The Great Failure

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The little girl continued to defeat whoever came in her competition. She was silly, but nobody could compete with her in sports and education. The little girl was a brat and spoiled kid, but she never disrespected anybody. This was the reason that everybody had forgiven her innocent mistakes. Nobody could figure out who was responsible for spoiling her. Everybody had blamed each other. After making mistakes, she often said, “I am so sorry. I did not mean to do it. I really don’t know how it happened”.

Her sister-in-law asked her, “Did buffalo go into my room to steal my lipsticks.” She was so innocent and always said, “yes, Babiji, I saw her going into your room. I even tried to stop her, but she did not listen to me. She is not a good buffalo anymore”.

Within two seconds, she would tell her Babiji, “No, Buffalo did not go to get your lipsticks. I painted the buffalo with your lipsticks”. Babiji always said, “It is okay, but next time doesn’t use my lipstick on buffalo, but you can apply it on your lips.” She answered quickly without thinking, “No, I don’t need lipstick. I was born beautiful. I am beautiful right here”. The little girl touched her heart to tell her sister-in-law that her heart is beautiful because her chachu and Abu told her.

The happiness of her ailing father was seen clearly when she won her first gold medal. There were not many girls on the sports field, so she mostly competed with the boys. But, whenever the boys had lost the competition, a strange brightness always came into her eyes. She told her father, “It is fun to beat up the boys, father.” She still remembers her sports mates such as Sunil, Thapa, Bahadur, and Saibal. She still remembers her Japanese Sensei. She often said proudly, “Bollywood actor and I had the same Japanese Sensei.”

She enjoyed playing all day long. She loved wandering into nature. She loved talking to the trees and birds. Her mother insisted on going to the temple for the prayer, but the girl always said, “Mommy, I like to play in the firm house. My friends are waiting for me”. Thus, the mother always went to the temple alone and prayed for her daughter’s wellness. Her chachu always went early in the morning to the temple to pray for the girl. Abu had offered his namaz to Allah on the other side of the road for the girl’s wellness and prosperity. Baru Baba and Ponga also blessed the little girl.

The girl continued to defeat everything, whoever came in her way, because many people prayed for her. She continued to win because of the blessing and love of many people.

The number of blessings and prayers continued to decrease as she reached 16. She did not learn how to pray to the almighty. She always looked at Abu when he had offered his prayer to Allah, and she listened to her mother performing different prayers. The little girl had written her own prayer. She often said, “Babaji, can you please be kind to me and tell my mommy I need this, or can you help me do this?”

In the end, only her bubby is left to pray for her. Her mother had gone to stay at the almighty’s house, but she left her daughter in the hands of the man. He often went to the Sikh temple to pray for her. He went to the Mosque on Friday to do prayers for her wellness.  He is also gone, and nobody else is there, so she should do her own prayer. She is not anybody’s daughter, friend, niece, wife, or sister anymore.

Today, on her way home, she turned the music up. She cried loudly while listening to music. But, of course, nobody was around her. Finally, she reached home around 0100 am. She grabbed a cup of tea and sat outside in the backyard. The minus-degree temperature could not freeze her tears.

She sat outside on the porch in the cold weather. She looked around and prayed to God. She did not kneel to pray to the Almighty like Abu used to do. She did not cover her head to pray as her mother used to do in the Sikh temple. She sat outside and looked for God if he was somewhere in her backyard. Suddenly, she touched her heart, “No, you live here, my dear almighty.” The tears welled in her eyes, “Banny and Inna, can you hear me? Let’s pray to God together. God, god, can you please come to live at my house? Can you also bring my bubby with you? These are the only two things I want. Thank you very much for being kind to me”.

She asked the boys, “I think we do have enough space in the house. The entire house is empty, which feels so scary. We should invite all Babaji, Allah, Ram, Jesus, and Buddha to live with us”.

Her house, soul, and brain are also empty, but there is only space for Almighty, Banny, and Inna.

The boys said, “Maybe, we can hide all almighty in our house.”

She agreed with them hiding almighty in the house. However, she could not agree with her mind. Why had her loving man failed her? He had failed her in each aspect of her life. Maybe he did not pray from his mind. He might not be a true Muslim. He might not be a true Khan. Man and Khan should keep their words and promises. He has failed to keep his word and promise, which has made her automatically fail. She could not defeat anybody now. She has given up her fight because the only person who belongs to her doesn’t perform the prayer from his heart. How she could win now. This man has defeated her; unfortunately, she loves him, which continues to block all her paths to victory.

One thought on “The Great Failure

  1. Munna Sara, this is so beautiful! I am sure God was listening. “Come into my heart” is the very prayer he sent Jesus to answer. (Hey, I can’t help it! I’m a church lady who prays for you!! 🙂 ) Blessings, my friend!

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