The Apocalypse of Humanity

Apocalypse means the world’s complete destruction, as described in many biblical books. However, you can also describe damage to a specific object or thing. Many books have been published about the apocalypse. In addition, many fiction movies have been televised about the apocalypse.
The Bible says,” nobody knows when the world will end.” However, there are six Biblical signs of the world’s destruction: Nation against the nation, the return of Jesus, false prophet, moral decay, sign in stars, and a great tribulation/earthquake.

In the Islamic world, the apoplectic comes with six signs: geography matter(near Aleppo in Syria) where Islam will defeat, Christendom, sign in the sky/wonder, moral decay, prevailing terror, hellfire, and Brimstone, Jesus as a critical role.
Hindu literature tells the natural end of the world in the 4th age, which is also known as the Kali age. There is a long list such as tranquility, anger, dishonesty, lying, inflicting the death of women, children, or cows, evil ambition, materialism, violence must, etc. in other words, humanity will end.
Sikhism says there is no specific time or date regarding the world’s end. Sikh Holy book says it is God’s will when and how to destroy his creation. God is timeless, omnipresent, and a fearless and supreme single authority. The Sikh holy book is the only book on this entire planet containing positive references to the scripture of other religions covering Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jain, and Buddhism.

The apocalypse of humanity is already here if I refer to any old scripture of any religion. Only Jesus needs to be reborn; otherwise, we are already on our way to completing five out of six signs about the apocalypse. In the Islamic and the Christian world, geography (about Syria) is the only difference in the signs of the apocalypse. The world would end when all those mentioned in the old scripture come true.
However, the apocalypse of humanity started a long time ago. People have become more selfish and materialistic. They don’t hesitate to kill or harm others for their greed. As a result, people continue to lose morality, empathy, and sympathy.
Science has made so many innovations to control diseases and prevent the planet from a natural disaster. However, the technology will also become the cause of destruction or lead the world toward the apocalypse. Global warming and the use of biochemical weapons against each other to fulfill personal or political greed would push the world to end shortly.
Every human is so busy touching the sky or going to the moon at any price. They have forgotten their feet and their souls. They are more worried about their heads and their hands. Well, you need a ground to keep your feet down and stable. You need your soul to keep humanity alive. You won’t achieve anything without your feet or your soul. You may temporarily win, but finally, you will be defeated without the stability of your body and mind.
Yes, the world has not ended yet, but humanity already is on the path to ending its viability. You don’t need scientific proof of it. Just look around, and you will find humanity dying in every corner of every city of every country on this planet. The nations are already against other nations. People kill each other in the name of religion. People have become so selfish that they don’t hesitate to steal from a beggar or a poor person, or they won’t hesitate to kill.

Even nature is not a friend of humanity anymore. Can you blame nature? No, we invaded nature. Instead of enjoying the benefit of natural sources, we have abused those sources and continue to abuse them to date. Can you blame wildfires, floods, and hurricanes? Nature takes its revenge.
Killings and hate crimes continue to get worse. Recently, riots in the capital of my native country happened. History is repeated once again. Political and religious leaders have done nothing but continue to add fuel to the fire. After reading people’s comments about those riots, you don’t need any proof that humanity is dying. The poor people had suffered. Innocent people have lost lives. People have suffered without medication, food, and water. Make a note here that only poor people have suffered. No political or religious leader’s family member has died or has not suffered without the necessary amenities. Thank you to Khalsa Aid, my proud roots, who helped those innocent people without any fear or discrimination.
Someone asked me, “I am very interested in politics.” Are you kidding me? I’m not fond of politics. However, I have a bad habit of seeing how much people could go down to sell their souls or Amman.
The rape of little girls, selling drugs, gang wars, and terrorism are examples of leading humanity to its end.
Putting the fire into the neighbor’s house will not solve the problem, but eventually, it will reach your home if you don’t take a step of humanity or think about the consequences.

Only a few people on this planet try to keep humanity alive, but they are called stupid or mentally plain. You are welcome to join the club.

7 thoughts on “The Apocalypse of Humanity

  1. Indeed end of times of close by but we know not when. Almost all the signs are being seen but we seem to take it lightly and take no action to quit our bad ways. Allah alone knows when the hour will strike.
    May Allah give us do good deeds and help us stay away from sins.

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  2. I once heard a saying that I love in a church-lady way. “The world is in a downward spiral, but it the believer’s job to drag her feet.” You are dragging your feet. That is not stupid. Blessings!!

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