Some Silly Thoughts

She does not have a specific time to get up or sleep since she is off from work. She needs to break her this habit soon because she needs to report back on the duty in Feb as a full-time employee instead of being a filling the blanks type of role. Everyone has to pay the price of having an American Dream. People live in her native country often tell her, “You do live in a wonderful life with all types of facilities”. She just smiles and asks them, “Do you want to make an exchange with me?” Of course, they never agreed because they love their country. They love their country where speech is not free. Everything is divided. There was a strike yesterday for “Bharat Bandh” (India closed). Who will feed those mouths who works on daily wages? Who loves those poor people? Okay, better to shut mouth here.

She loves her native country too. Often a dilemma comes into her mind who she would end up supporting if both countries armed against each other?. Well, she does not have to worry about it because her Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister thinks the very same way. She tweeted yesterday that she would not mind making some exchange. She is not alone. There are many people in both countries who are debating now. So far, nobody retweeted if they would like to consider the exchange. They may be still busy doing math which one they should choose. One is trying to bring the war to the American Land while another one busy fueling at the domestic level. She is just happy to say; “God Bless America. God Bless India. I love both of you equally. I will just stand in the middle in case both of you guys decide to fight against each other”.

She is delighted that there are many geographical barriers if both decided to be enemies of each other. She is lucky on this point of view. At least something is good in her life that both countries won’t fight against each other. Once, India used to be called a peaceful country but now she has doubts about it. Both her loving country is the owner of a triad nuke power. Well, it makes us all proud. She is the lucky one to have double pride. She should be a little more proud because both countries are included in the world’s most four powerful nuke countries.

Once, Russia backed up India for everything. Her father was posted many times in Russia and Iran. Now, the picture looks different. India never allows any foreign country to interfere in their personal matters. She won’t blame India for this because Indian had suffered being caged by Britain and still pays the price of it. Geographically, there are many countries sitting which won’t allow both countries to fight with each other. No, it is not because of love. Neither Pak army will allow the Indian army to cross their borders to fight with another country. Both armies have a wild cat and stray dog type of love among them. North Korea and now Iran will not let the American army to reach at the border of India or for airstrikes. We don’t know how many other hidden rival countries of America are out there. India has only one full-time rival country (Pak) and one part-time rival country (china). Her other beloved country America has a long line of rival countries. This is also a piece of good news for her that both countries will be never fought with each other. That makes sense now why the leaders of both countries shares the same belief. They don’t have any another choice following each other’s footprints. Both leaders are very smart to understand it.

Mr. President tried to play the same game at the domestic level but he could not succeed because of the American Law. The constitution of the united states is a very strong supreme law. She is really proud of it. Everybody gets justice on the base of American Supreme Law which serves justice on the base of evidence. Her native country does not have a strong law system. The law could be bought easily in her native country. People cannot speak with the language of their minds. They just need to speak what their brain said is right. Journalism and speech are not free there. It is painful when you see anybody suffering.

She thinks, “I should stop writing here. I am not a political person, then why I am writing. No, I am writing it because of my thoughts on humanity. Do I need to care about others? Why I am worried about my native country who once returned their daughter crying. I am writing because somewhere humanity is suffering. UN is silent. Her native land and loving country is not the same as it used to be. It is spoiled with a dirt and blood by the greed of some politicians and religious leaders”.

Please “God Bless Humanity”

3 thoughts on “Some Silly Thoughts

  1. Wow. It is refreshing to hear the thoughts of someone who was raised in another country speak so highly of our Constitution. You don’t have to be a political person to do that or appreciate that.

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