The Trap

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She was sleeping soundly but woke up to the loud noise from the window. Both Banny and Inna boy were knocking at the window and continued to say, “Trap, Trap, Trap.” Finally, she opened the window, and both ran to hug her. She asked the boy, “Where have you gone, guys? Why have you always disappeared? I’m worried about you”. Banny boy said, “No, you don’t love us anymore.” Inna boy agreed with Banny, “yes, you also said that we are annoying you.” She told the boys, “Yes, both of you guys fight a lot and ask too many questions. I do have a right to say something if you are wrong. It does not matter that you run away from me as everybody else did”. The boys hugged her tightly, “No, mother, we will never leave you, but we had gone too far away while playing with each other.”

She told the boys, “Okay, no more fights. Let’s watch TV or play some games. I have always felt your absence, guys”.

Both boys held their ears and apologized, “we won’t do it again, mommy.”

Three of them sat in the room to play with each other. Suddenly Banny said, “We came to rescue you again. We ran to see you as we heard something”. Inna boy also added to the conversation, “Yep, that is why we were saying, Trap, Trap, Trap.”

She looked at the boys and said angrily, “How could someone trap me? My life is already trapped in your father’s soul. I am trying my best to break that trap”.

Inna said, “There is more trap. We want to be with you if something happens wrong”.

She looked at the boys, “Nothing else could happen bad to me. All I have left with me is you. Nobody can take you away from me. Otherwise, everything is gone. Damage is already done”.

She looked around. She felt emptiness everywhere. Her house is empty as well; her mind and soul are empty. She thought, “Someone said wrong that this world is crowded.” Her eyes welled with tears, but she did not let them shed out. Her voice becomes so heavy. She was scared to speak because she did not want her tears to come out in front of her little buddies.

She told both boys, “Good, and you guys came back. I am not feeling very well. It is an uneasy feeling, which is hard to explain. Something is not right somewhere”.

Inna boy said, “Are you talking about my father. Nothing will happen to him. Just be strong yourself”.

She sighed, “I have a strange fear about him. I hope he is safe and without trouble”.

Banny boy growled at her, “You should not be worried about him anymore. Did he care about you?”

She said sadly, “Yes, you guys are right. Let’s play chess or watch a movie”.

She attempted to get busy playing with them. She tried but could not concentrate. Then, suddenly, she said, ‘Okay, give me a minute”.

She grabbed her phone and texted her sis, “Di, check your phone. This is an important message for you. Better check the messages before my phone gets turned off; then, you won’t be able to download the message. Otherwise, you may lose some good professional matters”.

Inna and Banny both looked at each other, “seriously, and we came back from heaven to be with her. well, she is our mother”.

She told the boys, “Oh, I have something to show you guys.”

She opened her phone to show some pictures. Inna always gets excited to see the movie. She notices the brightness in his eyes. Once, the same intensity often came to her face. The same smile often comes to her lips when she sees his pictures. The three of them hugged each other. Three of them had a lot of things to tell each other, but everybody had made their decision to stay quiet.
She is afraid to smile or laugh. Sometimes, she pretends or tries hard to smile, but she could feel sadness and fear inside her. She thought, “Life sucks. We still live even if we don’t have any desire to live. How can we leave when the almighty don’t have the desire to take them back? I am completely trapped in chakravyuh and how she breaks this chakravyuh. The person who could break this chakravyuh is scared or doesn’t have the courage, or God knows. However, her entrapment is permanent. Those little boys cannot break the trap”.

2 thoughts on “The Trap

  1. A church lady comment. 🙂 Satan may try to tell you are trapped in a brokenhearted state and are now blind to the joy of life. He is lying!

    Hear what Jesus said in Luke 4:18 — “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he anointed me to preach the good news of salvation to the poor; he sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance (freedom) to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.”

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    1. Thank you, Nora. I really don’t know how your brain retain everything. My brain refuses to retain anything except my broken heart and medical knowledge. You are a wonderful lady. I feel lucky myself to be your follower.


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