A Message to My Fellow Bloggers


My dear fellow bloggers,
It is time again to appreciate your support. The blogger from different geographical areas, different faiths, and cultures have shown their support by liking many of my articles. Thank you for not judging me. Thanks for repeatedly reading my senseless articles. However, those pointless thoughts meant a lot to me. I have met great people on the blog that have made me realize not everyone is a mean or selfish person.
I am very grateful to all of you. I won’t be able to write a lot in the near future, but I will read your articles every day. I am exhausted and tired. My depression is well-controlled, but the intensity of pain is getting worse. I feel secure in my safe house. My bird has been caged completely. Yes, my life has shattered, and there is no hope or spark left inside of me. I refuse to ask anybody’s help. In a few days, I will go back to my cave or my safe house and will entirely concentrate on my profession. My pain has become a permanent part of my life now, which does not mean to stop doing my duty which I had sworn.
I am writing the last letter to my Almighty, which I will post after a few days. Not many people will be happy to read it. Truth always hurts. One of my surgery went successful, and Insha Allah, the second will go as good too.
All of you were present there for me during my life crisis. Please feel free to contact me if I can do anything for you.
I had waited for my man for more than two decades. I have spent a close to a decade of my life with him. It was not a play game for me. I am an open-minded woman, but when it comes to love, I only belong to my loving man. Today, I have left him a fascinating message on his WhatsApp, and then I have deleted his number permanently. I will never forget him or reduce my love and passion for him. I will continue waiting for him.
Most of my blogger colleagues are from a young generation. I highly advise you, please don’t express your love to somebody if you can’t keep your promise. My blog will be open forever. Please feel free to contact me. Anybody want to create a page on my site, please feel free to write.
I had lived all my life in the strange fear. I always had a fear in my mind about losing somebody. Now, I have lost everything, so I have become completely fearless.
Thank you for supporting this silly woman.

16 thoughts on “A Message to My Fellow Bloggers

  1. You are simply awesome!!!
    God bless you, Sara.
    You don’t know how your posts had created a huge impact inside me. It’s just can’t put into words. Lotttts of LOVE from Tanya. ❤


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