Meeting with long-gone loved ones


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A woman has stood just outside the forest area around 11 pm. It is a dark night, but she is not scared at all. She has come outside to look at something. She looks at the sky, but she could not find any star. The atmosphere is covered with darkness. There is no moon or stars. It makes the night scarier. The woman thinks, “how I would find my loved ones in this darkness. People say the dead people become a star and they always look down at their loved one. I need to talk at least one of them. Have they forgotten me too?”
Suddenly snow starts to fall, but she has not moved an inch from her place. Sometimes, she looks at the sky, and sometimes she looks at the forest. She thinks, “I wish to be a butterfly so I can fly toward the sky to join my loved ones. Or I should be a tiger or a deer to hide in the forest”.

She hears a sound,” That is you, Abu. I know that you would come to visit me. Have you come alone?”
No, I am not Abu. I am your father,” the voice comes closure to her.
The woman gets more excited, and she ran toward her father, “Dad, Dad, you look the same as before” The woman touches her father’s face with her both hands. Her father asks her, “why are you wandering in the dark and cold night? You have to be very careful”.
The woman smiles, but her voice is full of tears, “There is nothing left to lose now. I wish to join you, but I have some responsibility. I have lived the hell of life. I don’t want my kids to live the same life as mine. Why have you left me, father? I always miss you. I try my best to follow your principles”.
The father tells her daughter, “tiger, you have a long life to live. It hurt my feelings when I see you crying. I feel pain when you call for help but nobody comes. I feel helpless because I cannot help you”.
The woman cleans her father’s tears, “Dad, please don’t cry. I cry for everybody. I want you to keep smiling as usual. Chachu won’t’ like it if he sees you crying. Mother will laugh at both of us”.
Father tells her, “I should never have taught you the principle of my life. Those were my principles, but I had forced on you. You could be happy now if I had not taught you those principles. Life was different in my time. The people had the value of words. People were honest. In your time, everything has changed. My principles have failed my daughter”.

The woman hugs her father, “No, dad, your principles have not failed me. It was my love who has failed me. Don’t blame yourself for somebody else’s actions”.
The father gets sadder, “I can’t see you crying. I see you sit alone in the corner and cry every day. I feel helpless. I cannot wipe my daughter’s tears”.
The woman laughs, “I don’t cry, father. I just like competing with rain. I just want to show the rain that my tears pour more water than her. I am happy, father”.
Father asks the girl, “my little girl has started to lie.”
The woman answers her father,” No, dad, you know me that I love competing, so I have chosen the rain.”
Father is not satisfied with his daughter’s answers. He thinks in his mind, “You even cannot lie properly. It is all my fault. I should not have taught you a lesson of honesty. You could be happy now if you just had lied”.
The woman could not hide her emotions anymore. She asks permission from her father, “Dad, Dad, can I hug you? I really need a hug. Nobody hugs me after he is gone from my life”.
The woman attempts to hug her father. She opens her eyes and has found herself hugging herself but no sign of her father there. She finds herself standing alone close to the dark forest. She brings some courage and enters the dark forest. The temperature is in a minus degree, but she has only a tee shirt. She doesn’t have any jacket on. Suddenly she hears some voice as someone has followed her. The sounds are coming close to her. She shouts, “seriously, boys, are you following me everywhere. Come out. Don’t hide”.
Both Banny and Inayat boy come out of the bushes. Both boys say in the same tone, “sorry, we want to meet your loved ones. Your dad seems a great man”.
The woman tells the boys proudly, “yes, he is the greatest father on the planet.”
Ina asks, “You have already met your father. Why you st continue walking into the dark forest, it is not safe there. Many wild animals live there. Don’t you forget that you are so scared of the snake? This is their home too”.
The woman replies while a great smile comes on her face, “Yes, don’t worry. Someone else known as a warrior lives here. He would protect me. Can you guys do one favor for me? Don’t come in front of him. He does not know you. He does not like talking to the stranger. But you can hide into the bushes to see him but not come out”.

The boys listen to their mother, so they hide into the bushes.

Abu comes out of the forest. The woman’s behavior into a 16 years old girl now. She says,” Abu, Abu, why are you hiding into the woods. I have been looking for you in the sky. I thought that you would be the brightest star in the sky’

Abu smiles and says, “when are you going to grow up? Don’t grow up. I like you when you act like a cry baby. Can you make your pretty face again? I want you to squeeze your eyes and nose and then say something silly. I came to hear and see it.”

The woman becomes sad, “Abu, Abu, you still look the same”
Abu asks the woman again, ‘why are you ignoring my question”.
The woman starts to cry again, “Abu, I have forgotten everything. He has taken my soul and also my personality too. I have forgotten my favorite words such as true too, aha aha, etc.
The woman says, “Abu, I could not share with my father. I miss my bubby boy. I am worried about my silly daughter. Who would take care of her if something happens to me”.

Abu encourages the woman, “you are the best mom. The turmoil of life and your blind faith has created this situation. Remember, every Khan cannot be a real khan. Not every woman could be like Munna”.
The woman asks Abu, “who is Munna.”
Abu smiles, “You are Munna, a brat and intelligent kid.”
The tears started to well into her eyes, “Abu, nobody call me Munna anymore. After your and dad’s death, mom had called me,’ Munna.’ My loving man also had called me Munna. However, Munna has died. now, I am Sara. I am a creation of Khan. Though, I am not stronger like Khans”.

Abu Khan smiles, “Munna will always live even she will die. Your man did not dare to face the reality. However, you do have the courage to face reality. You did what your father had taught you. Your man did whatever his parents had taught him. I am so proud of you. He did not learn the real value of keeping the word. You have represented the principle of your father. Only a few walks in the footsteps of their father”.
The woman asks Abu, “does he still love me. Does he still miss me”?
Abu smiles, “it is an era of darkness. People sell their souls to fill their greed. People look and behave differently. My dear little brat kid, I want you to continue following your father’s principles, which will lead you in the right direction. Remember, the reality hurts, but in the end, the reality wins.”
The woman wipes her tear and asks Abu’s permission, “Can I hug you now?”
Abu smiles, “of course, you can hug me.”
The woman ran toward Abu to hug him. She opens her eyes; however, she finds herself hugging the pillow.
The tears welled into her eyes, ‘Abu, nobody has hugged me. I feel like to hug someone and cry as much as I could do. Can you kind enough to hug me?
Abu says,” yes, okay.”
She runs toward her. There is nothing to hold on, so she just hugs herself.

She calls the boys,’ let’s go out of the forest. We need to sleep now.”

The woman returns to her room while shaking inside to outside with an empty soul and mind. She asks her loving man,” why have you gone? Why have you left me alone? Don’t you know my soul is attached to your soul? I am hurting. Can’t you see it? Can you wake up from the sleep now? you have gone and Munna is dead too. I am not sure where she is now. People say that you have killed her. But, she has a different belief that God is testing her love. Don’t you know that you have some obligation for her? Have you forgotten she is your responsibility? Don’t you use your inner eye to locate your woman? Yep, she has forgotten her name. She will die, but her soul will search you forever. She will haunt you because you are her soul. Hiding behind the lies won’t provide justice to you and her. Even she dies, but her soul will come to meet you. She never played with your emotions. Your inner eyes are failed to recognize the foe and friends. Open your eyes, use your brain, and listen to your heart. You will hear only one name, “Munna.”
She tells her man, “The darkness is not gone yet. It continues to grow around us. It is a chakra view of karma which only one person could break. You are such a person who will break the circle of darkness around her.  One day, almighty will call you for the judgment. What would you tell him that you have abandoned the love of your life whom you called a wife and love of your life? Believe it or not, the same woman will beg almighty to forgive you”.

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  1. Wonderful writing. Our loved ones never really are far from us, are they? I miss my grandmother, but I can imagine her reaction to almost any situation even though I have not seen her in years. Have a blessed weekend, Munna Sara!

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