The Folder

The folder continues to grow each day. I reinforced the same message every day. Neither the message goes through, nor the folder gets empty. In the end, I am not sure how many books will be created from this folder. There are many folders, but one of them is very special. Does it really have value for it? Who will turn the folder into a book? The folder contains many important and classified files. Most of the files are already removed except for a few important files.

It is easy to hack or steal the folder nowadays. Where should people keep their information? Most of us save the information to the folder or files, so we can remember it later. Some keep the folder to save their communication, while others keep the folder to save their memories. How many of us are worried about tomorrow?

Of course, everybody is worried about tomorrow. Nobody has seen tomorrow yet because it always turns into today. As of now, we have another concern that we will be investigating new tomorrow. At the end of the day, today will turn into yesterday. This process will continue for the rest of the year.  Time never waits, and it will continue to move forward at its steady pace. We could slow down, but the time never gets rest. Wondering if the time ever takes 10 or minutes of coffee breaks or 30-minute lunch breaks. However, the folder continues to get enlarged due to the lack of our intention to look inside the folder.
Why we don’t pay attention to certain things? Of course, the answer is very simple because those certain things are valueless.  But they were so valuable yesterday and can be more valuable tomorrow. In addition, the value of certain things changes frequently. For example, the value of currency continues to change. However, certain things are unchangeable and untraceable.
The value of those things remains the same. No time clock can change the value of those important things, but sometimes, we cannot see the right price at the right time. The folder can be changed periodically, but time cannot change the value of certain things. Don’t get stressed out due to the folder, time, or value of things.

Certain important things are priceless, but time plays a significant role. After a certain time, the folder and important things are always lost forever. Then we don’t have a choice to bring anything back. It becomes “too late” when the time and important things are gone. We realize our mistake, but the clock laughs at us, “Too Late.” Too late can defeat us because we can’t do anything to prove ourselves right when it is already too late.
We can easily ignore the timings because we are reluctant to realize our mistakes. We are afraid to face the truth, but the reality is totally different.
Not complicated to understand. This also depends on the time and priceless thing. Time has value, and so are the important things in the folder.

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