My Dream World

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The world of my dream is very simple but impossible though. This is only a tax-free thing in my country. Uncle Sam won’t tax you 7%-31% if you take a night or daydream. How lucky is this? I deserve to have something tax-free after paying a 31% tax deduction with each paycheck, but I still owe some money to our Uncle Sam at the end of the year. My dream world will be different than yours. In 2018, I did have a different dream but now is 2020. Everything has changed, so the dream has changed too.
I will start with the weather. I wish to have snow and rain throughout the year. I don’t mind having a 7-8 feet snow outside of my house. I love to have rain all the time. I would like to have 50% of snow days in a year. I would like to have 35% raining days in the year. I don’t mind giving 25% of remaining days to the sunlight. Everybody needs vitamin D. We need plants and vegetables, so the sunlight is also important.
I don’t love only nature, but it is also my weakness. The evergreen and leafy plants should be throughout the year. Let the trees and plants grow wherever they want to go. Nobody should allow to cut or trim the plants or trees. The human can change their directions if nature comes on their way. Imagine a green tree full of the leaves touches the beautiful blue sky or the sky full of dark clouds. Flowers should be everywhere.
Can you imagine your small cottage made with the woods somewhere in the middle of the forest or top of the mountain? Fresh and clean air should blow directly on my face when I will open my window. I will see the herd of animals and birds in my yard. Banny and Ina boy will be playing with each other in the middle of animals and birds. They are jumping on the tiger or a cow. Or they are trying to catch the beautiful deer or a bird. I don’t want them to watch TV or play video games, or glue with social media.
A small river will be just enough to provide me fresh and clean water. I will wash dishes and clothes with my hands. No electrical heater but I like to have an old-style heating system which functions with the woods. Little electric items are okay but not a lot. I will have only 3-4 dresses, so I won’t be lost in my closet to decide what should I wear today. I will like to cook and eat three fresh meals with Banny and Ina boy.
On the main street, I wish to have only 1 grocery store. I won’t think to go to Meijer, Jewel Osco, Costco, or Sam’s club. There will be no bread or starch or a sweetener in the grocery store. The alcohol and cigarette will be remembered as a dinosaur. An old western bazaar is part of my dream word. Just close to my community, there will be a Caffe where I will go at least once a day. I am a human and I am not a very good fan of humankind including myself, but I like to see them around. Everybody will know each other by their names. Hatred or racism is not allowed in my world. Backstabber or users are also not welcome in my dream world. People will live with harmony and peace. Humans with different faiths and cultures will be the beauty of my world. It will allow me to have a day off on Christmas, Diwali, and Eid, and many more. It will be so nice that everybody will exchange gifts without thinking about somebody’s faith. All the neighbors of every faith will meet at these festivals to celebrate and share their happiness with each other.

In my world, Hindu won’t hesitate to give the sweets to the Muslims or Christians or Sikhs. The Muslims won’t hesitate to hug Christian or Hindu. There will be no place for crusaders or jihad. Nobody will fight over the peg or the cow. Law is important to keep control of the city. However, morality and ethics also learn through society and religion. The peace will come automatically along with respect.
There will be no limitations on education in my world. Everybody will go to school. The person’s ability to learn and retain will be the preliminary requirement not on the base of income or any other numbers.
As I mentioned above, the electrical sources will be used but in very limited such as one phone per house or one TV per house. There will be one car per household which is not necessarily. Now, I don’t feel proud to open my garage right. Why we need 4 cars? I still could not get it why we have a motorcycle in the middle of the garage which is not moved from its place for the past 2 years. Everybody will ride cycles or walk or use community sources to travel. One plane per nation will fly from the airport every week.
The politics are okay but not chaos like current politics. Somebody should represent the country. The leader of the country will qualify certain prerequisites before joining politics. The welfare of the public will be his or her priority. They will not be allowed to practice religion while they are residing on a certain cabinet post. They will be free to go back to their faith and religion after the completion of their terms. They will be allowed to follow one faith or religion: Humanity. The reason for this dream is very clear. Look out there, what the heck they have done with the world using innocent people’s minds on the base of religion. No, I refuse to be a part of that world, so my dream constitution will be based on justice, honesty, and evidence.
Injustice and corruption both will not be allowed. Both the person who takes or gives the bribery will be punished more than each other. Those are the real terrorist of the society. I don’t mind if somebody put the bullets on their head in front of me.
Least but not last, my work schedule will be a little different. I am trying to tell my boss for more than a decade, but he is not in favor of my proposal. Not bad though, all I want emergency room should be open Monday-Friday, 8-5 pm, no nights, no weekends, and no holidays. The work commute will be less than 20 minutes. It could be possible if above my dreams will be fulfilled. People will get rarely sick if no pollution or use of the chemical. Nobody will shoot each other if there will be only love or respect. All the species will live on this planet with harmony.
Okay, I must stop here. It is Feb 02 today, and my CPA continues to disturb me, so I need to send him all 2019-2020 tax papers. A large amount of tax bill from the IRS has been on my desk for the past 6 months. I am not a president, so I will not get an excuse. I need to pay this year, otherwise, another world will be waiting for me. I have seen the tax bill multiple times in case Uncle Sam has mistakenly taxed my dreams. Unfortunately, it is not the case. The last year, I was battling with the dream of the current world at this time, so my CPA just filed my income but not my expensive because he could not find me. So, this is my temporary dream that the computer system of the IRS should be destroyed which I really don’t know how it will come true.

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  1. 🙂 I like your dream world, especially the flowers everywhere part. I read a magazine called “Victoria” because it looks like that. Everything in it is pretty and nice and good. It is a nice escape.

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