A Dream Again

It was a strange dream. Last night, she was in her beautiful valley again. Why she went over there again? She goes to see when she gets the call. She wanders around in the valley. She has spent her day playing with the trees and flowers. In the evening, she starts walking toward the city. The armed soldiers were everywhere but nobody has stopped her. She knows her destination well.

She stands in front of the building. She thinks, “Where he could be? Does he is in the camp office? Or Does he is in his office? There is no security vehicle parked outside the camp office, so he should be in the main office. or he should be out in the field”.

She looks on her phone, “oh no, I need to go back soon. I don’t like it leaving without seeing him”. Her party will come to rescue her if she would not go back on time. She does not want to tell anybody about him. She rushed directly into his office. The soldier standing outside gives her a big smile. She asked the soldier, “Does he is here?.

The soldier smiles, “yes mam, he is expecting for you since this morning”.

She enters his office. One of the guards ran toward her, “It is good to see you”. She just smiles. He looks at her, “Munna, why you took so long to come over? what have you done to yourself?”.

She does not talk to him. She has kept looking at him. He asks again, “are you okay?” she took his arms away from her.

She looks deeply at him before leaving his office. she gives her a very deep and meaningful look. She heard the honk. Her ride is here. She sits quietly in the vehicle and thinks, “I just came to see you that you are well. I have not come to talk with you. You have lost your right to talk”.

She tells him in her mind, “I know that you continue to check on me. I know well when you do. I am pretty familiar with your habits. I know right away when you check on me. Stop doing it. I know how to breathe without you. I can’t tell how I live without you. I do not write anything for you. Everything is written for you on a separate page. You will have access to it one day”.

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