A Happy Dream

Photo credit to https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-children-silhouettes-happy-girl-boy-image42523793

The girl slept in her courtyard. It is a winter afternoon. She is sleeping comfortably, covering herself with a heavy comforter. Ina and Banny look at each other with curiosity, “It is so cold; why the hick she is sleeping outside in the courtyard just under the sky. Should we wake her up or let her sleep”.

Banny says firmly, “No, we need to talk to her. It is not fair for us. I will wake her up if you won’t”.

Inna boy tells Banny, “Okay, don’t bark loudly. I will wake her up, so we don’t disturb the neighbors. I am freaking here. I have never been to this part of the country before”.

Banny laughs, “I never came to this part of the world before. Mom always told me not to come because people don’t treat doggies like babies here. I am scared to hurry up”. 

Both boys gently touch the girl and say, “mom, are you awake?”

The girl wakes up and removes her blanket from her face. She sees the border collie doggy and Inayat boy standing next to her. Both look at her with curiosity. The girl does not get upset when she looks at their innocent faces. She won’t be very nice to somebody if they have tried to wake her up from her sweet sleep.

She looks at the boys, “Seriously, you have followed me here. Banny, you should be at our house in the USA. This is not a safe place for you. You won’t be able to tolerate this weather. Ina, you should be at our mountain house. Did I not tell you to guard my graveyard? Why are you guys here? You should be in heaven if either of you don’t like the place on the earth”.

Both boys ask her, “we really need to know if you love us or not. We want you to listen to us carefully instead of pretending to listen”.

The girl looked around and said, “I am all ears, so go ahead, keep talking.”

The girl lies to the boys because her concentration is somewhere else. She looks around carefully. She thinks in her mind, “I came to live in this house when I was five years old. The house is still the same as before. The walls are still high enough that no tiger or lion could jump inside. Where have all the people gone? Why is this house empty now? I don’t see anybody. Once, it used to be a house full of people.”

The girl looks at the specific place where her ancestor, a warrior, was cremated many generations ago. The place seems very quiet. Suddenly something comes into her mind. She gets out of bed and tells the boys, “I am listening, so continue talking. Don’t interrupt me. “

She starts to dig up at a specific place and finds a dead body. A strange smile comes to her face. She pulls the dead body onto the bed and unwraps the bandages from the right arm. Both boys look at the dead body and then toward the girl, “Holly shack, this is your dead body. but you are alive. How can you be alive and dead simultaneously”.

The girl smiles and tells the boys to help her find the phone number hidden on the bandages of the dead arm. There are many phone numbers, but the girl is interested in finding a specific number. After searching for a while, she glares at one text message. Her glares tell the boy that she has found what she is looking for.

She kept looking at the text message. Her eyes seem to be getting brighter. Her smile shows a sign of victory. Ina asks the girl, “Mommy, is this my father’s message. It must be his message”. The girl looks at the boy. Ina seems pretty happy and excited, so she doesn’t disappoint the boy, so she tells him, “yes, that is his message.” 

She has lied to the boy. She never used to lie, so why did she start to lie? She thinks in her mind, ” I have learned from his father to lie to make other people happy. I am his creation. He created me after killing the old version of me. His lies had made me happy once. His lies have created me. So why am I doing the same with my boys?”

She tells both boys, “I am sorry for lying to you. I was not listening to you. I was lost in space. Ina, I have lied to you. This is not your father’s message. I was trying to find Abu’s contact information, so I could find him. He is the only one who can help your mommy now. I am so sorry”.

Ina cleans her tears with his soft, small hands, and Banny sits on her feet, wiggling his tail. Then, finally, both boys say, “Sorry, we already knew it. we were just pretending too. We just want to see you happy”.

She kisses Ina’s forehead and hugs him tightly. Banny growls in jealousy when he sees his mother hugging Inna boy.

Then the three of them laugh together. 

The girl tells the boys, “Let’s go back to our house in the USA.”

The girl starts to walk while both boys try to catch her. Finally, both boys ask, How about our conversation, which we have not completed yet?”

The girl laughs, “I am not dead yet. We will talk again when we return to our house”.

Suddenly the alarms went off. The girl wakes up. She smiles, “I forgot to close the window again.”

She looks at Banny, Ina, and Babaji’s picture, “It was a good dream. I woke up smiling instead of screaming”.

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