The Wellness Of An Older Woman

two adult women beside each other
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The young woman has tried calling multiple times, but nobody answers the phone. The woman gets sad and also little panic, “why she doesn’t answer the phone. I hope she is well”.
She tried multiple times, but nobody answered the phone. Now, she becomes a little restless and thinks, “I must walk over to her home.”
She walks into the older woman’s home. The older woman has been sitting alone in the middle of her courtyard. She asks, “where is the rest of the people. I never saw this house empty before. This house is always full”.
The young woman wants to make sure if she is at the right house and talking to the right woman. She looks at the older woman’s face and then looks at her chin. The young woman touches her own chin and thinks, “I am at the right place and looking at the right woman.”

She asks the old woman,” where are your husband and your sons.” The old woman looks at the girl with curiosity and tells her, “I know you.” The older woman continues talking, which doesn’t make any sense. The young woman asks the old woman,” can you walk with me so we can see the doctor.”
The older woman looks at the young woman and starts to walk. The older woman starts to get tired and exhausted. She has a hard time keeping up with the young woman. The young woman also noted that an older woman could not walk anymore. She tells the old woman,” I can pick you up.” The old woman laughs at the young woman, “you cannot pick me up. I am heavy. You should continue to walk, and I will catch up with you later”.
The young woman is always stubborn, so she tells the woman, “I can piggyback you. I am silly, but I am also very strong “.
Next thing, the young woman picked up the older woman and continue to walk toward her own home. The older woman seems a little confused. While walking, the young woman keeps calling and texting someone, but her call doesn’t go through.
The young woman arrives at her home and helps the older woman to clean the clothes, shower her, and feed her. Both leave the house again and start walking through the fields now. Both are getting tired and exhausted. The young woman has seen a strange and tall guy on the bike who stands on the roadside.
The young woman asks the man, “can you drop us at the local hospital.” The man refuses to help them. The young woman takes the money out of her pocket, “I have only this one. You can take all of this”.
Now, the man agrees to give them the ride. The young woman let the older woman sitting in the middle. The man has dropped them at the local hospital. The young woman says thanks to the man, “thank you for being so kind to us.”
The young woman asks the female doctor,” this woman needs help.” The female doctor asks her,” who is she? She looks sick. She needs intubation right away”. The old woman tries to tell the female doctor about her family, but the girl puts the hands on her mouth, “no, don’t tell. We are not safe then. She won’t help us”.
The doctor starts to intubate the older woman. The young woman screams at the doctor, “you are rude. Don’t you know how to intubate the patient? can’t you be a little gentle? It could be excruciating. Do you want me to shovel those tubes in your throat?”
The young woman gets upset and piggybacks the old woman again, “let’s go home.” The young woman has reached the older woman’s house. She starts searching for others while the older woman has sat on the bench.
Suddenly, the young woman sees another young woman with a little girl in the home. The young woman knows the second woman very well. However, she doesn’t know who is the little kid.
while pointing at the old man, she asks the second young woman, “do you know where her son is? ”
The second young woman tells the young woman, “I don’t know where he is. I don’t care anymore. I don’t have time for him”.
The young woman becomes a little aggressive, “stop playing the game like you always do. It is not time to play the game”.
The kid looks at the young girl with a beautiful smile and tries to show her palm. Hmm, this kid knows where is the son of this older woman. The young woman starts following the kid. The kid has a beautiful and innocent face that looks scared, but she handed something slowly to the young woman. She leaves the room and telling the kid, “I was once like you. God bless you. One day, you will be a great woman with a great soul”. The young woman makes a victory sign with her two fingers and leaves the room.
She starts to text the number which the kid has just given to her. She sits with the older woman in the courtyard. Suddenly the older woman’s son arrives. The young woman looks at the young man. The tall and handsome man with a mustache has come close to the girl. She looks at the man and touches his face with her barehanded, then she feels his mustache with her two fingers and tries to make her favorite and known shape of his mustache.

The young woman hands over the care of the older woman to the young man and leaves the home in a hurry.  She walks so fast to cross the door before he orders to shut the door. Her feet get so heavy. Her eyes are full of tears but she refuses to give up and cross the main door in a hurry. The young man runs toward the young woman,

but the door has closed already. Now, there is a closed-door between the young man and woman. They could feel the presence of each other but cannot open the door.

The young woman cleans her tears and starts to walk toward her safe house.

Later, the young woman talks to the chaplain, “Father, can you do the prayer for the wellness of an old woman?”


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