Almighty Resides in The Heart


Dec 1992, the girl heard the news about the demolition of famous Babri Masjid by some Hindu Nationalists in the city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh of India. She ran toward the army camp. The girl told the solider boy, “Abu, have you listened to the news yet? Silly me, you don’t have a TV in the camp. Some bad people demolished your God’s house.”
Abu knew well what the girl was trying to tell him. Her Little mind thoughts Almighty lives in the holy places. She always referred Sikh temple as a Babaji house, which continues to the date.
Abu was quiet and calm. The girl asked him again,” where will you go for your prayer now? Where your Allah will live now?. I don’t mind if Allah comes to live in my Babaji house. Nobody minds if you come to my temple to offer namaz.”
Abu laughed at the nieve girl and told her,” of course, I will go to your place to pray. Almighty doesn’t reside at any specific site. He decides where he will live. Almighty likes to reside inside of our hearts and souls.” Abu touched the left side of his chest with his hand,” Almighty resides right here in the heart.”
After this incident, the girl always keeps her hand on the left side of her chest over the heart,” God lives right here in my heart.”
It was also a learning day for the girl. Abu had sat on the bench, and the girl sat on the ground. She listened to Abu attentively what he was saying. The soldier man was a true Muslim who had a firm belief in Allah, but he never disrespected any other religion. He offered his namaz on time, which does not matter what the situation was. She tried her best to offer the namaz at least once a day with Abu.
She always looked at Abu with curiosity without blinking her eyes. She never disturbed him. Abu often told the girl, “I could forget the namaz time, but somehow you don’t forget it.”
He always found out the girl sitting next to him after he had done offering the namaz. She always asked him,” have you seen your Allah? Next time, tell him that I love him too. I want to meet him too”.
The girl asked Abu, “why bad people have attacked my Golden temple? Why they also attacked your Babaji house? Don’t they like an almighty house? I think they are evil and devil on this earth.
Abu told the girl, “humanity comes first. What your prayer would do if you are not a good human. You see here how people are killing each other for the name of religion. As a soldier and human, I fight back to protect my people.
Abu advised the girl, “You should Never listen to people if they ask to fight for the name of religion. People are greedy, and they don’t hesitate to use others. You promise to yourself that you will never harm anybody. Always help others who need your help. Don’t try to harm others who are already weak”.
The girl promised to herself, “I won’t harm anybody. I will respect all almighty”.
Abu tried his best to keep the girl and all her little buddies away from terrorism. He kept them busy in sports and helping them for the study. One Khan was trying to help a bunch of Hindu and Sikh children with his valuable teaching.
The girl always thought Khans are the real Pathan and warriors who keep their words, which does not matter what price they have to pay. The story of Pathan in her textbook was true. However, her view has changed.
Over a period of time, everything has been changed, and the girl became a mature woman, but certain things of her childhood still remain the same.
Living in the west, she feels safe and secure. Nobody asks her if she Muslim or Sikh or what? She carries the name of the man whom she loves most. She doesn’t care what people think or say. She continues to follow Abu and her father’s teaching. Her mind still gets upset when she hears the violence due to terrorism or hate crime. She always gets angry when she sees the riot or conflicts. She feels Abu being killed again when she sees terrorism.
Her brain says,” it is not my dam problem. I am safe here. My family is not in danger. Nobody came to rescue me when I was in need of help. Some Islamic people had raised the question of her being born in a Sikh family. She wanted to tell them,” Asholes, I believe in my love and Allah. I don’t care what do you think of it”.
The woman thinks, “Nobody had felt her situation. She was in an acute state of severe depression. She did not go back to get help from her family because she was already shunned out by her family for loving a Muslim man. The man also left her”.
It was also her personal matter, so why someone takes a risk? The blessing of Almighty was with her, which helped her to come out of the delirium state. Neither Abu nor her father was present to support her. However, they had left a bundle of good teaching for her to follow.
She still doesn’t understand why her soul wanders?
Why she feels pain when she sees people suffering. People advise her, “You are safe here. You are healing slowly. Why do you look backward?”
The tears come into her eyes, “They have forgotten me. He has forgotten me. I won’t forget them. I can’t forget my loving man. My soul feels restless to join him. One day, he will come back to prove that my father and Abu was not wrong about humanity. I stop asking people to help me.

I have stopped asking him to return. I just look at Almighty without asking anything. But, I do have a firm belief that my bubby would return if God exists. One day, Allah will give him enough power to come forward”.
She thinks that Almighty will give a loving man enough strength to cross the ocean and climb the mountains so he can take her back where she belongs. She continues to believe in the power of almighty and her love despite knowing the truth.
Only almighty knows reality. He will rewrite the fate of the woman. At this time, she sits and waits both for the mighty and her bubby, “I will wait for them. I will wait for him forever. I will wait for him until my last breath”.
The woman keeps her hand on her heart, “do you hear me, almighty? My message is very loud and clear that neither my love is a fling nor a lust. It came directly from my heart where you live. How It could be impure or lust if it comes from your house?”
Everyone has gone away. But her faith for almighty and her man is still there. She thinks, “I hope Abu was right about almighty that he lives in the heart”.

6 thoughts on “Almighty Resides in The Heart

  1. The conversation between the girl and Abu is beautiful. I would have liked to have met this sweet young man. I agree with him. The Almighty does want to live in our hearts. From a church-lady perspective, that is the whole point of Jesus. We are unable to attend church right now because of the virus, but I’m not sure I have ever felt His presence more strongly. It is a strange time, but God is on the move even now. Blessings, Munna Sara!

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    1. Yes, I am lucky meeting Abu. Sometimes, I wonder why God had taken him away. Abu was not a sweet person but his teaching were 😄. Abu still live inside of my heart. I want to leave the good memories and teaching behind. I wish everyone on this universe has similar thoughts like him.


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