The Nomadic Life


Taken by me during my trip to Kashmir Valley in 2014

The nomadic people wander from one place to another place. They don’t have a permanent house. They don’t settle in one place. They accept the entire world is their home. The nomads are the cruisers who are very motivational and creative. They don’t take life seriously. Some are born in a nomadic tribe, while others have adopted this lifestyle. The people who embrace the nomadic lifestyle want to avoid any attachment. Often career and relationship are the critical components which make them adopt the nomadic life. They are not bound with one religion or faith. They are quite exciting, brilliant, and knowledgeable people. They are very respectful and smiley people.

She has adopted the nomadic life. No, she was not born to be wandering. She wanted to have a stable and healthy life. However, her fate has taken her in a different direction. She smiles and says, “my nomadic life is a gift from my loving man, so I have happily accepted it. It is not easy but has given up all the options”.

The nomadic life has been given to her as speaking the truth. It is her reward for him. This life is gifted to her due to her unique and true feelings for him. Not like another nomad, she does have a limitation. She has marked her boundaries geographically and psychologically, which she does not want to cross. She is afraid to cross those boundaries. Both boundaries protect her mental state, as well. She smiles, but her soul cries. This differentiates her from other nomadic people. Her geographical boundaries start from her home and end at the border of her state except for one side of the State. One side of the boundary has extended to the wood cottage at Wisconsin.

The Kashmiri nomadic wander on the top of mountains along with their herd and few family or friends from one place to another. She wanders in nature, from one town to another town. She returns to her primary residence only when she needs new pairs of clothes. Her loving man whom she always calls hubby bubby, has given this modern nomadic life to him. This modern nomad doesn’t have a herd of sheep or goats. This nomad provides healthcare services in a state of art emergency room and trauma level -1. She drives instead of walking like a nomadic on the mountain. She won’t mind walking, but she can’t walk for long-distance due to her injuries.

This is her reward for her speaking the truth. Neither his family nor her family has appreciated for speaking the truth. Not many people dare to talk about the fact, and not many people dare to listen to the truth. Sometimes, the truth hurt more when it exposes the reality.

She has become quieter since she has chosen this lifestyle.  She often talked with him endlessly. She loves talking, but slowly she is also getting mute. Her old emotions are dying but some replaced with some new feelings. The voice has turned to the words now. Only a few people know how she is getting mute. All her concentration is reserves for taking care of her patients. Often, she thinks, “Abu may think now why she was never quiet when he was alive. why now.”She cruises and circles between the wood cottage, Hampton, Holiday in, and her house. She is not looking for creativity. She looks for old memories which provide some peace to her restless soul. Once her soul had climbed the mountains and ocean to find another part of her soul. She was so peaceful after meeting her another part of the soul. Now, the second part of the soul has abandoned her, thus she often becomes restless.

She leaves the house to wander to find the lost soul as a nomad. Now, her restless soul refuses to fly or climb the mountain because the world is not safe out there. She often thinks, “No, I will not let my soul fly anymore. Who do you trust to protect your soul if a brilliant law enforcer could not protect it? My soul has shattered, which makes me more vulnerable. I won’t let it out anymore. I have made my soul prisoner in my broken heart”.

The nomadic life has many benefits and disadvantages, which depends on why you have become a nomad. For her, it seems all beneficial to her currently. It keeps her out of trouble. Driving around the countryside and listening to music, remembering him, and crying loud out of her soul is a terrific experience. She feels closer to Almighty now. This lifestyle allows her spending more time talking to the mighty than humans. It makes her stronger when she speaks to the humankind. Well, she interacts with the people at her work only. Nomadic life teaches her many logics, which she applies in her real life. She is a born full of empathy but the nomadic life overloading her with more understanding empathy. She has noticed it. Sometimes, she feels lucky about being a healthcare professional. It allows flexibility for her new lifestyle. She works only 120 hrs, which is only ten days a month. It creates a sense of self-dignity instead of being dependent on anybody. It helps her to afford both her medical expenses and nomadic life.

Life is a game-changer power.  Life won’t go like we think which always changes our lifestyle and dynamic of our life. It is also true that the change in her life continues to hurt. Nobody likes the change, but it eases up as we start to adapt to the change. Life is logic but not the behavior of people. Sometimes, we learn the hard way. The living is a challenge. People succeed who accept the challenge. She wonders if it is the reason for her survival because she challenges the problem willingly or not willingly.


6 thoughts on “The Nomadic Life

  1. In the end we all are only answerable to hurts a lot but sometimes it is better to live in dignity than wearing g a mask and pretending all is hunky dory.She is a very strong.woman and she should be proud of herself.she is independent and working hard to make her life worthwhile.being a caregiver she is seeing pain around and should be thankful for her health.
    God bless her

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  2. Gypsy life is relaxed on one hand and restless on the other but walking around is a fun life. Unaware of every sorrow, majestic in your world.
    Difficulties are more common in the life of the gypsy but they are also experts in overcoming difficulties. You writing made me arose to be nomadic.😘😘

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