Avoidance: Why Would I


Life sucks. People salute to the rising star. Life is also a game-changer. Reality comes directly on your face when you are in trouble. Everybody comes to share your happiness. Only a few people will stand by you if you are in trouble. Yes, people come to shed crocodile tears when someone body dies or gets sick. Not many people walk around with the spirit of empathy. Ignore those types of people because you don’t deserve such kind of people in your life. They are toxic to your health.
Power plays a vital role in attracting or dis-attract others. My mother had gone to the almighty a long time ago. I left my mother when I moved to the USA and never looked backward. We never shared our happiness but was always there for each other when we went through any trouble. I had helped her while sitting in the USA. She would have sent the rescue party if I were in the crisis. Mother was a straightforward woman who said many things bluntly, which many people did not like it. I am blunt but different than her. My healthcare professional has taught me how to be empathic and sympathetic. My silly talking behavior has been changed little while working in the healthcare field.
Mother used to say that you need two things to live in this part of the world: Money and power. I was not agreed with her. My personal experience has told me that she was right. She was right on another topic, too, which I don’t particularly appreciate writing on the blog because I don’t like to get the label of being racist for her words. In the USA, money, and power don’t have such value. Here people don’t compare with their neighbors. Therefore, I am lucky living in this country. I could be killed more than twenty times if I were living in my country now. Speaking truth is not allowed for certain people.
In my battle, I have noticed that people are afraid of power. You can buy power with money. I refuse to part of it. Can you buy love with money? No, I will stay out of this type of business deal.
Thanks to God, I had met those people virtually only. Not to mention, I have got a lot of silent treatment. Many people have blocked my access to them. Or I have made them block me. I even try telling the people, “you can block me now.” Some have given me a diplomatic answer, ‘why would I.’ afterward, I have gotten a silent treatment from those educated people. Power has won against the silly woman’s emotions. Why would somebody suffer for the lone woman? I was not anybody’s daughter and sister. Mother was right again, “Money won’t protect you here. It is better leaving this place forever. I can give you anything which could be bought with the money without you will even ask me. I won’t be able to give you a father or brother”. Writing this line now, my tears are dripping on out of my eyes like an ocean. My emotions are overwhelmed. I feel my breath is trapped inside of me. However, her statement is very realistic, which I accept it after I have faced reality.
There are many reasons why people avoid others. I have not read any literature to describe it. I could be wrong in defining why people avoid others. I am describing it due to my own experience. So, my definition could be different than yours. People avoiding others:
They like to avoid the conflict
They are so weak to fight for reality.
They afraid to face the truth
Why we need to come in the middle of other’s fight
They are coward to face the consequences
They think others stupid, so why we waste our time.
What we will get out of it. Stay away if nothing
They are soulless and don’t have humanity, and how they could have empathy for others.
They afraid of the power
However, there is one superior power. They are not scared of that power now. People realize the power of mighty only when something happens to them. The scientific era doesn’t let people believe in afterlife consequences. Why do we need to worry about the future?
Let’s see after reading my article, how many people will send me a secret message. How many more block me. I am silly, but my experience has made me understand others. I don’t get sad or depressed or not get annoying if somebody does not like me. I take it very easily because I am brave enough to face the nine reasons for avoidance. However, I have become weak enough to lose the love of life, which has created all those issues. So, I don’t blame anybody. It is not their fault. They are doing what they are taught, and they have learned.
Wiseman said, “Things always have a way of working out. Never underestimate the power of prayers, faith, and love”.

9 thoughts on “Avoidance: Why Would I

  1. I think we all are selfish and like to spend time with only those who benefit us in some way.even if it is some emotional satisfaction,financial gain or feeling of superiority.the moment they stop helping us in any way we stop dealing with them


    1. Hi Meena, nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing great. The selfishness is the main reason for disappearing humanity and relationship from this planet. Luckily, I am not fan of selfishness. I believe in sacrifice than being selfish. I like helping others which do not matter what cost I have to pay.

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  2. Such a great thought. Today’s world everyone runs behind money and power, they consider only about their reputation in the society rather choosing their family love. Very well written, Sara.


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