Again, A New Game !!!!

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You can find mean and con people everywhere. You don’t have to work hard finding them. They will come to you spontaneously. They are either fools or selfish or cons. She says,” someone doesn’t stop playing the game. He just silent and let people play with my emotions. Can he just stop those games? How long he will sit and watch? Isn’t she already suffering? Have he lost his courage stopping the game?”

She thinks,” I don’t disturb anybody. I even don’t talk to anybody. I am hardly taking care of myself. I just write. I write my feelings because I have nobody left to speak with whom I can talk. People want to speak to me, but I refuse. Is it my fault? I am afraid of communicating with others. I am so scared to trust someone”.

She doesn’t get angry. She just cries when she loses something. She doesn’t know how to play games. She does not like to keep the gun on someone’s shoulder to push the trigger. She doesn’t like making someone a puppet. Once, she had allowed making herself someone’s puppet to save her love.

She has gone to her cave of isolation after saving her love. She doesn’t act like a fox. She is straightforward and very blunt. She talks about what her mind says. She doesn’t play games. She thinks, “I am sad and depress but not desperate. I love him. He is the first and last. It does not matter that I live close to him or not. I will see him or not. Nobody will take his place. I still remember what he said two days ago before our communication was banned”.

She knows the exact location where he said that.  Every day, she used to go along with him on the same road. Now, she goes alone, but she still feels his presence. He told her that it does not matter if we meet or not meet in this life, but love will remain the same. Our souls will always live together. Nobody could separate our souls.

He has forgotten his words and responsibility. Now, she has taken the responsibility of their love alone, “I will remember for both of us. I will keep our love alive and will take it with me to the grave”.

Both had come to each other’s lives with their desires. Nobody has forced anybody, but someone had forced him to be out of her life. It doesn’t matter what he says or said. But her heart says,” I still feel his love. He can convince others but not me”.

An unknown person has spoken to her the same words, such as soul love and distance. But she loves only one person. She thinks, “Do I have to give someone proof of that. No, I don’t. Nobody can force me. That is my decision”.

She gave the person his phone number and picture to ask for permission. She thinks, “Does it necessary to be mary in a church or court. I am married to his soul. He is alive, so I cannot marry somebody else”.

Sometimes, people don’t see how much a person is suffering. She cries, “I am already in a lot of pain. I cry until going to sleep. I am in pain, both emotionally and physically. Who wants to see me dead? I don’t afraid to die. Who scares of her? I wander alone talking to nature, birds, or animals, or the dead ones. I have marked my boundaries but can’t stop loving him. I could not hate him even he has forgotten me. He left me to suffer, but I am not upset at him. He did what he thought is best for him”.

She often told him, “sometimes, I like to know how much a person can go more down.” She still has the habit of seeing the devil side of another person.

She talks to Almighty, “people are so weird. They have already taken my life away. There is nothing left in me. I live and walk like a dead person. Only my breath is still alive. It is not my fault that I am still alive. I tried multiple times, but you refused to take me, almighty. Even I told him to shoot me, but he said, “Oh, I will never harm you.” There is always a limit to stretch somebody. I have limitations too. Nobody can stop me from writing. I can’t love anybody except for him. The soul connection has not developed overnight. I have not done anything wrong or stole something. I went to build the relationship instead of breaking it. People have seen my weakness but not my strength. Almighty, you have given me power. You are the one who created a love for him inside of me, and I need you now. Bring my love back or take me away forever and make other people happy or teach them a lesson who judges my passion. I want you to punish them who have humiliated my love for him. I don’t need anything else. I don’t ask justice from humans anymore, but I ask justice from you”.

As usual, she deleted the evidence. she doesn’t need to give anybody proof. “I am not here to prove something. I don’t care anymore. I will live with grace and dignity because I have not done anything wrong”.

She talks to almighty,” Do you know one day my bubby will see me and my love through everybody and everything, but it will be too late. Please take care of him. He may have many Sara, but I had only one bubby”.

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