A dream in the countryside of Europe

dream text on green leaves
Photo by Karyme Franu00e7a on Pexels.com

She is somewhere in the countryside of Europe. The country is unknown, which she doesn’t care about. She is in the farmhouse. The owner of the farmhouse is the father of her colleague. The colleague was apparent to her before her plane departure, “my father is an old man. He cannot drive you anywhere. You can live there as much as you want”.

She told her colleague,” I don’t like going to a big city. I will be walking around the farmhouse, so I don’t need a driver.”

She looks at the surrounding of the farmhouse. There is a small cabin. She slowly walks toward the cabin.

She laughs as she enters the cabin,” dame, it is a bathroom. I should take a nice bath.”

She sits in the bathtub to relax. Ina boy knocks at the door, “Mommy, open the door. My father is here. He looks kind of sad”. She opens the door to the boy,” seriously, are you following me here too. Where is Banny?”

Ina boy hands clothes to her,” hurry up. Dress up. My father needs you. Banny has refused to come because of my father”.

She starts to dress up while talking to Ina, “yes, they cannot stand each other. Both your father and Banny was tolerating each other just because of me. Your father doesn’t need me. He is living happily without me”.

Ina pushes her out of the bath cottage. She walks toward another cabin alone. She looks inside the room that the man with a sad face is lying on the bed. She enters his room and locks the door behind. They look at each other but have not shared a single word. She lies next to him and keeps her head on his chest. He just massages her hair without saying a single word.

Suddenly, the man said, “lets us go somewhere.”

He starts walking in front of them. Both Ina and he starts following the man.

He asks her, “do you want to eat something”. She turns toward Ina, “are you hungry, my cutie pie”. She rubs the boy’s cheeks with her two fingers. Ina says, “no, I just ate some food”. She tells the man, “No”. the man asks her,” I am asking if you have eaten anything”.

She doesn’t respond but continues to follow him. Suddenly the man stops,” I need to go now. My time is up”. She starts to cry, “no, bubby, don’t leave. I need you. I can’t live without you”. She tries to see his passport to see the visa expiration date. He tries to take the passport away from her hand, “no, I don’t expect this one from you. I want you to trust me”. She gives his passport back to him without looking at it. He starts to walk away from them. The tears come into her eyes. Ina hugs her softly, “don’t cry. I am here,”.

Both have gone back to the farmhouse again. Suddenly, a strange woman runs toward her to tell that, “your man is back. He doesn’t look good. He looks sick. He seems like dying”.

She and the boy run toward the direction which a strange woman has told them. She looks at him from a distance. He signs something and tries to give to her colleague’s father, “this is for my Munna”.

He starts walking with a group of people. The strange woman tells her again, “stop him, he is walking with the wrong people. He is in danger”.

She runs toward him, but he has gone. She looks backward. She sees Ina walking away. She screams,” do not go away. I need you.”

She woke up crying on her bed. She is in her safe zone, not in Europe. It is 3 am in the morning. She closes her eyes again. She is tired. She has been not feeling physically well for the last couple of days. She feels tired and fatigue. Lately, she wakes up every 2 hrs. She wakes up suddenly like someone tries to push her when she tries to sleep.

She went to sleep again.

Suddenly, she feels that he touches her right hand and try to massage it with his two fingers. She feels as it is real. Her pain eases up with the massage. She wakes up again. She looks at her both hands. She feels pain on both hands. The right hand is swollen more than the left.
Rest has happened in the dream except pain and swelling in her hands. She drove her car for 5 hrs, which may have caused the pain and puffiness in her hands.

She laughs. It is just a connection that comes like a dream. The injured brain and spine need steroids frequently, which making her bone fragile. This is the reason for her swelling and pain, which more exacerbated with a long-distance drive. There is a connection. She smiles.

She is not sleeping while writing. Her brain thinks so fast,” he couldn’t face reality, which is already written somewhere. I wonder why? Now, he is caged entirely. Why is fear now? He looks happy. He should enjoy his life. Why you come into my dream now? We have a different path, but the soul is still together. People say it is a long time now, so I should move forward. People don’t know that I had waited for you enough before we even met. I will always be waiting for you.”

She laughs and smiles with everybody. She tries to engage herself on social media. She spends her time watching funny shows. However, her spirit is continued to die. Inside, she feels so sad and empty. She feels alone in the crowd. She doesn’t try to wake up his soul either. Sometimes, she calls his soul while she is in a lot of pain. She tells him, “I need you. I am hurting,”. He is deaf and cannot hear her. She is stubborn to wait for him. Same tears and the same stories for others, but her world is continued to end without him. The light of the lamp dies without the fuel. The spirt of her soul is continued to die without him. It is a connection of souls which are separated by the karma or people. She will wait until the cycle of the next life begins. Maybe he would suffer, and she will act as a mean person in the next life. She will ignore his cry. She will ignore his love and feelings.
She acquired this life from him which is a gift from him. She will continue to live this life. Her suffering is a punishment for him and it is a sign of his weakness.


5 thoughts on “A dream in the countryside of Europe

  1. Hmmm. Your dream reminds me of a story from the Bible’s Old Testament. It might appear in the Koran, as well, at least in part.

    There were two sisters, Rachel and Leah, married to one man, Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham. Jacob rejected Leah, although he continued to live with her as a wife. They had several sons together and Leah kept thinking, “Now, he will love me.” But, Jacob did not.

    Eventually, Leah reached the point where she looked at the sons God had given to HER and said, “Now, I will praise the Lord,” instead of reaching for love her man simply would not give.

    Interestingly, at the end of his life, Jacob chose to be buried next to Leah rather than Rachel. But, during her life, Leah had chosen to LIVE next to God. He was the one who loved her forever. 🙂

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