The Sacrifice

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“Love means sacrifice. It means give it away. Love means not to get somebody. Love means happiness, not lust. It does not matter where you live physically but you will be always in my heart. Love means not to gain something. Love allows freedom instead of making you prisoner. Your inner eyes will lead you in the right direction or path. Respect your love. Don’t let others humiliate your love. Don’t abandon it. God will abandon you if you abandon your love. True love is a divine power that only a few people could have. People can easily fall in love but only a few can fulfill it”.

The girl walks around through the dark forest. She asks herself, nature, birds, river, animals, and trees, “why I need to sacrifice all the time? Can somebody take the turn this time? I am really happy once in my life. At least, I should have a right to be happy once in life”. 

A red and dark color bird listens to the girl and advises her, “Don’t cry, please. It disturbs the calmness of nature. Why does the human come to disturb us? why human don’t solve their own problems”?

A deer standing next to the river. He comes to talk with her, “Are you the one who killed me while I was crossing the road”?

The girl continues to cry and tells the deer, “Yes, beautiful deer, I had killed you which was not my fault. Does it make any sense to come in the middle road like a tornado while snowing? who comes like this? Oh, yes, only the deer can do it. I could not stop the car that day. Anyway, you are already dead now. Can you be kind enough to suggest to me what should I do”?

A green tree who is surrounding with the bushes, come to help the girl. He yells at the bird and deer, “can you leave the girl alone? Help her. Listen to her before you start making your judgment. What the different have left between you and the humankind?”

The strong, tall, and heavy tree yelled loudly and everybody who was present in the forest has heard him. One of them tells others, “Let’s go to find out. why and whom the tree is yelling early in the morning?”

The bunch of the animals and birds start walking toward the tree which is standing solo on the bank of the river. As the rest of the crew reaches close to the tree, they see the girl sitting under the tree is looking upward to see the branches of the tree. The bird and deer are sitting next to her. The girl’s eyes are full of tears. She looks confused and fearful.  

A stray dog looks at the girl and comments, “Oh, she came here again. why does she come to us when she is in trouble?’

The lion growls and tells everyone, “Be quiet, just listen to the human girl”.

The crow and parrot speak at the same time, “why have you come over here? Why you have not gone to your beautiful valley to ask for suggestions or help?”

The river helps himself, “Oh, I am just the fox river. Why you don’t go to ask help from your beautiful and clean rivers known as Sindh and Lidder”. Don’t you always praise them? They are the witness of your love. why should we give you any suggestions?”

The lion growls back at everyone, “I said be quiet. Let the girl talk. She always comes to us. she believes in us so listen to her”. The lion turns toward the girl, “I respect you a lot. You are the woman who is full of courage. I respect and love everybody who has the courage to do something. what we can do for you today?”

Everybody starts to listen to the girl carefully. Before the girl opens her mouth to say something, a forest cat said, “please don’t cry and talk at the same time. we won’t be able to understand anything”

The girl continues to cry and talk at the same time, “I cannot help myself. I cry and talk at the same time since I was the little kid. I can’t change my habit now”.

Everyone said, “It is okay. we will try to make a sense of what you are trying to say. we are better than the human to understand others”.

The girl said, “someone has told me to do something. My heart said don’t do it. My brain said you need to do it. I need to make a decision. I need to protect and choose one thing: my happiness or his safety, my love or his freedom”.

Everybody in the group meeting now become serious, “It is a serious matter. Have you talk with your humankind about this?’

The girl said, “Yes, I went everywhere. I did everything that I could do. He had blocked all my roads. Everybody had laughed at me. Everybody had made fun of my feelings. Everybody has judged me. I do not have any choice left so I came to you”.

The group speaks in a common voice, “Right choice. we are here to help you. Continue talking”.

The girl pulls a folded paper out of her pocket, “Look at this carefully”.

The parrot could not stop talking, “oh, my gosh, this is a one-way ticket to the prison”.

The crow grabs the paper, “Oh, no. I doubt this tally is related to your finances”

The lion talks, “I am agreed with the crow. Here is paid everything through the banking system. I remember that you get paid in an American dollar and it is always a fixed amount. This is not our currency. it seems to belong to your native country. Where did you get it?”

The deer become nice to the girl, “Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I remember you were so nice to me after the accident. You held my head on your thigh to protect me from the snow. You wrapped me with your cashmere wool coat. You were crying.  The policeman was not very nice. He was continued to laugh at you. Your tears are the same as they were at the time of the accident. I am with you”.

The girl said, “Thank you beautiful deer. This is not enough. There is something else”. The girl pulls something else and shows them. The fox who has just join them, tells the girl, “Are you kidding with us?. I thought I am the only cleaver one this planet. Who is the hick of this woman? don’t tell me that she is your so-called sister”. 

The girl looks at the group, “yep, they have treated me just like you guys. so, I thought to get suggestions from you”.

The group supports the girl, “Run if you could. you can always stay with us. But don’t go back to the greedy world again. Who could do this? Yes, Listen to your so-called sister. You don’t have any other choice. she does have solid proof to put him in jail forever”.

The sparrow becomes sad, “I can’t believe it. How a woman can do it to another woman. Good, I am not a human. It happens only in this human world. we don’t like each other but we never cruel to each other. we always come forward to help each other. This woman wants to take the last piece of you. How greedy she can be? Looks at this. what she has said, “I am busy working. I don’t care about him if he dies or lives. How somebody could say like this when his life is on the gunpoint.”

The lion is agreed with the girl when she said, “I will protect him. Neither he could go to prison nor he dies. Good or bad he is the love of my life. I will scarify my love and everything to protect him”.

The girl’s eye shines with a strange brightness. She tries to stand up but she gets dizzy. she gets the support from the tree to stand still. The river ran toward the girl to put some water into her mouth.

 The crow gets worried, “How can you do it alone. You are both physically and mentally weak. This world is cruel and you won’t survive. they won’t let you survive”.

The lion laughs, “No, she had lived in the shadow of a warrior name Khan. she belongs to the warrior. let her fight. Please, girl,  Make your love safe and secure. However, you should be ready about the consequences which may end up making you suffering forever”.

The girl says, “That is why I have come here. I know that I will lose everything. I will lose him too. It is important that he is safe and in peace. I can bear his hate but cannot see him rotten in the prison or dead.  I will need your support. Can you make a promise not to leave me alone?’

all her friends in the forest said together, “yes, we are with you. You are always welcomed in our wild natural home anytime”.

The girl cleans her tears and starts walking toward the city. The bird starts to fly on the top of her head, “where are you going now. what are your plans? Can we help you with something”?

The girl smiles, “Thanks for listening to me. I have given direction to open something calls ‘blog’ to insult him which is a safe way to keep him away from the prison. I need to call my brother so he can save his life. I need to do a lot of stuff. I might come back in multi pieces or broken mind or shattered so all of you handle me carefully. This is the one I want. afterward, I will join you guys forever”.

The bird starts to fly back to the forest but continues to think, “I hope that you would do your best. I hope that the lion is right about you. I wonder who will pay the price of your tears one day. You will lose everything including him. But you will be the real winner. He will end up living among the real killers, sinners, liers, and cheap people. You will be left alone but will able to sleep among the free-spirited souls like us.  What could be a worse punishment for him when he will live among the fakers and shakers. I will rather choose to die or rotten in prison instead of choosing to live with greedy and selfish people. Thank God, I don’t love anybody. Don’t make me love anybody if the love life is like this”.

The bird has returned safely to the forest. The girl has returned to the inhabitants of humankind.  Her fate is gone to the hands of God. She still cries but somewhere she feels proud. She can see directly into her father’s eye, “I did what you had taught me to do it”.After many months, the girl has returned to the forest. She has sat quietly. There are only tears in her eyes. She doesn’t talk and cry at the same time. All her friends of wild nature are sitting next to support her. They look at her proudly. The lion tells others, “Didn’t I tell all of you that she is just brave like him. She is in shock right now. But she will stand by herself again without anybody’s support. She is blessed by a human-tiger. He had died many years ago but his soul protects the girl”.The girl listens to the tiger and thinks, “Does the king of the forest try to remind me something? Does he try to praise me or try to tell me that, “No every khan in the uniform can be a tiger.”

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