The Hell Or Heaven

Many of us believe in an afterlife, judgment day, hell, and heaven. We believe in the devil and God. We look up toward the sky to see for a loved one. I often think there is another planet after the sky, which has divided into two portions: Hell and Heaven. On the judgment day, God does the math of our life, add whatever we have done right, and subtracts whatever we have done wrong. The person goes to hell or heaven depends on the score. The person goes to live in hell if the score is negative or he goes to live heaven if the score is positive. Why we only look up toward the sky and don’t look down? There could be hell or heaven under the earth after crossing the water layer.

However, the scientific way tells her, “the person dies when her or his heart stops pumping. The soul dies too with the body”.
Where is precisely hell or heaven resides? There is no specific planet where the hell or heaven resides. The good and evil happen on the earth only. Hell and heaven reside on the planet alone. The people who suffer are lives in hell. The person who enjoys his or her life lives in heaven. Not sure if it is related to the afterlife or current life.
She knows this life is her hell, and he is her devil. She loves the character of Lucifer but also loves her devil too. Her devil has made her suffer. She is not sure whether she is paying for her previous life’s sins or his sins. She tries every day to remember what she has done wrong. What type of crimes she has done. How could a person do harm who has faith in God? How a person could do something wrong, who believes in humanity. How could a person do wrong if he or she took an oath to save others? How a person could harm or hurt someone who loves each creature on this planet. Could she have done something wrong who had apologized to her dog if she has accidentally stepped on his tail? The smile comes on her face thinking about a dog,” my weirdo often followed me around like I could not do anything without him or I was not safe without him. Often he sneaked without barking or making a noise. He liked to sit just next to me while I used to cook in the kitchen. He never barked at me if I had stepped on his tail accidentally. I kissed on his tail and cheeks. I often told him that I was not meant to do it. It is your fault hiding behind me. He had licked my hands and face to tell me that it is okay”.
How would she harm someone? She always manages to take spiders or flies or any insects out of her house if they had forgotten their way. The kids would shout, “Kill them, mom kill them.” She often told them, “no, they have a life too, so they have the right to live.
She has lived the life following her father’s principles. What sins she had done, which God has punished her to see the hell now. She often tries to do the math. Only one thing comes to her mind that she has accidentally killed the deer. However, she was already living in hell when the beautiful deer died.
She used to have some attitude that has gone now. She often told him, “the woman should have a little attitude.” She never got angry or overwhelmed, now she has lost her anger many times.
In the end, she thinks there is the afterlife. She had done something very cruel or evil or sin which she pays now. Or God hears her prayer when she asks to make her suffer for his crimes. God had sent him as her devil. He loves her a lot, but he left to punish her. Why has he left her when loves her a lot? He knew well about the consequences of leaving her alone, but he still decided to do it. The devil could have a heart and feelings, and they could also love someone.
So, the earth is the planet of both hell and heaven. She thinks, “Her afterlife would be very easy and interesting if her current life is hell.”

2 thoughts on “The Hell Or Heaven

  1. For me, heaven is where there is love and hell is where there is no love. Heaven is being with God whether here or in the afterlife because God is love. Hell is the person who has no love but is there one who has no love at all? I don’t think so. Thus if ever there is a place called hell, nobody is in there.

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