One Soul Look For Another Part of The Soul

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Certain things convey a message to her. She can feel it. The strange feeling comes in her mind when both of them remember each other. Sometimes she thinks,” can something change just by lying?”. Can somebody become a king or queen just by saying or thinking? We can lie to others. We can convince others. Can we convince ourselves? Can we lie to ourselves? She thinks, “I lie to myself but not others. I cannot convince myself so how I can convince others.

Sudden, she remembers what he had said two hours before the final call. She still remembers the exact date and time, and location. She was on her way back from the work. It was 4 O’ clock in the morning. She was driving back to home after working night, she was driving at highway 90 and was taking a exist to US 47. He said, “I do not matter if we ever meet in life. It does not matter if we ever see other. It does not matter if we will ever talk again. The distance won’t keep our soul apart. We will physically separate from each other but nobody could separate our soul”.

She thinks, “You were right. The distance can’t apart our soul. I cannot tell about yours but my soul is still attached to you as usual. Many times, I passed by you and you did not recognize the scent. I am glad and happy that my pain, misery, and tears have given you some comfort and happiness. I have always said that you will never come to know what I could do to protect my love.
I fulfilled the promise that I had made it with you.
Being a Jaat Sardani, I have kept my promise and will continue to keep until I am alive”.

She sighs, “I don’t know if my pain and tears have traveled all the way to find you. Nothing has changed in my tears and pain when you saw me last time. I am not sure if you have lost your ability to sense that you can’t feel my pain”.

She continues to think, “I did not need a single penny from you. I was not greedy. You know me well when I had given up everything which belonged to me. The money is not important for me. Your love is my life. You are my soul. No doubt, without you and your soul, and your love, I am lost completely. You are my diamond, not those materialistic things. The diamond had made my face brighter and my heart enlightened. I have started to lose my life since I have lost my diamond.
Love is priceless. why you had listened to the people who had scaled the price of our love. why had listen to the people who have parted our souls? You can lie to everybody. You can convince everybody but not to your Munna. Remember where she lives. She lives inside of your heart and brain. You can tell everywhere that I don’t care about her. You can make excuses and lies to keep peace harmony and peace”

She becomes sad, “My soul will tell me the day you have stopped thinking about me. You will feel it that when you will close your eyes to sleep. You will remember only face: The face was full of fear, soul full of misery, and tears shedding out of her eyes, but overall it was the picture of your love’.

She smiles, “I know when everything cracks and crashes and I know right away who is crashing and cracking. Nobody else could be except the person of my love is the one who cracks and crashes it. My soul tells me right away that he is around me”.
remember marriage is a man-made but the soul relationship is built-in heaven before birth. One soul often looks for another part of the soul. this is the time when she feels pain. She can suffer like a fish but could not do anything

God bless you.

8 thoughts on “One Soul Look For Another Part of The Soul

  1. Looks like you have experienced lots of pain Sara.
    You know we lie to ourselves more than to others. We lie to ourselves and then over a period of time we start to believe in those lies.
    In one of my posts I had written :Pain is a given in this world of duality. Suffering is our own creation.
    May God give you wisdom and strength to move on with your life.

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