I never wanted to grow up

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The girl talks with Banny and Ina boy, “I never wanted to grow up. I have told Abu many times that it is a lot of trouble for the grown-up person. Nobody listens to me, so I pay for the price now”.

Both boys look at the girl. Finally, Ina tells the girl, “Can you tell us more about it? I was already gone to the almighty when I was so young.”

Banny boy asks Ina, “Why are you gone so young? I lived my whole doggy life before I was gone. “

Ina tells Banny, “Maybe God knows that mom will need me in the future to be her angel boy.”

Banny asks Ina, “Would you be able to help my hooman mom if you were still alive? Could you have come to rescue my mother in this part of the world?”

Ina sighs, “Do you know? Mom always says that parents don’t become parents just by giving birth to the child. Yes, I could have been there to support her. I would have been old enough to track her through social media. Mom’s family is right that my father should have taken a stand because he had made a promise to her. He should take responsibility for telling our family that I have made a promise to this lady. Whether you like it or not, she will visit me at least once a year. Mom should not have to change her name or religion to love my father. I see the divinity in her love. I don’t see the lust in her mind. I don’t see any greed in her mind. All I see is just love for my father. No doubt, good or bad, she still loves him. She had already forgotten about him if it was not her true love. I think God had taken me away to be the angel of mom. I am doing what my father should do”.

Banny also becomes sad, “Thanks for joining me. I could not handle her alone when she went through hell over the year. Did you ever know that my biological and hooman families were burnt to death in the wildfire in CA? Mom’s boss rescued me. I was so depressed at her boss’ house. The man is very boring. I had become more depressed and had gained weight. Mom adopted me. I have never seen a hooman loving the doggy more than a hooman. Within 6 months, I was in good shape, and my depression was gone because of the love of my hooman mom. Now, I feel so bad when I look at her sitting in a sad and depressed mood”.

Let’s talk with mom about why she said so and why this day is special to her. First, both enter the girl’s room without knocking at the door. Then, the girl asks the boys, “don’t you know to knock at someone’s door before you enter.”

The boys had already jumped on her bed before she told them to ask for permission. Both boys tell the girl in the same tone, sorry, it is too late now. We are already up. We don’t need permission to enter our mother’s room.

The window is open. The temperature is close to minus a degree. Both Banny and Ina have sat on each side of her and asked her to tell the grown-up story. The girl covers both boys with warm blankets and tells them, “don’t get sick.”

Both boys chuckle, “It is storytime. Mommy, can you tell us a story about you and Abu”

The girl smiled, but tears welled into her eyes, “let’s talk about this month’s specialty first.” The girl sighs, “My beautiful daughter and your silly sister were born this month. We had celebrated her first birthday, which had become history because nobody had celebrated a birthday for three days in a row. She was a little child. She does not remember her first birthday. Afterward, we never celebrated her birthday because her father died shortly before her second birthday. We were left alone. Anyway, She was so excited to celebrate her birthday last year because Ina’s father had promised her that he would come to attend the birthday. The little girl was so excited, and she had arranged the party and invited all her friends. She thought your dad was like a father to her. I went to the airport every day until Jan 9th. I waited for him every day at the airport. I still waited even though I knew that he wouldn’t come. I came home alone. Your sister understood well, and she called off her birthday party. The poor little girl was waiting for her father, but she had lost her mother. I asked her yesterday if she wanted to do anything for her birthday this year. She refuses to celebrate. This is the story of the first week of the month. It seems like a story, but it is just a pain”.

Ina cleans the girl’s tears, “Not to cry, mom. We will buy a carrot cake and give her a surprise. She is also my little sister.”

Banny was quiet so far and told Inna and Girl, “Yes, I love my hooman sister. She is so lovely and beautiful. She is very silly too, but she has a very kind heart, just like my mommy. I admit now that I did not like my hooman brother and sister because I was always jealous that they would steal my hooman mommy. But mommy has taught me, “a mother always loves and treats her children equally and the same.”

Ina boy, “It is very bad for my father. What could he do with the innocent soul? Mom is right to call him a coward.”

Ina, “I am sorry, mommy. Okay, let’s talk about the grown-up story with Abu. I kind of like that khan. You know I am khan too. I will keep my word. I like this Khan”.

The girl gets emotional and hugs the boy, “Yes, you are my little real khan. All Khans should be like our Abu. So let’s talk about Abu.”

The girl’s face has brightened with the strange lights. Her eyes also look shiny and brighter. She hands over the warm chocolate milk to the boys. Ina yells at Banny, “you have already started to drool on the blanket just looking at the chocolate?”.

Banny growls back at the boy, “Can you be quiet.”

The girls interfere in the fight, “boys, no, don’t fight.”

The girl tells the boys, “One evening, Binu and I visited the soldier boy. I stood in the middle of Binu and Abu. We were looking into the water of the irrigation canal. Suddenly, I saw myself in the water. I looked so taller than Binu. I can’t compare with Abu because he was taller than 6 feet. I was so excited about being taller than Binu. I loved Binu a lot, but I never liked that he had lighter skin than me. Abu looked at me for a couple of moments and finally said, “Munna, you have grown up in a year. Boy, I did not like it all. I never wanted to be grown up. It was more fun when I was a child. Can you believe it? All this darkness came into my life as I grew up. I fought with Abu and Binu, left them alone on the irrigation canal, and ran toward the town”.

Banny and Inna ask the girl, ” why do we just talk about your childhood and Abu only, now?. Can we talk about my father? You guys had spent many years together talking to each other. Do you have anything to share about him with us?.

The girl becomes sad, but she controls her tears well, “of course, I will one day share with you but not now.” The girl went inside to cry. Her tears were shedding as the rain was pouring out of her eyes. She thinks, “I am just trying to remember a good part of my life which was my childhood.”

Suddenly Ina asks, “Who would you choose if my father and Abu came in front of you?”

Now the girl smiles again, “Boy, a long time ago, your father had asked me the same question from me. My answer has not changed yet. I still remember the exact place. We were driving on the country road from Pahalgam to Gulmarg. I will still choose your father because he is the love of my life. I don’t have to choose Abu because he always made his choices. He would rather keep me safe from the distance. Abu was not my love, but your father was my first love. Abu had his own principle, and nobody could have the courage to break it.

The girl claps with both hands and tells the boys, “Okay boys, a slumber party is over. Go to sleep. Good night, my cute bugs”.

Both went to sleep dreaming about the yummy cake.

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