The Value of Promise

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Her mentor boss had texted her to inform, “Are you ready to return to your work in Feb as full time? I think you have taken enough time off”.

A strange fear comes into her mind. She thinks in her mind, “Am I really ready to make a commitment to work for 120 hrs in a month? Can I do it?. I did work for more than 200 hrs in a month. I am still very weak both emotionally and physically”.

Life has changed now. There are no more desires or hopes left so as to desire to work. She looks at her weak hands. She feels her weak mind. She can feel her weak emotional status. She is not the same person. The body is the same but emotional status is totally different. She feels that a different person lives in her body.

She texted back, “I am still debating”.

a mentor boss is a nice man who continues to do his mentorship job which he has started 20 years ago.

Mentor knows her well that she won’t answer the phone so he texted her back and insisted on her, “Do it for me. I need your time. As you always say ‘payback time’.

She replied, “Okay, I will work only for 60 hrs. I need time to wander in nature. I love wandering in nature”

Mentor still not ready to give up, “What are you looking in the forest? He is not there”.

She quickly replied, “yes, that is why I go there. I talk to birds, trees, and animals. They are so cute”.

The mentor came to the straight talk now, “Young lady, do you remember that you had made a promise with two young students for teaching them? They must learn this semester. They won’t find another preceptor in such a short time. Their future depends on you. They could fail their semester without their clinical. Remember, you have made a promise”.

It was her turn to scratch her head now. “Okay, I will do it only for those students which I really don’t know who are they. I filled their form more than two years ago. But I can say something to you before I say ‘yes’ please.

The mentor knows her well so he said, “yes, go ahead. Make yourself happy. I already know what want to say”.

She gets so excited, “I know. But it will make me happy. I just want to say that you are too old and get your denture soon”.

Mentor texted her back, “Okay, young lady, you are not the only one to remind me. I will add your name too along with my children to the visiting list so you can visit me in the nursing home”.

She smiles for a couple of seconds. The sadness comes first, then the tears. She thinks, “somebody had made a promise with me but broke it in two seconds. My life had depended on his promise. My life is shattered since he had broken his promise. How I could break the promise. This word ‘promise’ is very powerful. It has a lot of value. Keeping your promise can make somebody’s life happy and prosperous. Breaking the promise could lead it to destruction. Who breaks the promise? Simply, the person does not have self-respect or self-esteem or a lack of confidence thus they break the promise. Well, those promise-breaker knows they are leaving another person in misery and disappointment. They leave other people nothing except pain and many questions behind. I am not one of them. I can’t break the promise. Can I do the same thing with those innocents students whatever somebody did to her? It does not matter if damage occurs to a personal or professional life. both are important components for life.
I am the example whose personal life has brought damage to professional life. It could impact another way round for those young students. I can be a policy breaker but not a promise-breaker”.

Wish someone had fulfilled his promise, she won’t be writing this article today.

“Never make the promise which you can’t keep. The promise is your word which is very strong and valuable”.

9 thoughts on “The Value of Promise

  1. It can be difficult, especially if the promise was made a long time ago because things change. I am glad to see that you will keep your promise. It shows your personal integrity.

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  2. I totally agree with what you said. As far as my knowledge generally. I think, no people will break their promise without any cause. Try to find things why he broke the promise. Be strong. Keep going. šŸ˜ŠāœŒ

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