She has escaped for a few days to the old place where she went with him in the past. She will return to the work to precept two students in the first week of Feb. She is not sure if she would teach or learn something. She loves going to the places where she went with him. She feels as he is around him. She cries and laughs at those places. The memories come in her mind, but she still loves going there. Those memories are the happiest part of her life. He could not remember it, but she loves to remember both memories and promises. 

Suddenly her phone rings. She answers the phone without looking at the phone number. She knows who is exactly calling her. There is only one person in this entire world who calls her. She thinks, “Does her daughter understand her pain? Why is she not tired of me yet? How could she understand me? I don’t recall when she called me as mom last time”. She heard her daughter’s voice, “My Lady, stop thinking. Talk to me. I need to write a dame paper on self-reflection, and it should not be less than 4500 words. I need to get ‘A’; otherwise, no university in London would accept me. I thought nobody else could be the better source than my lady to answer those questions? She said, “Okay, go ahead, but don’t eat my leftover brain?” The daughter did not take a second to answer, “Okay, what do you mean by self-reflection. Does this is the same thing your father used to tell you, then you have been telling us since I was in your tummy? How often you use this self-reflection, and why?” 

She thinks in her mind, “I just stopped talking to my therapist now I have to deal with her.” Her daughter is pretty outspoken, “Dame lady, you gave me birth, so suck it up and give me some ideas so I can write the dame paper.”

The mother tells her daughter, “Before you write the paper on self-reflection, it is vital to know what is the self-reflection and why a person should do it. My father had taught me a straightforward way how to self-reflection. Self-reflection has many names, but my father used to describe it as your soul search or to examine. It will show your reality, which helps you to improve yourself. It will lead you to your true faith and belief. Self-reflection will teach you how to improve yourself. It would tell you who you were and who you are now. Which one was good for your present or your past, the self-exam would encourage you to choose the right path. It is an actual light that would lead you to choose the right path. It won’t only improve your future but also the people surrounding you. Nowadays, there are many ways people try to make a humble attempt to find their reality”.

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The woman continues talking to her daughter, “There are so many scientific theory’s behind self-reflection. You can do some research, for example, Erickson’s theory.  However, I am sticking to only one theory that my father had taught me. I had examined my soul at least once a day, but lately, a couple of times a day. I look myself into the mirror and look directly into my eyes as much as I could. I compare what I was and who I am now?”

The daughter asked again, “How far do you go back to think, and what changes have you noticed and why you go to a certain point of your life?”

The mother asked her daughter, “are you counseling me? or need help with your paper?”

The daughter laughs.

Mother continues talking to her daughter, “Yes, I keep looking into my eyes. I sill could face everything. Only once I could not look into my eyes, and I could not look at my father’s picture. It was the day when I had started to drink hard liquor. I could not face myself because I was not that person. I know why I did it. My self-reflection has told me, ‘improve your help, bring your lost personality back. I go back to my childhood when I had a happy day. Yes, it helps me to improve myself. Now I look directly into my eyes and say proudly that I did not do anything wrong. It had increased my confidence level. I am not there yet where I was before. Okay, kid, that is enough now. Please refer to your textbook”.

After disconnecting the phone, she thinks in her mind, “You don’t know. I am not the same person when I was 16 years old. The turmoil of life had changed me a lot. His betray had done further damage to me. I won’t ever be the same person. I am his creation. That is all”.

The wise man ‘John Dewey’ said, “We don’t learn from our experience. we learn from reflection on experience”.

5 thoughts on “Self-Reflection

    1. The individual remain the same but personality get changed with the drama of the life. It make the person think that “I am not the same person or individual”. The mentality or psychology changes the person throughout the life. Physiological changes come which we call as a season too. I wish that I could change those seasons and remain as a little girl, so I don’t have to worry about anything else. Thank you, Nora.


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