The Pieces of Advice Of A Friend

The friend also has sent me some clips which reflect reality.

English Version: “Someone asked me who is yours. I said smiling, “if time is right, everybody is yours, otherwise, nobody is yours”

I have spoken with my childhood friend only twice in the past year. He was not my best friend but was one of them who I could count on my bad days. He was also a member of our child gang. The child gang was a group of brat kids just like me. I was the leader. I was the only girl in the group so the rest of the group did not have a choice except for making me a leader. The group was a collection of genius and bright children who had the chance to grow up as being an IPS officer, a doctor, engineer, a businessman, and a politician. Terrorism did influence the lives of those children but could not make them terrorist either. The protector and warrior known as Abu had kept all those children under his wings.

Abu, the warrior khan is also a slap on those people’s faces who always said, “Muslims are jihadi or Islam teaches the terrorism”. Abu’s wings had covered both Hindu and Sikh children.

The true warrior was the protector of the little gang. He taught us to live in harmony. He told everybody to pay attention to the study and to the bright future. Many of us left our town while terrorism was at its peak level. One of the children did not leave the country because he was a real patriotic. This childhood friend accidentally was turned politician but later he decided to be an organic farmer. The friend said, “I left politics because I refused to part of the liars and dishonest people. I am not one of them. I could not be corrupt. I could not be blind. I can’t shut my mouth”.

My friend was always angry and upset at us because we had left the country, “You guys are not patriotic”. for my this friend, his native country was everything to him. It does matter that he faced many problems but he is still patriotic. He told our Hindu friends who once left the state due to terrorism, “See, you have proven yourself being a Lala who ran away from the flees and bees due to the fear. I am a Sardar who still standing on my ground”. He told me once, “I regret now we had chosen you a leader of our group. However, you have proven yourself being a just woman. Oh, how you can tolerate the heat of this hot state because you were born in a cold place so you ran away to the cold place”. He was upset at us leaving him behind alone. He has a better soul compare to us. But all of us has proud of him.

Our child gang was not a gang of bad children. Our group was called gang because whatever we did in our childhood was done at the joint efforts. We had done a lot of funny things. People did not like us but also missed us when we had not done anything wrong for a couple of days.

He did not go back to school since we left school. so, he never went to school after passing high school. However, his thoughts are better than the rest of us. we met once again a year ago.
This friend has given much advises which she would like to share with other bloggers. Last Father’s Day he had given very good advice,” your daughter is only your daughter”. This line is very easy and simple but it has a very deep meaning. Through his statement, he did convey the modernization of our culture. We used to treat everybody as a brother and sister. There was great respect for each other. The environment was like, Your sister is my sister, your mother is my mother. your family is my family”. We all lived in harmony. Now, it has changed dramatically. You cannot trust anybody. once, He wrote to me when he found out a father in law had a sexual relationship with daughter in law. at that time, My friend was a mayor who was trying to solve this issue. He had pissed off on this matter that there is no value of the relationship left.

All he said, “Munna, those times are gone when we were children”.

last week, he wrote to me again. Another truth came out of his mind, “Everybody is corrupt. My country won’t develop because of this corrupt system. From peon to the CEO are corrupt and nobody does anything without a bribe. people have become selfish. they always want something from you, but they won’t give you anything. They want to take every single drop of you. People think what I would get out of this if I help him or her”.

The same friend has advised her again, “Munna, people don’t treat others with good manners. People are so selfish that they just only care about themselves. The person sitting next to him or her, don’t have any meaning.”

I am agreed with my friend. But it makes me think. all of us were raised in an innocent environment. Nobody had taught us how to deal with the rest of the world. all we think everybody should help each other. We think let sacrifice yourself but help others.

well, did our parents failed to teach us the reality of life? or Have people adopted the materialism instead of humanity?

someone has dropped the ball out the court.

The friend also has sent me some clips which reflect reality.

13 thoughts on “The Pieces of Advice Of A Friend

  1. Beautiful post Sara. I love your Abbu. And I love your gang ๐Ÿ’•
    My father was like your Abbu and so was my mother.
    Yes environment is not so conducive. We are living in times of turmoil world over. But there is also lots of goodness and love. Do read my next post on this very subject.
    As long as you and I arenโ€™t lost the world isnโ€™t lost ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Value and truth remains the same but peopleโ€™s belief for the value and truth is continue to change. Only some people still has those values. It is era of darkness. Apocalypse yet to come. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. Oh oh. You know the night is darkest and coldest before the Dawn. Donโ€™t lose hope and heart Sara.
        Today is the first day of the rest of your life


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