The Reunion of dysfunctional Geniuses


The four-person was born and raised in the different parts of the world. Their faiths are different. Their culture is different. Their color and physique are different. Their beliefs are different. Their thoughts are different. Despite the diversity of all isms, four have one common thing: Fate. They had met each other more than two decades ago, but then got separated six years ago. They have lived in the same state, but they never crossed the path. They have something else common: The passion for their work.
She entered the new facility to meet with the executives to reinforce the new policy. She thoughts, “do I look like a policymaker?”.
She had chosen the comfortable and familiar entrance: the emergency room. She heard a familiar voice as she had thrown her bag on the floor. The man said, “let me check your bag first. It could be a bomb inside. I don’t trust a Muslim person”. She was in a hurry, so did not feel to have an argument with him, “seriously, Todarmal, you will never be changed in your life. Don’t mess with my brain because I am here to meet with the management. 80% of them think that I don’t have a brain, and 20% of them think I should be somewhere in a mental institute”.
Mari suddenly came to hug her, “Don’t take him seriously. He gives me a hard time every day and wants to check my bag if I carry some illegal drugs. He is a dam paranoid Nazi. We will meet in the evening after the job and talk to each other. It is nice to see you for a long time. Guess who is also here. Your favorite brave woman: Elizabeth”.
She walked toward the conference room, “Okay, I will see you guys in the hotel lobby in the evening.”
Todarmal said, “Good luck with fathers and sisters. Boss has chosen the right person to talk with them. We will talk on coffee about your blog”.
The meeting was not so hard. She thoughts that her one direct question had made everybody to decide in her favor. She is blunt and asks direct questions. This may be the reason she was given this task to her.
She reached the hotel earlier than the rest of the team. She started to look outside while sipping the coffee, “why we are here. Why has our company made a contract with this hospital? Yes, it is part of the bundle. Why are my old co-workers here? I can understand why I am here.”
Her new facility was new for her but not for her company and old co-workers. The company has a contract with this hospital for the past ten years. The hospital was 4.5 hrs away from her home. It was a farming area. The population was only 25000. The town looked so old. It looked like a Zombie town. Thank God, their company had a deal with Hampton hotel, which was brand new constructed and friendly for business people.
She thought about Toddarmal, “why he opens his mouth and always says things which he should not say. His comments always very personal, but everybody knows how to ignore him or shut up his mouth. He is a knowledgeable person and works his head off when it comes to the patient’s care. He has so sharp brain that sometimes she calls him a “medical encyclopedia.” His ancestors were from Germany. That is one he recalls. He doesn’t have any brother or sister. His parents died in a car crash when he was hardly 12 0r 13 years. He raised by family relatives. After his parent’s death, his childhood had died too. Who knows what happened to him during his childhood, he just cannot trust anybody? He is married, and father of two children but hates his brothers-in-law. He cannot get along with anybody at work except a few of them. He has a hard time sitting still if nothing to do or not busy. He keeps his mind busy fighting with others.
She thoughts about Mari who is a beautiful black woman. Her mother was a prostitute, and the father was a drug dealer. She was in high school when both parents got arrested. Her foster parents were very lovely, or she learned hard way to became a doctor. She was selected to the medical school immediately after high school. So, she had spent being with smart ass people for five years than three years. The intelligent woman is also a mother of one daughter whom she loves most but keeps her distance from her daughter. Meri becomes a widow two years after her marriage. She is the younger one in the group. Can you imagine when she walked away from her husband’s dead body without knowing who was inside the body bag? Her tragic life could not stop her from being a genius. She is a hard worker. She has full compassion for her profession. She is calm and cool. She never gets frustrated”.

She thoughts about Elizbeth who has a beautiful mind and heart. She is only five feet tall. However, the entire emergency department gets quiet when she talks. The brave woman has courage enough, and she never gives up. She fights until someone would tell her, “Let it go now.” Once, she was married to a handsome man who charges her now $10,000 monthly for the spousal alimony. She was left because she was not beautiful enough. Eli won’t hesitate to accept it. She does have a brother who loves her a lot and try everything to help her.

However, she got dejected and rejected but her mind always busies helping others. Who would help her? God may have an answer for this. Once she was a mother of three, but now, she is the mother of two. One of her children had gone to almighty after becoming a victim of bullies. You can imagine her emotions when she had tried to resuscitate her child”?
All of them have such a sharp brain that is full of knowledge. They have passion and compassion for their profession. Their personal life has shattered with some tragedy, but their life continues to go. People think,” oh, they are so happy and live in luxury houses”. But they know their pain only.
She smiled when she thought about herself. Suddenly three of them had shown up in the lobby. Todarmal supposed to go home to have dinner with his in-laws but started to have face time with his wife, “Sorry honey, and I cannot come home today. I am reunited with my three dysfunctional sisters. They need me.”

Everybody looked at him, “seriously, do we really need you?”.
Later he admitted that he did not want to visit his in-law family. However, he could not stop saying, “ha, didn’t he leave you. I told you not to trust him. No, you were so proud of him. I cry whenever I read your blog now”.
Eli changed the subject and said, “who would like to go overseas again?”.
Everybody raised hands. She thoughts, “Maybe one day, all of us would fly together.”
Four of them had a group hug together. Everybody cried, but she could not cry. Eli said, “It is okay to cry. It is a dame therapeutic.”
She said, “yes, why not”
After all, four dysfunctional geniuses had reunited together after a long time.”
They took the selfie together and had sent to the boss with a remark, “Reunion of four dysfunctional geniuses.”
The boss had sent the reply, “Nobody could compete with my dysfunctional geniuses. I am so proud of you. Don’t forget to go to work on time tomorrow; otherwise, geniuses word will be no longer with your title”.
Four had laughed, “well, people had made a difference in our lives in a negative way, but we will continue to make a difference in others’ life positive way.”

(the story is real, but the name has changed for the privacy of her co-workers or other dysfunctional people)”

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