The brother who lives another side of the border

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Almighty always sends help in any form. Almighty makes its way to reach you if you had prayer with a pure spirit. Her estranged brother lives another side of the LOC. She often thinks about him. The Brother came suddenly and had done his duties and disappeared again. He came along with many strangers but helped her without demanding anything. He had shown a new path to her. He was in so hurry to leave after saving somebody. Why was he in such a hurry? He may have many other things to do.
She doesn’t know his real name, which she never tried asking either. The relationship was more important than his name. His nickname was the same similar to her Abu’s name.
She is not sure if co-incidentally or attentionally, Almighty had chosen somebody with a similar name like Abu.
She always remembers the people or their faces who came into her life. She was so happy to meet her brother. She always had a desire of having a brother. It is a beautiful relationship. She wanted to feel those feelings that all her friends have felt having a brother in their lives. She also wished for fighting with her Brother. She also thought that his Brother would guide her whenever needed. She won’t mind that her Brother gets angry at her if she does something wrong.

The almighty had given her a short time to have this beautiful relationship. when he came into her life, she was already out of her mind. She was not making any sense when he knocked at her door. Their thoughts were different. Their faiths were different. She loves the man, but her brother hated her loving man. She believes in living, but Brother believed in killing. He believes in Allah and she believed in humanity. She often fought with him. She learned many things from him. The Brother lives on another side of the loc who had proven himself best than others.
Brother and sister both did not like certain things about each other. She did not like her brother for not loving her country. He did not want her to love the people who had left her alone to die. She is an open-minded person. But her brother’s opinions were more traditional Islamic.
Her brother has a real biological sister. He is a father of twin children. She was delighted to know how much her brother loves his little daughter.
He was real or fake, but at least the almighty had given a relationship that she had always missed in her life. Now, he does not recognize her at all. She loves having a brother like him again. She needed him to finish whatever she was not able to do it by herself. So, she had spoken against him, but the brother had walked away from her life. She often thinks now, “why my Brother has not killed me? Had he done the job being her brother to protect her from her demons?”
Today, she blesses him. She wants to convey to him a message, “the short time is not important, but the quality is important. The value of a relationship is important to me. Thanks for bringing the reality in front of me. Thanks for saving someone who did not deserve to be saved. I apologize if I could not able to become your good sister. I didn’t use to have all these relationships. Nobody could win fate. He is good or bad, but he is the love of my life. I hope you understand that. God bless you and your family.”

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