The Mass Rape of women in Kunan and Phospora Villages of Kashmir


I did not have any idea what was happened on a winter night of Feb 23, 1991. I just came to know last week about the mass rape of Kashmiri women by the soldiers of the Indian army. I won’t call them the soldiers of the Indian army. I call them the army of devils. I don’t want to disrespect the great soldiers of the Indian army who had sacrificed their lives protecting the country.

I did not know either about this tragedy until now. How the world would know what was happened in those two villages in the frosty and cold winter of Feb?

Everyone remembers the murders of Kashmiri pandits, Pulwana attack, and attack on the Sikh temple. But why everyone has forgotten this case except a few activist women?

It has made me realized that more miserable women than me live in this world without justice. My soul has shivered and I have felt a cold sensation in my spine after reading, “A 9 months woman was brutally raped by the devils. Later, the woman delivered the baby with a fractured arm. The mothers and grandmothers were raped in front of their daughters and granddaughters. The young girls were raped in front of their mothers”.

Being a woman and a mother of a beautiful young girl, I thought to share this horrific nightmare with the rest of the world. How about the humiliation and pride of those women? How they live past 29 years of their life of humiliation and still waiting for justice?

Please, my dear blogger, follow the link to read the full story. I am not against any particular faith or religion. My anger is toward injustice. I always stand with the people who could not get justice. What devils’ army was trying to prove that day: the act of cowardliness.

Did those monsters think about their own daughters, sisters or mother or grandmothers when they were performing this shameful and cruel act on those innocent women?

Well, the era of darkness is here. People are busy covering the act of their sins.

I don’t feel sorry for those women. I feel proud that those women continue to fight for the justice I feel sorry for the army of devils because they had done the act of shame. I feel sorry for their mothers who have given birth to such coward people.

I feel sorry for the Indian army who are continued to provide immunity to those devils.

“The almighty punishes the sinner but he punishes harder who hide the sin of the sinners”.

Please follow the links to get the full info on this case.

Please follow the links to get the full info on this case.




21 thoughts on “The Mass Rape of women in Kunan and Phospora Villages of Kashmir

      1. I think I am pretty sure Kashmir was and is and will be the part of India. I talked about the mass rape of women by the army in constituted India. It doesn’t matter if it was happened in Kashmir but it matters because it happened to the innocent women. Their rapists were their protectors. They are still waiting for the justice. It is the matter of a women’s dignity and self-respect instead of considering if Kashmir is a part of India or not. India is my beloved country and will always be. I will scarify my life to protect of my Tiranga. However, I don’t have respect for the forces who have sold their country. I don’t have respect for those soldiers who disrespect the women which include my gallantry award winner super cop so called husband who serve at the border. Reality and truth always hurt and should have lot of courage to face it. I don’t favor terrorism but I don’t welcome corruption and injustice. Sitting in homes don’t tell the truth.


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