Love is Pure and Divine

love-divine-youA wise man named John Keats said, “I have been astonished that men could die martyred of religion. I have shuddered at it. I shudder no more. I could be martyred for my religion. Love is my religion, and I could die for that”

She is agreed with the man wise but she has a strong belief in love. Love is also the name of sacrifice. Love is not an attraction to physical love. Love is sacred and divine. It crosses the limitation. It is not related to physical love. The true love goes deep into your mind and there is no value of physical relation. It goes beyond the imagination of ordinary love. The physically driven love doesn’t cross the borders especially when one person crosses the oceans and climbs the mountains to meet the second person.

Trudy Vesotsky (2013): Divine love is real. Divine love is powerful. Divine love is timeless. Divine love is irresistible”.

She is agreed with Trudy. She thinks, “I was not going to climb mountains or cross the ocean if my love was only a matter of physical attraction. The only few could understand the power of this sentence”

Behind the closed door on the day of the solution, her banker sister told her once, “love is divine”. However, it seems her sister knows only by definition that love is divine. How easy is to say love is divine. How easy to tell some that I love you. Time tells how hard to keep promises. How hard to worship the divinity. How hard is scarifying for divinity? Does divinity teach us to ask for the sacrifice or it means to give something? After giving the advice about love is divine, her sister and sister’s sister both had started to play the games. Her sister’s view of the divinity was changed in a couple of days. Later, It came to acknowledge that telling those magnificent words of divinity was just the way to enter into someone’s brain and mind to get all the information. A few weeks later, her sister did not hesitate to sell the divinity of love on eBay or Amazon.
Of course, She had sat in front of her sister begging the love of her life. She was able to protect her loving man but she could not protect her own love. Now, she thinks that her love is sacrificed due to being divine. The divinity of love is so cruel that it had killed her sister’s soul completely. She doubts that ‘killing’ is the right word. It could say that her most smart sister had sold the soul and divinity to greed and cleverness.  Her sister did not care that a woman begged the love from her. Yes, she begged and cried that she just wanted to communicate with him via email. Love was not actually divine for her sister. It is an over-rated term which was used to destroy someone’s life. However, two faces of reality came in front of her. People say something different but act differently.

What is the meaning of praying God early in am and before go to the bed? She gets confused about this matter. Does early morning prayer relate to forgiveness of sins in advance which her banker sister plans doing throughout the day? The late prayers mean, “God forgive me what sins I had done throughout the day”. God does listen to prayer. She is not quite sure if almighty listens to everybody or he just listen to her family. God seems to become blind, deaf, and mute just like our legal or justice system. Or God may have scared. Living in the valley is not easy for almighty either.

She did not know the meaning of love. She thought love happened only once. People say it brings happiness. She also fell in love. Traumatized in early young age, she was just not ready at all. But she knew that her bubby is waiting for her somewhere. She had saved all desires and dreams for a long time. As an ordinary woman, She had taken just a normal dream. She did not ask for Prince Charming.
She knew it would happen suddenly and spontaneously. People fell in love but not made themselves fall in love with someone. Both of us had fallen in love on the spot. Both had admitted that it was their first love. Everything had happened which she used to hear. All the dreams were coming true. The hopes went up. The promises were made. It was like never separated kind of feelings. Everyone has said,” made for each other and perfect couple”. She thought that love came in her life after many suffering and tragedies. But it came a perfect way because she finally had met her long lost love.
Fate was laughing at her. love is gone but also took away her life away. Now she thinks,” why the heck you came if did not have the courage to stay”.

Now she afraid of love word, even God comes to tell her,” I love you, Munna”. She won’t hesitate to tell him, “keep going. There is no place of love or feelings”. Life and feelings seem a joke to her now. What the heck is love? Where the divinity came in this game?. She calls it now a game.

If someone leaves you, it won’t call dumping. It is called “cowardice work”. His sister once told him, “Why are you crying because he dumped you. You’re both an idiot and stupid which I’ve never seen”.

She does not agree with the dumping part. God knows how the dumping system did work well. The love is not garbage which you could dump it, sister. External forces play an important role when it comes to dumping a divine love. Why her banker sister still lives in a dumpster and around idiots and stupids.

This time, she gets confused.

6 thoughts on “Love is Pure and Divine

  1. I love this post! Love is definitely divine. It is the one and only way to remove the lenses that life places on us and see everything around us in its true and most beautiful form.
    Thanks for this post.

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