The Familiar Smile

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She looks at the picture carefully and fully analyzes the picture.  The smile is very familiar to her. The man in the picture standing behind the terrorists has a very familiar smile. After arresting the terrorists, he sent them back to their parent’s custody. This is not the reason for his smile. He is not smiling at the victory either. He smiled because somebody told him to take pictures with those arrested terrorists. His smile tells her everything. Once, she used to read his brain. Sitting thousands of miles away from him, she used to know what he was eating or drinking. He often asked, “How do you know that?” But, she failed to read only one thing.

This is not the first time he has done this type of action. He did the same thing in the past. He did stop the attack on a militant for 6 hrs. His attention was clear because he wanted to save him and return him to his parents. It was a more than 6 hrs long standoff between the military and the police vs. the terrorists. The parent of the terrorist was involved in convincing the child, but his brain was washed in the name of jihad. The young terrorist refused to surrender the weapon. Later, both domestic and foreign terrorists were killed in the counteraction. This was the brave man whom she loved.
Later, she received many proofs that showed a different version of her loving man. She met with a 15 years old child who was beaten in his custody. The child was related to a poor family and has three sisters. The child was not a militant, but he had supported them. The child cried hysterically. He was so afraid of her bubby. Not sure if the child made up the story. His parents could not have three lakhs to save the child’s future. She asked the child if she could pay him back, but the child could not have trusted her because of her name and her relationship with the senior officer. She should have given up on him, but she could not stop loving him.

The man is brilliant. He knows very well what he is doing. But, he has forgotten only one thing to do. She thinks he is brilliant, but Di calls him ‘stupid,’ which hurts her. Di also called her stupid. It is okay to call her stupid, but she did not like anybody calling him stupid. She hopes that he will continue to do something good. It may wash his sins. Now she is paying the price for his sins.

He failed to provide justice at the professional level. So why does she think he should provide justice at his personal level? He had become so weak when it came to providing justice to his loved ones. He failed to provide justice to the woman he had once called the love of his life and called her a wife. As a result, she has lost her internal peace and her smile. Somehow, she has learned how to fake her smile, but people can easily read the sadness behind her smile.

God punishes everybody. Almighty has his own way of punishing someone. Almighty has already punished the man, which he could not see now. Eventually, it will be clear, like a mirror in front of him one day. Let’s see if he wins the gallantry award again at his professional level, but he has lost the battle at the personal level permanently. She wishes the man the best of luck for doing something good at his professional level.

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  1. I think being a soldier or a police officer is not an easy thing. People are human. They make mistakes — sometimes hurting even someone who loves them. I know I have done this at times. Only God is perfect. This is sad, but true.

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