The Nightmare

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She has stopped taking daydreams even they are tax-free. However, without her permission, the nightmares continue to chase her.
The venue and house are familiar. The man sits in front of her is very well-known to her. He often looks toward her while searching for something on the phone. There is deadly quietness between them. She is scared but not from him. She is worried because of the quietness and sadness of the environment. An awful sadness is around her. She opens the door to see outside, but he stops her, “outside is not safe.” He gets up from his place to close the door again. He pushes her toward the corner before he sits back on his chair again.
She looks around the room. Everything looks familiar. Where are all people gone? Why is she alone with him? Why has she back in this hell zone? Many questions come into her mind. A strange fear shivers her mind. The surrounding is worse than an apocalyptic. She looks at him and thinks in her mind,” what I can expect from this bravo? I need to go alone to look out why all the people have disappeared. Why everything appears so strange? Why there is fear everywhere?”.
She looks at him again. He sits quietly now. He holds his chin with his hand while his elbow rests on the thigh. She thinks back, “Can he at least change his position? Do I need to protect him too?”
Suddenly, she runs to open the door. She runs outside the door before he catches her. She thinks, “Oh, I am still a good runner. Daily running with Binu in childhood was not worthless”.
She starts looking everywhere. The streets are familiar but all empty. She walks around the empty streets. Sadness is everywhere but all humans are gone. She looks up at the sky, which makes her scarier. The sky is red instead of blue. She feels that the sky is very angry. The earth is oddly quiet. Something is not right somewhere.
She walks toward the airport so that she can return to her safe zone. The airport is also empty. There is no sign of people. She thinks,” why I have left alone with him?”
She has been running around to find the humans all day long. But the earth is empty. There is no sign of humans. She gets tired of finding for humans. She laughs, “I should get some rest. I have spent all my life searching humanity and avoiding so call called humans. Now, I am searching for them”.
She has no idea when she had gone to sleep on the airport floor. She remembers that she needs to learn how to fly the plane so that she can go back to her safe zone. Suddenly, someone grabs her sheet. She looks at Ina and smiles,” Hey, when have you come, boy?” Ina smiles without speaking a word and points her to somebody. She sees her loving man sleeping next to her. She covers him with a sheet. “it is cold here.” The man still sleeps and snores. She thinks, “How he can sleep, ignoring all this.”
Suddenly, she hears loud noises. Many scary faces appear from nowhere who trying to hurt the man and the boy. She hides the boy behind her while trying to wake up the man. It is hard to awake him today. She thinks, “something is wrong somewhere. He wakes up with a little movement or sound. Why is he not waking up? She tried to shake his shoulders and hit it on his chest, but he does not move at all. The scary people are getting closer. Ina grabs her from the arm,” He is dead, mommy. Let’s go. we need to go now”. She does not want to leave him. But Ina tells her, “he will automatically join us at the safe house. He might be already sitting by Banny”.
Ina has shaken her so severely that she wakes up screaming and has found herself sleeping on her bed in the safe zone. She looks at her Babaji,” Babaji, Babaji, please keep him safe. Keep him happy. He is not stronger, like me. He is my weak bubby. I am so strong to tolerate pain and fear on behalf of both. Give my happiness to him”.

2 thoughts on “The Nightmare

  1. Nightmares sure are awful. I have a favorite Bible verse from Psalms (songs) that I try to remember when a dream (or a thought) scares me. “Whenever I’m afraid, I will trust in Him (God).” I’ve found this really helpful over the years. Blessings on a new week, Munna Sara!

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