The conversation with the deads and Almighty

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The girl sits sadly by her window. She has packed her luggage and is ready to leave. She is sad and depressed. One day was enough to get happy and excited because she knew it would follow with sadness. She talks to the soldier boy,” when are you coming? I need you. Ina and Banny are a little bit annoying. They ask too many questions. I want you to come back to earth. I thought that all of you would take your turns, but only boys would come. Where are you, daddy, and chachu?”

Ina boy, “don’t you like us?. We were waiting for the little girl’s birthday. You have not given us a cake yet. We don’t want to go back. We would like to be with you. I am always quiet. Banny asks too many questions”.

She hugs the boy, “No, I love both of you. I did not get a cake either. I was not invited to my girl’s party. Can you guys believe it? I am happy that she got a chance to celebrate her birthday with her aunts. Dam, they are my sister and cousin. It does not matter to me anymore. It doesn’t hurt me at all. I got a little chance to spend some time with her yesterday. I try to stay away from the kids, so they won’t suffer from my bad fate. I will buy the cake for you before I leave. You guys can stay here as much as you guys want”.

Banny boy asks her, “Where are you going?”

The girl laughs,” I will be going to the same place where your father and I had spent some good time together. Your dad didn’t want to come home, but I missed the little girl, so we left.

The girl becomes sad and looks at Babaji’s pic and tells him,” I am leaving soon. Please, take care of everyone. I miss my bubby boy. I miss him a lot. I am very sad about him. I wonder why he does not care anymore. He was so nice to me. But I don’t have anything left at home. I wait for him every day. Can you send my Bubby back, or just make me fully demented, so I do not remember him. If you can, can you send my Abu back?. He is very brave. He will just pick up Bubby and bring him over here. Babaji will be so fun when Abu picks up my bubby boy. I don’t know when I will return. I feel so uncomfortable and uneasy. Babaji doesn’t forget to tell Abu that Munna needs him. You can also tell him that her Bubby is not behaving well. You can also tell him that she feels very alone and does not know what to do. Babaji, I swear to God that I feel incomplete without my bubby”.

The girl asks Abu, “Can you be kind enough to come to help me to find my bubby boy?. I promise I will never cry and talk at the same time. You know how hard it is for me to change my habit of crying and talking simultaneously. But I will do it if you are kind enough. Otherwise, take me too. I can stay with you guys. I know that you won’t like it if I come over here. Nobody likes me anyway. All my loved ones have left me. I really need you to come now. Don’t be late. I really miss my bubby boy. Or you can just scare him in his dream, please. But don’t touch him. I will be so mad at you if you are rude to him”.

The girl continues talking to God, “I swear that I love my Bubby. He knows well that I hate to swear, but I am doing it today. My mind is restless. Once, he used to feel my restlessness, but now he does not care. I imagine how he could be in misery. I can feel it. Everybody says he is a bad person, and he has conned me. He took advantage of my emotions. Babaji, why is my heart not ready to accept it? I still think he will come one day, which does not matter now or later. Why do I still believe in him? Why do I continue to love him? does he ever feel his Munna is wandering here and there without him? Does he know his Munna is tired of asking the human about him? Does he know his Munna starts wandering in nature? Can you pinky promise me, please don’t share this one with Abu? Do you remember that my Bubby used to make pinky promises to me that he would never leave me”?

The girl asks her father, “Dad, can you come? You are the most peaceful person. Can you tell my Bubby that your Munna is suffering? He will listen to you. Everybody respects you. I met one of your old friends here in the USA who went to school with you. He blessed me, Dad. Do you know what he said, “You are your dad’s mini copy? You are his little boy, not a daughter. I swallowed my pain, tears, and my sadness and told him, “Yes, I am still my dad’s little boy.” Dad, your classmate has white and gray hair. I wish that I could also see you old like him. Don’t share it with mom”.

The girl asks her uncle, “Chachu Chachu, your toomba had given up. I have become so weak. I fought like a tiger my entire life, and I succeeded too, but Bubby has made me a weak person. Can you talk to my Bubby and ask why he made your toomba so weak”?

The girl thanks, “There is nobody alive in my life who could ask my bubby. Everybody’s soul is dead. Can you blame anybody when my loving man abandoned me and left to cry? so I ask only the almighty or my loved one”.

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