Bee Love Award

Hello, my fellow bloggers and friends. I am delighted that Kiramat, The Rising Star, nominated me for the ‘Bee Love Award”. He has nominated the right person. It is okay to praise yourself once a while. Kiramat has a motivational and inspirational personality. I recently have read his “don’t judge me” article, which I proudly tweeted and reposted on my blog. However, I have given credit to Arifullahkhan. Later, I realized my mistake and advised him to share the credit with Kiramat.  Arif, have you share the credit with Kiramat yet? I and Arif had a good conversation about this article. Kiramat is my neighbor, which makes me so proud of how we respect and love each other while the dirty game of politics trying to kill this bond between people. Yes, I agree love should spread everywhere. It should spread faster than infectious diseases such as the Ebola virus and currently Coronavirus.  I don’t have any words on how to thank Kiramat for his appreciation. I wish him the best of luck continue to spread this love virus. So, God bless America, Jai Hind, and Bless all other nations on this planet. Namaste, Salaam, Sat Sri Akal, and Hello to everybody.


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  3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you
  4. Nominate your fellow blogger ( I am agree with Kiramat about unlimited nomination)

My Definition of LOVE:

Love is ancient, and it is not a science. I believe in the 13th or 14th-century love, not in modern love. Love is not lust. It is pure. The love starts before we were even born. The mother begins loving her baby as soon as she knows about being pregnant. It won’t end even after death. I still love my loved ones who are gone to almighty such as Banny, Ina, Abu, my father. Does it sound a little crazy? For me, it is not because love never ends with death or separation. I believe in soul love. Your soul will find another part of your soul. Love doesn’t have any age. Love happens and doesn’t look for religion, country, caste, color, or age. So, don’t look with a question mark if your 50 years old father or mother fell in love. Love should be your pride. Attachment asks for sacrifice. It is not called love if you feel ashamed. A person could fall in love with anybody such as same-sex, opposite sex, work, hobby, nature, etc. The love is also acquired genetically, such as love for your country, parents, and siblings, etc. The almighty is a higher power who has given a human a great ability to love each other. Unfortunately, we have forgotten this power in the race of materialism and jealousy.

 My of Living Out LOVE:

I love everyone. Even I love my enemies because they teach me how to love more. Do I have an enemy? Yes, whoever against peace and love, they are my enemies. I try making them my friend with respect but they label me being crazy or They would tell me that I don’t know the specific culture because of living in the advanced country with liberal views. Seriously guys. Only one power could save this world now. Everybody knows the answer: Love. I have respect for all my fellow bloggers. I love nature, animals, and birds. I love only one person in my entire life when it comes to intimacy. He is my soul love, and turmoil of life and distance could not lessen the love for him. I already knew that he is my half soul. To be very honest, I came to see the intensity of love for him when I got separated from him a year ago. The bodies are separated, but souls are still attached. How many of you know the tales of Mirza Sahiba, Heer Ranaja, Sasi-Pannu, Laila Majnu. Follow their footprints. How many know about Rajguru, Bhagat Singh, and Sukhdev? Follow their footprints when it comes to love for your country. Be like Sarban when it comes to love for your parents. Of course, my fellow bloggers from different nations have their great tales to follow. 

I Nominate:

  1. Dr. Sakshipal
  2. Rashidul Huda
  3. Inner Peace
  4. Gulla
  5. Harina
  6. Tanya Seikh
  7. Manaswi Tanwar
  8. Bharath Upendra
  9. Ashok
  10. Herb
  11. Ameet Kothari
  12. Nimish
  13. Nilesh Kumar
  14. Arifullahkhan
  15. Michelle
  16. Vijay Shah
  17. Salman Wani

25 thoughts on “Bee Love Award


    I’m thankful to Sara Altaf Khan, who nominated me. The bee love award it’s all about love.
    LOVE every human being is a love.
    Our source is God and we are part of him. God is the love or we can say that love is God. The universe is a love. Every creature, every single part of the earth made up by love.
    We are human beings the higher species of the plant we have emotion, intellect, and systematic function, We are higher brain mammals God gives us the senses and the gifted perception. So here we come on the humanity we are human beings and God gave us special gifts from this we have to spread love like a virus “VIRUS OF LOVE”. How beautiful no that if we see everyone with the whole eye like god see with respect, love, blessings and accept them in our life as they are because they are sources of God and we are also source of God. We are one. Because our source is one. No one is Muslim, no one is Hindu, no one is Christian, No one is Sikh, we are all one, we are all come from one source the higher power who rules us guides us.
    With my words the love is unconditional, selfless, pure, complete in itself, like a mother and child relationship. God is our father, the earth is our mother they loves us unconditionally.
    The rules of the universe are amazing of you closed and deeply understand than you can know the power of love.
    I always believed in that spread love everywhere by your starry eyes and your shiny big billion smile. Love attracts me. Love attracts you.
    The big healing hugs the big healing blessings to all of my fellow bloggers.
    On WordPress we are connected by words, by emotions which express in words. My experience with WordPress is there are so many beautiful souls, their words spread like a virus. I found here my friends, my fellow blogger, I’m connecting with them by their lovely words.
    I’m thankful to all of them who are connected with me, read my blog, appreciate me, and share their views.💕😊🙏

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    1. Well written. You are right about no Sikh, no Muslim or Hindu or Christian. We all are human. I thinks religion is to learn the morality and worship the Almighty but we people have use the religion to divide the people . Wish everyone thinks like you. Keep it up. God bless you

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