The Walnut

She looks at the pile of nuts on her kitchen counter. She loves eating nuts. Her favorite ones include Almond and Walnut, and her second choice is cashews and pistachios. Nuts should be raw and unsalted.
Nuts are a good source of energy and are also rich in protein. They are easy to store and safe to carry around in the purse. Nuts are healthy to eat and less messy, especially when working on the computer. Those are also the rescue snacks when there is nothing to eat during the night shift.
Despite having so many benefits, she has stopped eating walnuts recently because it reminds her of something. It reminds her of the graveyard. It also reminds her of a feeling of love. It tells her about the broken dreams she had taken along with her beloved man.
She looks at the pile of nuts, and there is a bag of walnuts. Old memories start to come inside of her. She feels that the nuts are making her choke. The roughness of those nuts rubs on her soul. She thinks that she can’t swallow it down, and it is stuck somewhere in her esophagus. She can’t breathe.
She remembers, “I told my daughter to buy the nuts. Why did she buy the walnut?. I don’t like walnuts anymore. I need to be more specific next time. Buy any type of nuts except for walnuts”.
She grabs the walnut packet out of the pile and dumps it into the garbage can.” I have many things to remember. I don’t want that walnut to remind my graveyard”.
The woman doesn’t know that removing the items will not help to forget him. There will be nothing left if she continues to remove the things which take her into the past.

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