The caged bird

My bird

She wonders why he hated this bird’s picture on her WhatsApp profile. She never knew that what was the reason and why he didn’t like this bird. Both have loved the same things, and both has similarities to like or dislike except this bird. Why he doesn’t like birds. She loves animals and nature. But he didn’t like birds and animals but love nature.

Today, she looks at her WhatsApp, which displays his childhood picture. She often looks at the picture and smiles. That is the picture of good days when he was an innocent boy.

Everyone asks who is the boy in the DP. She places the hand on her heart, “who else could be. He is the same boy who lives in my heart. He lives right here”.

She looks at the phone. She laughs. She sees the pattern. “Hmm, has my bird got completely caged? What I love my bird? Why the heck my bird is being caged? He should be free. Who would make the bird free? She tells herself, “no, I am not going to do it. I hate to see the bird being caged, but I will close my eyes. No, I cannot see the bird being caged”.

The pattern doesn’t tell her that her bird has caged but also reveals the pattern of another game. The games have a pattern and similarities. The analyst could do a better analysis. She thinks, “hmm, he always told me that she has a genius brain. My Abu thought the same way. But, I am the dysfunctional genius now”.

The game has patterns, and the bird has been caged. She has become a dysfunctional genius. She wonders what would happen when she will live around the birds soon? She is counting every day. How much time has she left for her surgery? How much time does she need for rehabilitation? Suddenly, she thinks about the bird. “Does my freedom would create more problems for the bird?

The bird is gone from her WhatsApp DP. But the same bird is here on this article’s image. He doesn’t like this bird. Does she care? No, she doesn’t care anymore. He is responsible for bringing her out of her cave. Today, She is a rebel because of him. She tells herself, “I belong to him since we were met. My insult is his insult. He doesn’t care about my humiliation. My humiliation is also his humiliation. I will live with his name. He is my identification now. He doesn’t care about his name, but I do. It hurt me, but I don’t have many options left. I am learning day by day how to live without him. I am learning how to live with all humiliation”.

She remembers one specific phone call. He might do not know that time what was happening under his nose. He did not see how the love of his life was tortured while he was a few feet away.

She looks at the bird now. It is hard to understand if she cries or laughs when she looks at the bird. She handles her emotions, pain, and humiliation well. He is not with her, but everyone blesses her.

She still confused about the bird and about his words.

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