The Surgery

The woman parked her car in the parking lot of the surgical center. She had reached 30 minutes early than her scheduled time. She thoughts in her mind, “All thieves are gone. One thief came later, and took three thieves with him when he left”.
She had left the note at the kitchen counter, “Not to worry. I am leaving the town for a couple of days”. Does it matter anymore if anybody cares about her or not? She doesn’t care anymore then why someone else should care about her.
She thoughts, “This is my life. I need to go solo. I don’t need anybody to hold my hand anymore”.
However, her mind was waiting for someone to hold her hand today. She does not like general anesthesia. Last time, she went under general anesthesia, it was a scary moment. She felt like her breath trapped in her chest. It was a few seconds moments but left a fear inside of her. It is more than six years, but she refused to go back to the surgical center because of the fear of anesthesia. He often told her, “Okay, I will be with you when it is time to remove those plates”. He was with her for 10 hrs when her son went for major surgery. He did not leave her alone at that time. Now, he had taken everybody away from her life.

After filling some more papers at the counter, she sat quietly in the waiting area. The scrub nurse came to greet her with a beautiful smile. She looked at her without any emotions. The nurse asked her if she is fear of surgery. She just said, “No.” The nurse helped her to change in the hospital gown. She handed her belongings to the nurse except for the phone. Two people scrolled her stretcher to the OR.
Inside the OR, there was a lot of lights. The anesthesiologist asked the same questions and started to prepare her for anesthesia. She was quietly looking at the roof. “why they don’t give me the medicine? What are they waiting for? Can he make a mistake to give me an extra dose? How somebody would know if something happens to her?”. She looked at the anesthesiologist with the question mark. He said, “waiting for the surgeon to come out the scrub room.”
The surgeon came out of the room and gave her a huge smile. She thoughts, “why is everybody smiling? Their smile looks real, not fake like my smile. They might be the luckiest people on this planet”.
Before they did their time out for the surgery, she handed her phone to the surgeon. She had given him a secret look. The surgeon had already scrubbed for the surgery, so he told the nurse to keep the phone in his jacket. The anesthesiologist told her some jokes before injected the medicine into her veins. She saw only their eyes. Some of them even had their eyeglasses on. She was looking around, but her mind was somewhere else. She thoughts, ” Will my soul knock at his soul if she dies today?”
Suddenly, the anesthesiologist started to inject the medicine and told her to count backward. She did not freak out this time. Next time, she remembered waking up in the recovery room. She heard the sound of different monitors. The roof was moving when she looked up. She was hallucinating, which was excepted due to her previous experience with anesthesia. She did not know when she slept again. She did not have any idea of how many hours had been passed. She is sensitive to medications, thus it always takes additional time for her to recover from the anesthesia.
She heard the familiar sound, “How are you feeling now.” She opened her eyes and said, “I am good but still feel drowsy.” The surgeon asked, “Can you move your right thumb now? Can you feel your thumb?” she smiled, “yes, this thumb has brought me to the surgery.” The surgeon was happy at his successful surgery. Before he left her bedside, “You are a real fighter and has a quite story of your life. I have not seen someone with this passion. See you next time. I am glad that you have made the right decision”. She smiled, “Not me, this thumb has made me make a decision. Have you put enough cement in my spine? Will my neck be able to hold my head now?” The surgeon laughed, “Yes, I was able to cement the gap, which was causing the problem. It was a small surgery, but lots of risks were. I am glad it went successful.”
The surgeon had gone after discussing her upcoming major brain surgery. She continued to move her both thumbs now, “I can move both of my thumbs now. I can feel my fingertips. I can bend my index finger now. How the spine nerve controls the sensation of thumbs? I had read in anatomy and physiological class, but I saw it practically now. I can open my water bottle now. I can do miniature work too. Why didn’t I died yet? Almighty had not listened to his prayer”.
Her neck is a little sore where they injected the cement into the spine. Technology has improved a lot. She thoughts, “Technology has cured my dying nerve in the neck, which will also help to alleviate the pain. Can technology cure my broken soul or a broken heart? Of course, not”.

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