The Hunter

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Location unknown and Soldiers and Secret Agency of an unknown country.

A female agent known as Ri had been running in a strange country. The soldiers of a particular country followed her. The soldiers continued to fire directly aiming at Ri. She did not have time to look backward and also do not any weapons with her. Her mission did not involve carrying a weapon. She was just there to hunt killers and get some vital information. She was not assigned this time to track the killers. But, she could not stop herself from hunting them. That is why she had become multi-tasker.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a big blast. She could not hear anything. It felt as she has become deaf forever. There was all dark everywhere. She could not see anything. Suddenly, she heard the sound of the chopper, and then she sees a rope hanging down from the helicopter. She smiled and grabbed the rope. Her enemies were continued shooting blindly in the dark. The soldier named Lee started to pull the rope up while other soldiers continue to fire their weapons to cover them.

In a few minutes, the chopper has disappeared from the site, but they were still behind the enemy line. Everybody started to scream at Ri and asked with million questions as she sat down on the chopper. She was trying to catch her breath, so she could not answer anybody. However, her crazy rescue party was continued to shout at her. Finally, she yelled back at them, “for heaven’s sake, Can you just shut your mouth for a couple of minutes?”. Now, there was no other sound except the buzzing sound of the chopper.

Suddenly, pilot known name as owl shouted, “It seems my bird got shot, and I am afraid that it won’t take a long time to get into the fire.”

Now the team started to scream back at the pilot, “Seriously Owl, now you are telling us. Can you take it to our ally country?”.

Owl was not panic but said, “sorry now, we need to act smartly and wisely. All you guys need to jump down, so I can safely land somewhere, then we need to get rid of all the evidence”.

All the other soldiers started to yell at Ri, “It is your fault. Why the hick you need to put your nose where it does not belong. It was the commander’s strict order not to hunt the killers of our society this time. You were sent to collect some info but not to hunt for the people”.

The second soldier was known as a catcher, and he tried to hand a weapon to Ri and said,  “you keep it. We are still behind the enemy line.”

Ri laughed, “I don’t kill people. That is your job, not mine”.

The third soldier, known as an Eye told Ri, “Oh seriously, I am not planning to die behind the enemy line. I need to raise my four children. I am not f…king suicidal as you are”.

Pilot owl laughed, “really, Eye, You have four children. I thought you are gay”.

Lee laughed hysterically, “Oh, 5th one is on his or her way. Eye likes having 1/2 dozen kids on behalf of everyone.”

Owl saw the safe land and advised the team to jump down. The chopper was below the radar so that nobody could track it. Lee, Ri, Eye, and Catcher jumped down and started to secure the perimeter. Owl landed the chopper and started to put all evidence into the bag, which could identify them. The rest of them came, and they loaded themself with the weapons. They walked away after putting the chopper to fire.

Ri said sadly, “We do not leave anybody behind. Dead or alive, we carry them, but this is a machine, and none of us can carry it. It is okay to burn it”.

Ri asked Catcher, “How did you find me.”

Catcher is a very quiet man who doesn’t talk much. He is a sniper shooter. He is the most reliable person in the group, “Other agents in the field had informed us.”

Ri sighed, “I hope they do not get caught or expose their identity.”

Compass was the funniest in the group who was also a tracker.  He could take the team safely out of any unknown country or forest. Compass was not his real name, who was a computer genius and a highly trained agent. Compass said to Ri, “You need to walk faster. We need to be somewhere before dawn — otherwise, all we will be killed here. There will be a live show on the TV and the internet about us. But, I doubt that we will get any proper funeral”.

The group always lives in danger. They work together, and sometimes they work solo and choose different paths to complete one mission. They fight and laugh, but in the end, they are there for each other.

Ri growled back at Compass, “Don’t you see I am in a local dress, so I won’t be able to run that fast. I did not take a shower for the last four days.”.

Everybody said together, “oh no, stay away. Who knows if bed bug or lice are crawling on you”.

Lee was the fighter somewhere from the Asian country. Lee was not his name but given by the group due to his fighting skills. He could break somebody’s neck with his barehanded. He took some clothes out of his backpack and handed over to Ri, “use my clothes but make sure that you dry clean it nicely before you return those.”

Suddenly Lee said, “I can see the mountain. Ri, go ahead, change your clothes”.

Ri told her partners, “Okay, my gay guys, turn your back away from me.”

said, hurry up, I could hear something. We need to continue walking”.

Meanwhile, Catcher tried to contact his command officer, but he could not get any signal.

Lee asked Ri, “why you always in a hurry to run away. Who hired you for this job?”Ri growled, “your father did hire me. I don’t want to draw any attention. I will run away if you would be caught or killed. I have spent four months in this stupid country, eating stupid food, and wearing these stupid dresses, sometimes no stupid food for 3-4 days.  I ran out of my tampons, can I borrow from you? I am carrying vital information. I didn’t do all this to get caught. I don’t have any attention to getting caught because all morons are the idiots being men. Their ego will get hurt if they run. They don’t think with their brain. So, best of luck”.

Owl said, “right, her hormone is talking now. Lee, can you lend your tampons to her?

Lee looked at Owl as he was ready to kill him, “no, because all of you have already used my tampons.”

Everybody laughed and started to follow Compass. They were cautious. They Reached mountains, but they were still behind the enemy line. Suddenly Ri said, “I am dreaming of drinking at least 24 oz of juice that is a freshly squeezed orange and carrot mix with a twig of mint and ginger, and with a lot of ice”.

The entire team walked faster, and they were on the top of the mountain before sunset. Catcher, the sniper shooter, secured the parameter and sat away from the team. Ri, Lee, and Owl closed their eyes to get some rest. They always take a turn to sleep, so someone needs to watch for any danger. They were on the top of the mountain, which was full of white snow. No food, but a lot of water was available there. They didn’t have any clue if they were still behind the enemy line. Compass went a little higher, but he made sure nobody could see him. He looked around with the binocular, and he started to come down but ready to tease Ri. As he comes close to the team, “Ri wake up, I have good news for you. Take a binocular and look around”. Ri was so tired walking, so she told compass, “Can you just tell me why you are smiling.” He handed over his binocular to Ri, “Help yourself.” 

Ri crawled cautiously to the top of the mountain and looked around. She saw the army of two countries. Her eyes stared at the flag. Her hand went up automatically to salute, but right away, she brought her hand down. Many questions came into her mind. She looked at the flash drive and smiled. She talked in her mind, “I have nothing to do with this. Whatever, I see it there. It doesn’t belong to me anymore”. She came down with her sad facial expression. Until now, Compass contacted the command office.  He told his superior officer, “The package is secured.” He had not seen Ri standing right behind him. Ri asked Compass, “seriously, man, I am a package now.” They were ready to wrestle, but Catcher had rejoined them. All of them had done brainstorming. They decided to walk a little further where soldiers of another country would not be able to see them. They did not come here to create a problem. They came to get some info to protect innocent people. 

They safely sat in the chopper as it arrived and had flown away while going under the radar. Ri saw backward and looked at the familiar flag with her sad eyes. Now, the team had landed safely at the base camp. Ri thanked Owl, Compass, Catcher, Lee, and Eye before she boarded in another plane for her final destination. She smiled as she heard, “Ri, see you again. Well done,”.

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