Dear Blogger Colleagues and Friends: Stay Inside, Be Safe, and Keep Other Safe

You may have learned from many blogs, articles, and tweets about the deadly coronavirus. The virus has claimed many deaths, and tens of thousands are in critical condition. At a global level, 262000 people are positive for the virus. At least 90 000 have already been recovered or are recovering. One hundred seventy-seven nations have been influenced by this virus. Are these numbers real? No, those are not the actual numbers. However, John Hopkins doc’s statement is right that ½ million US people are affected by this deadly virus.
Many people come to the emergency with flu symptoms, but we don’t screen everybody because the CDC has control over who should be tested. Is this virus deadly? Can it be controlled to prevent more damage?

Yes, the pandemic of this virus can be stopped. Quarantine yourself if you develop fever, sore throat, sob, and myalgia. Drink Plenty of water, sports drinks, vitamin drinks, and Gatorades. Stay six feet apart from each other. Cover your cough and sneeze. Avoid trips and don’t attend the gathering of more than ten people. Bring over-the-counter cough syrup. Wash your hands. You don’t require fancy hand sanitizer. Hence, you may use regular soap to wash your hands.

Please avoid the emergency room if you can. However, patients with chronic lung problems should seek medical attention. Avoiding the emergency room is essential because we are not testing everybody who comes to the emergency room, and the emergency room is the dirtiest place. We discharge the patient from the main triage room unless the patient needs to be admitted.

Is this pandemic crucial for your health? Yes, but it is also preventable. My ILL State is locked down until April 5th. Insha Allah, the cases will start dropping as the climate changes to the warm. Don’t panic. We had faced 911, swine flu, H1N1, and Ebola. Of course, we will win over the coronavirus. Please stop hoarding groceries, especially toilet paper. Nobody was ready for this natural disaster. First responders are at high risk of exposure. However, we treat everyone as “Contaminated,” so we are prepared.
Many hospitals are also shut down and only take serious casualties. I have been exposed to this virus but will continue to fight back.
So be safe, don’t panic, hydrate yourself, Quarantine yourself, be brave, human, and show humanity.
God bless everyone
Best of luck.

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