2nd Black Valentine


Where are you? Why have you gone? Why could you not protect her? Why you disappeared? Don’t you want to see how 2nd black valentine for her is? You have thrown her out of your life. You have abandoned her. Don’t you want to see how she suffers? You didn’t want to see one drop of tears in her eyes. Don’t you have the courage to see the rain pouring out of her eyes?
Yes, she has survived but just with a few broken bones, a broken soul, and a broken heart. She lives with both physical and psychological pain. More than a year has gone, but her grief is still very intense. Her wounds are still open. She suffers a lot, but you don’t have time to see it. She still never curses you. She always prays for you. This is her second valentine without you.
She knows that you won’t send her rose this year again. You won’t send her a lovely GIF this year. She knows the reality, but she does not forget to look at the phone. She spends her day looking at your pictures.
Thanks for giving her a long-lasting gift of love. Your long-life gift will neither let her live nor let her die. She has forgotten her name too. Nobody calls her by the name, which you or mom used to call her. She has become just a she now. Are you talking about her happiness? You have taken her name away from her too.
Today red rose also looks black to her. The white snow looks in dark color. She is sitting alone 245 miles away from her home. Every day, she prays to God, “give my life and happiness to him. Almighty, you could not give me my bubby. Do one favor for me. Take my memory away so I can forget everything and everybody”.
She may forget her own name and others. But your love will go to the graveyard with her.
She says, “Have a lovely red cand happy valentine, my bubby. I will celebrate my 2nd black valentine”.

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