The Nightmare Again

dream text on green leaves
Photo by Karyme Franu00e7a on

The woman and Inna boy are waiting for him. He looks at her and says something to her. His eyes seem to be requesting something from her. Then he tells the guard something. The guard closes the room from outside. She smiles and tells Ina, “Let’s go, boy. It is our time to leave”.
Suddenly, she hears the noise. She looks at his office. People are running around. She looks at a young girl with long hair holding the gun in her hands, shouting aloud, “take him to the safe place. There is a bad person in the crowd”. The young girl held the gun toward the crowd, not toward him. Her eyes are searching for something in the crowd. Finally, the girl notices that he is gone from the back door. The girl smiles with a victory.
Suddenly, another woman hears his sound, “shoot the girl, don’t let her go.”
She and his bodyguards were surprised why he had given orders to shoot the girl who had just saved his life. She covered Inna’s eyes when she saw the young girl shot down by the forces. At least 20 guards have fired several bullets on the young girl. Everybody has left after killing the young girl. The woman tells Inna, “The girl looks very familiar. I know her. You sit here. Please don’t follow me. I need to check on the girl”.
The woman comes down to see the girl. The woman gets shocked when she looks at the dead young girl. “Oh my god, this is me when I was 16 years old”. The woman was looking at her own dead body, “he killed me when I was 16”. The young girl with black curly hair was dressed in black jeans and a blue polo shirt. The woman keeps looking at the young girl. Finally, she drags her own dead body from the street and has done her burial.
After the girl’s burial, the woman tells Inna, “You go to the safe house. I will join you soon”.
The woman is sad, and she finds herself singing a painful and sad song at a public function later on. In reality, she never sings a song, but she loves listening to certain songs. While she sings a song, everybody looks at him with the question, “Are you the one who gave her this pain?”
The woman walks around and then stands right behind his back. She remembers something and touches his shoulder. He looks at her and says, “Can you leave me alone now? Don’t you understand that it was over between us long ago?”
The woman smiles but says, “Yes, of course, I know that well. Is it really over? Yes, I will leave you alone. I won’t hurt you. But you need to return something to me, “Can you give me all those years back which I had spent in your love and counting on your fake promises? Can you give my life back, which you have shattered into many pieces?
He looks at her. He is quiet now. He doesn’t have an answer for her. Finally, the woman tells him, “I am not upset with you. You are a very weak person. Your thoughts are not yours. Your actions are not yours. I know you very well. I have lost my heart, but my brain still works. Something tells me a different story. See you in the next life”.
The woman walks out, and he continues watching her.
Later on, she wakes up on her bed. She looks outside the window. It is afternoon and sunny outside. She looks at the clock and then at her phone, “another nightmare. First, all my life, I hunted for him in my dreams to meet him. Now, I hunt him to get some answers. I have not left my room for the past 18 hrs. what kind of life is it?”

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