The Special and Unforgettable Scent

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She still remembers the smell of her mother’s body. It was like an aroma that had provided her love and sense of security. She still remembers the smell of her father and chachu’s body which had provided a sense of security and love. She does not remember Abu’s scent because he didn’t let her come close to him. He always had kept a distance from her. She will never forget the scent of their souls. The smell of their soul was so clean, fresh, and aromatic. She felt so safe and secured. She has received the bundles of love and happiness from them. The aroma of those souls has kept her soul clean and fresh too. She still can get smell the scent of their soul and body even they all had gone to Almighty a long time ago.

She still remembers the scent of his body even he has gone too far away from her for the past a year now. She felt that her loving man does have a similar scent just as the aroma of her mother, father, and chachu.
Once, she felt the smell of the soul of Abu in him. No doubt, she felt very comfortable, secure, satisfied, and safe in his presence. No doubt, he has loved her a lot. His soul still lives with her. Both souls are still connected to each other even they live apart. She misses him every day. She cries out loud while listening to music, so nobody could hear it. She can feel it when he misses her. His scent is taken away from her, but the soul still attached to her.

There is another scent that is totally different and special. It is not related to any particular person. This is the smell of the soil of her native country. She lives in the west now, but she remembers the smell of soil of the native country. The smell of the soil is unique and fresh. Her native country is over-populated, but it never influences the smell of soil. The air is polluted, but the soil still is the same. As soon as she used to reach the airport, she had taken many deep breaths, so she could smell the soil.

The scent of the soil used to become so aromatic when it had rain. She often ran outside to play. She loved playing in the rain. It did not matter if mom had yelled at her. She always became selectively deaf to hear anything. All she loved smelling the soil.

Fate brought her to the other side of the world. She has spent more time loving in the west than her native country but she never has forgotten the smell of the soil. It is not quite sure if the soil has soul, but her soul is still attached to the soil of her native country.

Living in the west, she often goes outside when it rains. However, she can not smell the soil. She often walks further in the backyard to make sure the concrete interferes with the smell of soil, but she still can not feel the scent of the soil.

She can’t smell her favorite scent anymore. The scent has taken away from her. The brutality, corruption, and injustice have stolen the aromatic of the soil. It is the same land. The scent of soil is still the same. However, her fate has changed. She misses the scent of the soil. There is no curfew or ban on her going back, but she is so afraid to tolerate the pain which has given by her most loved people. Often, she thinks someone else has spoiled her favorite scent, but why she has to suffer. Then, she remembers her pain which makes her stronger not to smell the soil again.

Is she obligated to the soil whose smell is her favorite? Yes, she still obligated because the soil had helped her to grow with a clean and fresh scent. Looking at injustice and corruption, she has hidden many secrets. Sometimes she tried to share it but nobody seems interested to save the smell of soil. She wishes to save it, but she gets judged. Today, she has burned all the evidence. She cries while burning it, “My dear soil, I am sorry that I could not protect you. I have tried my best but I am counted as an insane person who loves the scent of your soil, her bubby, and her ancestors. Please forgive me. but, I will always miss all of you forever.I might never get your smell again because my fate has kidnapped by my loved one”.

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