The Connection

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She was denied the job that she had applied for two weeks ago. It was not rejected because of her qualifications. It was dismissed because the CEO did not approve of this position yet. She was disappointed not to get the job. The medical director was reasonable, “I am sorry. It is not $10/hr, which the company could adjust. I don’t have a question mark on your ability, but I cannot hire you until I get approval from the CEO”.
She could not tell the medical director, “A-hole, why you wasted my time to call for an interview without the approval of CEO”
Half an hour later, the recruiter called her,” Oh, I am sorry. I don’t know how it slipped out of mind that the vice president and CEO did not finalize a new position yet”.

Should she break their heads? No, so she told them gently, “No problem, I can understand it. I applied for the job because the commute is convenient for me”.
Now, she needed to ventilate her feelings. She doesn’t like keeping anything in her mind. She does not want to add more stress or stuff in her already pre-occupied brain. She thoughts, “My brain and heart are already full of his lies. He lives inside of brain and heart, which won’t leave me alone for a second”.
Therefore, she emailed her mentor boss and expressed all her anger in the email, “Both my personal and professional life going toward the hell zone. I could not save both. At least I should happy in one area”.
A half-an-hour later, she saw three missed calls from the medical director, the vice president of the company, and the recruiter. She was surprised, “why do they care calling now.”
The medical director was so delighted to offer her a new position. She is surprised what the hell happened in the last 30 minutes that the CEO has approved the new job.
However, the director could not hide his happiness, so he announced,” We have received a high referral. I did not know that you have a connection at the top place.”
She understood right away, but she answered politely, “I am so happy to hear this. I apologize that I can’t accept this position because I just gave my word to another company”.
Now, it might be a director’s turn to think, “who the hell give you a job in 30 minutes?”. However, it was not her concern. She emailed her mentor and stated, “Thank you for everything for keeping my professional life alive. Thanks for being connecting the dots in the mid-west while sitting somewhere on the East coast”.
However, she could not write to him, “I wish that you were also available and powerful to connect the dots of my personal life too. I might be sitting happily today”.
It makes her think about how connections, sources, and relationships are essential in people’s life. Sometimes, a person doesn’t need an appropriate qualification or quote to get specific jobs. Sometimes, a person does not require the qualities of being the right person or an honest person or a loving person to have a good personal life. It comes with a package deal of good karma. what her love and feelings would do standing solo in the middle of a crowd where everything is on the sale.

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