rain. She thinks, “I love it being in nature.”
She starts playing Volleyball with Binu and her other gang members who died during the militancy. Now, they are free and have all day to play, which means no school either.
She hears Ponga still yelling at her, “Can you stop playing with those boys?” Mum suddenly tells Ponga,” leave the girl alone. Let her play. She is a little girl”. She looks at her mum and aunt, preparing food for the family under the sky. She runs to hug her, “I have missed you a lot, mommy.”
Ina and Banny said it was “time to go back to the judgment room.”
She leaves everybody after saying goodbye and starts to walk with the boys toward the almighty court. As she reaches the judgment room, the almighty is already sitting on his chair.
She pulls the paper out of her sleeve, “this is the list of my questions. Can you be kind enough to answer my questions, plz? Don’t hide now. I came from the earth to get my answers”.
Everyone looks at her and almighty. Then, everyone starts yelling at her, “You cannot talk to Almighty like this. You can’t ask any questions from the almighty. Don’t you know about his superpower”? The girl laughs, but the almighty stop everyone.” Please leave her alone. We know each other very well.”
Now Almighty turns toward her and asks, “okay, girl, you have met your family now. You already threw the Devil into hell. Now it’s your time to go back to the earth”.
She was like, “No way, and you cannot do this to me.”
“You have kept Almighty confused during your entire human life,” the jury said. So his decision is final”.
Before angels grab her, she runs toward hell and shouts, “No way, I don’t go to earth back. There are too many devils on earth. I can handle the Devil of hell but not those devils who live on the earth”. But the Devil closes the door by saying, “No way. You had thrown me so hard; thus, my back still hurts because of the fall”.

Now she stands in front of the mighty again and says, “Can you give answers to those questions, plz?”
Almighty says, “okay, kid, I can answer the questions or let you choose a new family and place on the earth.”
She tells Almighty, “okay, I will let you win this time.”
The Almighty, jury, and angels come together to look at the earth through the sky. Almighty shows her different places on earth. But she doesn’t like those places: “Can you be kind enough to show me more places? They are so beautiful, but I have a different choice”.
Almighty smiles. He starts to show her different places. Her eyes shine, and her face gets brighter. Finally, she tells Almighty, “can you go a little back?” She points to the location, “yes, I chose this place.”
The almighty smiles and asks the girl, “do you remember you were born in this place in your previous life. Didn’t you have spent your entire life fighting with the Valley”?
“This is between my beautiful Valley and me. You don’t have to come in the middle of us. I still chose the Valley. You have promised me that I can choose the place and family, so keep your promise”.
The almighty smiles, “okay, now you chose your family.” They look through the binoculars. The girl yells, “stop there, stop there. I chose this family”. The almighty asks the girl, “Are you talking about a nomad woman?
The girl laughs, “No, are you kidding me? I am not that stupid. Please look who is hidden behind the dog, goats, and sheep”.
Everyone says, “Oh, that looks like a cat.” Yes, the girl squeezes her nose and eyes together, “I want to be a cat.”
Everyone asks her, “Why a cat? Why not humans or dogs or horses”.
Both girl and almighty smile. The almighty sends her soul back to the earth in the cat’s body.
Everyone asks almighty again, “why have you sent her into the cat’s body.” The almighty smiles and says, “Wait and watch. I will at least get another15-18 years to find the answers to her questions”.
Now it is everybody’s turn to look at Almighty, “you don’t have an answer to her questions. That is why you let her wait in court and make her decision”.
However, the Almighty does what he wants. He gives the girl’s paper to the jury and tells them, “you better start finding the answers. Fifteen years will pass in our 15 minutes, and I hate hiding in my cave from this little girl”.
On the earth, her soul wakes up in a little kitten’s body next to an adorable little girl. The girl rubs her tummy. This hooman girl loves her a lot. Now, she is a kitten, and her name is a princess. Her new hooman family is also very nice, but all the children love her. She doesn’t scratch the children.
The kitten stays with the children. As the children leave the house for school, she leaves the house. After climbing many roofs, she always sits on one high wall. She stares at a man who has just come out of his car. She watches the man every day from a distance.
Above the sky, the almighty looks at the kitten and smiles, “finally, you have found your other part of the soul. Now it is my turn to wake up another part of your soul”.
The man looks at the wall and the kitten every day. The man doesn’t like cats or dogs. However, one day he walks toward the wall. The kitten doesn’t scare the man. Instead, she looks into his eyes without blinking and asking, “I get scared alone. Don’t you know it”? Why did you take so long to come”.
The man looks deep into the kitten’s eyes and rubs her soft head. Now, the kitten feels safe in his presence. Then, the man slowly whispers into the kitten’s ear, “why are your eyes without tears, Munna? Where have you gone”.
The kitten smiles, “I went to meet the almighty, and he doesn’t have an answer for me, but he has given me this beautiful life.”
The man tells her slowly, “yes, you have made the right decision. Nobody will separate us now. You are not human anymore”.
Now the little kitten is happy. The girl spends time with the children and the other half of her soul. Nobody can separate them. She is not human anymore. Often she claps, “Almighty, I win again. Almighty, I win again. Fights are between humans only. Hoomen are not good. I am good at being a bird or animal or insect, but it never makes me a human being again. This is because my human life was so miserable”.
“Almighty can talk to animals or birds and others who can’t tell anybody. My bubby used to tell me an interesting story about it”.

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  1. I love your story. Of course, as a church lady, I believe Jesus is the door to heaven. 🙂 I expect it will be a thrilling place — so full of goodness and light and peace. We won’t be disappointed.

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